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Charles Robert Of Anjou, King Of Hungary: Birth: 1288. Death: 16 Jul 1342 in Visegrad
Philip Of Anjou, Prince Of Sicily: Birth: 1256. Death: 1 Jan 1277
Guillermo Of Ansona: Death: Aft 1057
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Alisia Of Antioch: Death: 1235
Bohemond I Of Antioch: Birth: Abt 1052. Death: 8 Mar 1111 in Canossa, Italy
Bohemond II Of Antioch: Birth: 1107. Death: Feb 1131 in Sicily
Bohemond III Of Antioch: Death: Abt 20 Mar 1201
Bohemond IV Of Antioch: Death: Mar 1233
Bohemond V Of Antioch: Death: Jan 1252
Constance Guiscard Of Antioch: Birth: 1127 in Judea, Holy Land. Death: 1164 in Judea, Holy Land
Friedrich Of Antioch: Death: 1256 in Foggia
Marguerite Of Antioch: Birth: Bef 1244. Death: 30 Jan 1308 in Cypres
Marie Of Antioch: Birth: 1215.
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Corrado Of Antioch, Count Of Loreto: Death: Aft 1301
Maria Of Antioch, Regent Of Byzantine: Birth: 1145. Death: 27 Aug 1182
Henry Of Antioch, Regent Of Jerusalem: Death: Abt 18 Jun 1276
Hugues IV Of Antoing And Epiney: Death: 1312
Alard II Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Aft 1177
Alard III Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Bef 1222
Hugues I Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Aft 1196
Hugues II Of Antoing And Epinoy: Birth: 1204. Death: Abt 1270
Hugues III Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Abt 1310
Philippe Of Antoing: Death: Bef 1255
Vivien Of Antoing: Birth: Abt 845. Death: Aft 898
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Tetradius Of Apamaea, Proconsul Of Treves: Death: Aft 386
Guillaume Of Apt: Death: Aft 1041
Humbert Of Apt: Death: Aft 1009
Inauris Of Apt: Death: Aft 1078
Robert Guiscard Of Apulia And Of Calabr: Birth: Abt 1022 in Hauteville Le Guichard. Death: 17 Jul 1085 in Cabo Ateras Isla DE Cefalonia
Bohemond Of Apulia: Birth: 1182. Death: 1182
Drogo Of Apulia: Death: 10 Aug 1051
Roger Borsa Of Apulia: Birth: Abt 1061. Death: 22 Feb 1111
Roger Of Apulia: Birth: Abt 1121. Death: 12 May 1148
Roger Of Apulia: Death: 24 Dec 1193
Unfried Of Apulia: Death: 1057
William Of Apulia: Death: 25 Jul 1127
William Of Apulia: Death: Abt May 1046
Tommaso Of Aquino, Count Of Acerra: Death: 15 Mar 1273
(Unk Dau) Of Aquitaine: Birth: Abt 895.
Acfred Of Aquitaine: Death: 937
Agnes Of Aquitaine: Birth: 1052 in Poitiers, Vienne, Poitou, France. Death: Aft 1109
Agnes Of Aquitaine: Death: 1097
Beatrice Of Aquitaine: Death: 1110
Boso Of Aquitaine: Death: Bef May 926
Embrion Of Aquitaine: Birth: Abt 755. Death: Abt 820
Grimoald (Gundoald) (Grundoald) D'aquitaine (Duc D'asti) Of Aquitaine: Birth: Abt 555 in Bavaria, Germany. Death: 599
Louis Of Aquitaine: Death: Aft 929
Maud-Agnes Of Aquitaine: Birth: 1103 in Poitiers, Vienne, Aisne, France. Death: 8 Mar 1159 in Fontevault
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Mohammad Of Arabia: Birth: 864.
Beatrix Of Aragon: Birth: 1326. Death: 12 Oct 1365 in Heidelberg
Constance Of Aragon: Birth: 18 Jan 1174 in Zaragosa, Zaragosa, Spain. Death: 23 Jun 1222 in Catania
Constance Of Aragon: Birth: 1239. Death: Bef 1269
Constanza Of Aragon: Birth: 1300 in Valencia. Death: 19 Aug 1327 in Chateau DE Garci Munoz
Eleanor Of Aragon: Birth: 20 Feb 1358 in Sta Maria Del Puig. Death: 13 Sep 1382 in Cuellar
Eleanor Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1182. Death: Feb 1226
Galindo Aznarez Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 860. Death: 922
Garsia Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 790. Death: Abt 830
Isabella Of Aragon: Birth: 1470. Death: 1498
Jaime "The Conqueror" Of Aragon: Birth: 2 Feb 1208 in Montpelier, Toulouse, France. Death: 27 Apr 1276 in Valencia, Spain
James Of Aragon: Birth: 1296. Death: 20 May 1334 in Tarragona
Juana Of Aragon: Birth: 6 Nov 1479 in Lierre. Death: 12 Apr 1555 in Tordesillas
Katherine Of Aragon: Birth: 15 Dec 1485 in Alcala DE Henarea. Death: 6 Jan 1536 in Kimbolton Castle
Leonor Of Aragon: Birth: 2 Feb 1425. Death: 12 Feb 1479 in Tudela
Leonora Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1400. Death: 19 Feb 1445 in Toledo
Mary Of Aragon: Birth: 29 Jun 1482. Death: 5 Mar 1517
Mary Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1299.
Pedro Of Aragon: Death: 1103
Pedro Of Aragon: Birth: 1174 in Zaragosa, Spain. Death: 14 Sep 1213 in Muret, Allier, France
Sancha Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1186. Death: Aft 1241
Sancia Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 855.
Teresa Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1037.
Yolande Of Aragon: Birth: 1384 in Barcelona, Arag´┐Żon, Spain. Death: 14 Dec 1443 in Chateau Du Tuce-DE-Saumur
Yolante Of Aragon: Birth: Abt 1273. Death: Abt 1302 in Termini
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Aleydis Of Arburg: Death: Aft 1303
Eberhard Of Arburg, Burggraf Of Koln: Death: Aft 1222
Gerhard Of Arburg, Burggraf Of Koln: Death: Bef 1255
Gerhard Of Arburg, Burggraf Of Koln: Death: Aft 1180
Heinrich II Of Arburg, Burggraf Of Koln: Death: Aft 1197
Heinrich III Of Arburg, Burggraf Of Koln: Death: Aft 1269
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Siegfried I Of Arch: Death: 6 May Abt 1130

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