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William I Of Tubingen And Giessen: Death: Aft 28 Nov 1256
Hugh II Of Tubingen: Death: Abt 1120
Rudolf I Of Tubingen: Death: Bef 1272
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Delphine Of Turenne: Death: 6 Jun 1270
Gotfred I Of Turenne: Death: Aft 866
Gotfred II Of Turenne: Death: Aft 898
Marguerite-Marie Of Turenne: Death: Aft 1221
Rodulf Of Turenne: Death: 843
Person Not Viewable
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Anna Georgijewna Of Turow: Death: Abt 1205
Georgij Jarolawitsch Of Turow: Death: Aft 1166
Adalbert I Of Tuscany: Birth: 830 in Lucca, Toscana, Italy. Death: 894 in Italy
Ermengarde Of Tuscany: Birth: Abt 901. Death: 19 Feb After 932
Humbert Of Tuscany: Death: Abt 15 Nov 967
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Alexander Michailowitsch Of Twer: Birth: 1301. Death: 22 Oct 1339
Jaroslaw III Jaroslawitsch Of Twer: Death: 16 Sep 1271
Juliana (Uljana) Of Twer: Birth: Abt 1330. Death: 1392
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Of Tyrol: Death: Aft 1352
Philippe I Of Tyrus: Death: 17 Mar 1270
Adalbert I Of Ufgau: Death: Abt 1046
Person Not Viewable
Deman of Uladh: Birth: 514. Death: 565
Donnchadh of Uladh: Birth: 569. Death: 643
Fiachna of Uladh: Birth: 536. Death: 612
Fligusia of Uladh: Birth: 565. Death: 618
Sancho Garces Of Uncastillo And Sanguesa: Death: Abt Dec 1073
Gothelo I Of Upper And Lower Lorraine: Death: 19 Apr 1044
Louis VI Of Upper Bavaria: Birth: 12 May 1330. Death: 17 May 1365 in Berlin
Adalbert II Of Upper Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1005. Death: 1048 in Thurin
Bogislaus IX Of Upper Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1407. Death: 7 Dec 1446
Bogislav V Of Upper Pomerania: Birth: 1318. Death: Abt 3 Feb 1374
Mieszko I Of Upper Silesia: Birth: Abt 1132. Death: 16 May 1211
Konrad I Of Urach And Freiburg: Death: Bef 23 Jul 1272
Hadewin Of Urach: Death: 19 Aug
Heilwig Of Urach: Death: Aft 1262
Kunigunde Of Urach: Death: Bef 1244
Udelheid Of Urach: Death: Abt 23 Jul Aft 1242
Udilhild Of Urach: Death: Aft 1134
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Alvaro II Of Urgel: Birth: Mar 1239. Death: Mar 1267
Armengol I Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 975. Death: 1 Sep 1010 in Cordova
Armengol V Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1078. Death: 14 Sep 1102
Armengol VI Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1096. Death: 28 Jun 1154
Armengol VII Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1120. Death: 11 Aug 1184
Ermengand II Of Urgel: Birth: 1009. Death: 1038
Ermengaud III Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1033. Death: Abt Feb 1065 in Barbastro
Ermengaud-Armengol IV Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1056. Death: 28 Mar 1092
Leonor Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1244. Death: Abt 1265
Ponce I Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1216. Death: 1243
Sunifred Of Urgel: Death: 849
Theresa Of Urgel: Birth: Abt 1300. Death: 28 Oct 1327 in Saragoza
Person Not Viewable
Estefania Of Urgell: Death: Aft 1143
Ramirez II Of Urroz And Moncon: Death: Abt Jan 1116
Reginhart Of Ursine, Advocate Of Ottobouren: Death: 24 Nov Abt 1101
Reginhart Of Ursine, Advocate Of Ottobouren: Death: Aft 1055
Rupert Of Ursine, Advocate Of Ottobouren: Death: 17 Jul After 1130
Person Not Viewable
Roscie Of Uzes: Death: Bef 1206
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Constantine Of Vaghka And Partzerpert: Death: 24 Jan 1102
Payen Of Vaiges: Death: Aft 1175
Person Not Viewable
Aymar III Of Poitiers Of Valentinois: Death: Abt 6 May 1277
Aymar IV Of Valentinois: Death: Abt 10 Oct 1329
Guillaume II Of Valentinois: Birth: 31 Jan 1202. Death: Bef Jun 1227
Elizabeth Of Valkenburg: Death: Aft 1277
Person Not Viewable
Maria Perez Of Valladolid: Death: Aft 1129
Person Not Viewable
Adelheid Of Valley (Wittelsbach): Death: Aft 1179
Konrad I Of Valley: Death: Abt 1162
Mathilde Of Valley: Death: Abt 1195
Nicolas I Of Valmont: Death: 22 Apr 1177
Sibyle Of Valognes: Death: Abt 26 Apr 1222
Adelaide Of Valois: Death: 12 May Abt 1093
Isabel Of Valois: Birth: Abt 1313. Death: 26 Jul 1383 in Paris
Raoul Of Valois: Death: 943
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Of Vargy: Death: Bef Sep 1268
Bonifacio Of Vasto: Birth: Abt 1182. Death: 1212
Friedrich Of Vaudemont: Birth: Abt 1370. Death: 25 Oct 1415 in Agincourt
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