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Wiprecht I Of Groitzsch, Count In The Balsamgau: Death: Abt 1050
Wiprecht II Of Groitzsch, Margrave Of Meissen And La: Death: 22 May 1124 in Pegan
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(Unk) Of Gudensberg: Death: Abt 1066
Hedwig Of Gudensberg: Death: 1141
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Giso Of Gudensburg: Death: 12 Mar 1122
Gerald I Of Guelders And Wassenberg: Death: 24 Oct Abt 1129
Henry Of Guelders: Birth: Abt 1117. Death: Bef 10 Sep 1182
Yolande Wassenberg Of Guelders: Birth: 1089 in Wassenberg, Guelders, Germany.
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Marie Of Gueldres: Birth: 1432. Death: 1 Dec 1463 in Edinburgh
Philippa Of Gueldres: Birth: Abt 1465. Death: 26 Feb 1547 in Pont-A-Mousson
Geoffrey Of Guerche: Death: After Abt 1229
Jeanne Of Guerche: Death: Aft 19 Jan 1290
Manassea Of Guianes: Death: 1137
Reynold II Of Guildres: Birth: Abt 1295. Death: 12 Oct 1343 in Arnhem
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Arnold III Of Guines: Death: 1283
Baldwin II Of Guines: Death: 2 Jan 1205
Baldwin III Of Guines: Death: 1244
Eustach Of Guines: Death: Aft 1052
Mabilia Of Guines: Death: Aft 1197
Margaret Of Guines: Death: 1222
Rudolf Of Guines: Death: 30 May 1036
Sigfrid Of Guines: Birth: 920 in Denmark. Death: 965 in Castle At Guines, Artois/Pas-DE-Calais, France
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Andreas Of Gussing, Ogespan Of Zala: Death: Abt 1324
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Cynan Ap Owain Of Gwynedd: Death: 1174
Idwal (Foel) Of Gwynedd: Birth: Abt 883 in Aberffraw, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales. Death: 942
Rhodri Ap Owain Fwynedd Of Gwynedd: Death: 1195
Rhun Hir Of Gwynedd: Death: 586
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Richenza Of Habsberg: Death: Dec 1180
Albrecht IV Of Habsburg: Birth: Abt 1188 in Schloss Limburg, Freiburg, Baden, Germany. Death: 22 Nov 1240 in Schloss Limburg, Ad Rhine Freiburg Baden, Germany
Heilwig Of Habsburg: Death: Aft 11 Oct 1263
Otto II Of Habsburg: Birth: 1060 in Habsburg, Aargau, Switzerland. Death: 8 Nov 1111 in Habichtsburg, Aargau, Switzerland
Richenza Of Habsburg: Death: Aft 1106
Rudolf II Of Habsburg: Birth: 1158 in Laufenburg, Aargau, Switzerland. Death: 10 Apr 1232 in Kl Muri, Aargau, Switzerland
Rudolf III Of Habsburg-Laufenburg: Death: 9 Oct 1249
Mathilde Of Hacquegnies: Death: Bef Aug 1230
Emicho I Of Hademar: Death: 7 Jun 1334
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Jutta Of Hadmersleben: Death: Aft 1347
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Werner Of Hadmersleben, Count Of Friedeburg: Death: Aft 1314
Wichmann Of Hainault And Ghent: Birth: Abt 923 in Ghent, Flanders Now Belgium. Death: 961
Aelidis Of Hainault: Death: Aft 1153
Agnes Of Hainault: Birth: 1142 in Mons, Hainaut, Wallonia, Belgium. Death: Abt 1168
Baldwin III Of Hainault: Birth: Abt 1187. Death: 1120
Baldwin IV Of Hainault: Birth: 1109 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Death: 8 Nov 1171 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium
Baldwin Of Hainault: Birth: Abt 1249. Death: Aft 1299
Baldwin Of Hainault: Birth: Abt 1056 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Death: 8 Jun 1098 in Judea, Holy Land
Beatrix Of Hainault: Birth: 998. Death: 1040
Ida (Gertrude) Of Hainault: Death: Aft 1162
Joanna Of Hainault: Birth: 1188 in Valenciennes. Death: 5 Dec 1244 in Marquette
Kunigonde Of Hainault: Birth: 890-895 in Of, Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 923 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Lauretia Of Hainault: Death: 24 Feb 1221
Matilda Of Hainault: Birth: 29 Nov 1293. Death: 1331 in Avesnes
Meginhard Of Hainault: Birth: Abt 870 in Hamalant, Nordgau Region, Medieval States.
Regnier V Of Hainault: Birth: in Mons, Hainault, Belgium. Death: Aft 1039 in Louvain, Belgium
Regnier Of Hainault: Birth: 950 in Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Death: 1013
Richilde Of Hainault: Death: 15 Mar 1086 in Macheln
Richilde Of Hainault: Birth: Abt 1095. Death: Aft 1118
Wichmann I Of Hainault: Death: 881
William Of Hainault: Death: 1003
Yolande Of Hainault: Birth: 1145 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Death: Aft Nov 1202 in Pas-DE-Calais, Nord-Pas-DE-Calais, France
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Person Not Viewable
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Jeanne Of Hainault, Abbess Of Flines: Death: 1304 in Flines
Guillaume Of Hainault, Bishop Of Cambrai: Birth: Abt 1254. Death: 1296 in Villefort
Burchard Of Hainault, Bishop Of Metz: Birth: 26 May 1251. Death: 29 Nov 1296
Guy Of Hainault, Bishop Of Utrecht: Birth: Abt 1253. Death: 28 May 1317 in Castle Ten Goye
Florence Of Hainault, Prince Of Achja: Birth: Abt 1255. Death: 23 Jan 1297
Baldwin V Of Hainaut And Namur: Birth: 1150 in Hainaut, Hainaut, Belgium, Netherlands. Death: 17 Dec 1195 in Mons
Isabella Of Hainaut: Birth: 28 Apr 1170 in Valenciennes. Death: 15 Mar 1189-1190 in Paris
Lambert Of Hainaut: Death: Aft 1033
Lietard Of Hainaut: Birth: Abt 925 in Hainault, Lorraine, France. Death: Aft 958
William Of Hainaut: Death: 7 Jun 1337
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Bernard II Of Haldensleben: Death: Abt 1044
Konrad Of Haldensleben: Death: Bef 1056
Anastasija Of Halicz: Death: 1365
Jaroslaw Wladimirkovitsch Of Halicz: Death: 1 Oct 1187
Jewfronsinija Jaroslawna Of Halicz
Maria Jurjewna Of Halicz: Birth: Bef 1293. Death: 11 Jan 1341
Marija Romanowna Of Halicz: Death: Aft 1241
Pereslajawa Danielowna Of Halicz: Death: 12 Apr 1283

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