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Gebhard II Of Sulzbach: Birth: Abt 1025. Death: Abt 1085
Gebhard III Of Sulzbach: Death: 28 Oct 1188
Gertrude Of Sulzbach: Death: 14 Apr 1146 in Hersfeld
Matilda Of Sulzbach: Death: 3 Nov 1165
Otto Of Sundgau: Death: 1047
Gertrude of Supplinburg: Birth: 18 Apr 1115 in Wein, Wein, Austria. Death: 18 Apr 1143 in Kloster Neuburg
Ida Of Supplingenburg: Death: 3 Mar Abt 1138
Gebhard Of Supplingenburg, Count In Harzgau: Death: 9 Jun 1075 in Hamburg
Adelaide Of Susa: Birth: Aft 1052 in Maurienne, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 1079 in Rheinfelden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Olga Georgijewna Of Suzdal: Death: Abt 1185
Bertha Hohenstaufen Of Swabia: Birth: 1123 in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. Death: Bef 25 Mar 1195
Burchard II Of Swabia: Death: 12 Nov 973
Chimmechild (Hymnegilde, Immachilde) Of Swabia: Birth: Abt 625 in Metz, Austrasia. Death: 670 in France
Conrad VII Of Swabia: Birth: Abt Feb 1172. Death: 15 Aug 1196 in Durlach
Ernest II Of Swabia: Birth: Abt 1014. Death: 17 Aug 1030
Frederick I Barbarossa "Red Beard" Of Swabia: Birth: 1122 in Waiblingen, Ostalbkreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Death: 10 Jun 1190 in Galeph, Cilicia
Frederick II Hohenstaufen Of Swabia: Birth: 26 Dec 1194 in Jesi, Ancona, Italy. Death: 13 Dec 1250 in Fierento, Apulia
Frederick V Of Swabia: Birth: Feb 1167 in Modigliana. Death: 20 Jan 1191 in Akkon
Friedrich Of Swabia: Birth: 16 Jul 1164 in Pavia. Death: 28 Nov Abt 1168
Gisele Of Swabia: Birth: 11 Nov 995. Death: 16 Feb 1043 in Goslar
Herman I Of Swabia: Death: 10 Dec 948
Hermann II Of Swabia: Death: Abt 3 May 1003
Hermann III Of Swabia: Birth: Bef Oct 995. Death: 1 Apr 1012
Hermann IV Of Swabia: Birth: Abt 1015. Death: 28 Jul 1038 in Milan
Jutta Of Swabia: Birth: 1133. Death: 7 Jul 1191
Konrad IV Of Swabia: Birth: 25 Apr 1228 in Andria. Death: 25 May 1254 in Heerlager By Tavello
Konrad Of Swabia: Birth: 25 Mar 1252 in Burg Wolfenstein/Isar. Death: 29 Oct 1268 in Piazza Del Mercato, Neapel
Margaret Of Swabia: Birth: 21 Dec 1241 in Gratz. Death: 8 Aug 1270 in Frankfurt Am Main
Mathilde Of Swabia: Birth: 980. Death: 29 Jul Abt 1031
Otto I Of Swabia: Birth: 954. Death: 31 Oct 982 in Lucca
Richardis Of Swabia: Death: 18 Sep Abt 900
Richilde Of Swabia: Birth: Abt 1099 in Hohenstauffen, , Swabia, Germany. Death: Bef 1154
Rudolf Of Swabia: Birth: 1014 in Rheinfelden, Swabia, , Germany. Death: 15 Oct 1080 in Merseburg, Mortally
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Conrad III Of Swabia, Count Of Ortenau: Death: Abt 1005
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Erik Of Sweden: Death: Feb 1318
Euphemia Of Sweden: Birth: Abt 1317. Death: Abt 27 Oct 1363
Ingeborg Of Sweden: Death: 30 Jun 1302
Ingeborg Of Sweden: Death: 17 Jun 1254
Ingrid Of Sweden: Death: Aft 1161
Kristin Ingesdatter Of Sweden: Birth: Abt 1115 in Sweden. Death: 18 Jan 1122 in Kiev, Russia
Margareta Of Sweden: Death: 4 Nov Before 1130
Margarete Of Sweden: Death: 1209
Marianna Of Sweden: Death: Abt 27 Jun 1252
Richiza Of Sweden: Death: Abt Sep 1288
Richsa Of Sweden: Death: Bef 13 Dec 1288
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Kaus Of Tabaristan: Death: 537
Bertha Of Taillebourg: Death: Aft 1177
Ostendus III Of Taillebourg: Death: Aft 1090
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Berthold Of Tanne: Death: Aft 1192
Eberhard Of Tanne: Death: Aft 1182
Friedrich Of Tanne: Death: Aft 1197
Philip I Of Taranto: Birth: Abt 1278. Death: 26 Dec 1332 in Nepal
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Spandarat I Of Taron: Birth: 325. Death: Abt 369
Ulrich I Of Taufers: Death: Aft 1248
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Pandulf Of Tearis, Prince Of Capua: Death: 1037
Marija Michailowna Of Techernigow: Death: Abt 9 Dec 1271
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Richardis Of Tecklenberg: Death: Aft 1326
Adelheid Of Tecklenburg: Death: 2 Mar 1477
Ekbert Of Tecklenburg: Death: 4 Feb Abt 1146
Elizabeth Of Tecklenburg: Death: 1268
Heilwig Of Tecklenburg: Death: Aft 1264
Heinrich Of Tecklenburg: Death: Abt 25 Jul 1247
Heinrich Of Tecklenburg: Death: Aft 1155
Nicholas I Of Tecklenburg: Death: 1359
Nikolaus Of Tecklenburg: Death: Aft 1367
Oda Of Tecklenburg: Death: Bef 1242
Otto III Of Tecklenburg: Death: 1285
Otto IV Of Tecklenburg: Death: 3 May 1307
Otto Of Tecklenburg: Death: 11 Sep 1263
Richardis Of Tecklenburg: Death: 7 Oct 1430
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