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Isabel Of Naples: Birth: Abt 1261. Death: Aft 1290
Sergius I Of Naples: Death: 864
Person Not Viewable
Rixenda Of Narbone: Birth: Abt 1010. Death: 1070
Margaret Of Narbonne
Milo Of Narbonne: Death: Aft 782
Raimonde Of Narbonne: Birth: Abt 890. Death: Abt 953
Tonance Ferreol Of Narbonne: Birth: Abt 455. Death: Aft 517
Person Not Viewable
Gallus Magnus Of Narbonne, Gallo Roman Patrician: Death: 581
Itier I Of Narbonne, Lord Of Toucy: Death: Aft 1060
Heinrich I Of Nassau: Birth: Abt 1270. Death: 1343
Heinrich II The Rich Of Nassau: Death: Bef 25 Jan 1251
Lukardis Of Nassau: Death: Bef 1222
Margareta Of Nassau: Death: 30 Jan 1370 in Rottenburg
Mechtild Of Nassau: Death: 19 Jun 1323 in Heldelberg
Otto I Of Nassau: Death: Abt 3 May 1289
Rupert III Of Nassau: Death: Aft 1191 in Holy Land
Walram II Of Nassau: Death: 1277
Person Not Viewable
Anna Of Nassau-Killenburg: Death: 8 Apr 1514
Person Not Viewable
Gerarde Of Navailles: Death: Aft 1391
Person Not Viewable
Nunilo Ximena Of Navarra: Death: Bef 922
Oneca Of Navarra: Death: Aft Jun 931
Urraca Of Navarra: Death: 23 Jun 956
Berengaria Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1163 in Pamplona. Death: 1230 in L'epau Abbey
Blanche Of Navarre: Birth: Aft 1133 in Navarre, SPAIN. Death: 12 Aug 1156 in Castile, Burgos, Spain
Blanche Of Navarre: Birth: Aft 1177. Death: Abt 1229
Blanche Of Navarre: Birth: 1 Apr 1328 in Chateaunneuf B Orleans. Death: 7 Feb 1392 in Orleans
Blanche Of Navarre: Birth: 1226 in Pamplona, Navarra, Navarra, Spain. Death: 12 Aug 1283 in Hede
Garcia Ximino Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 835. Death: Aft 890
Henry I - Enrique I Of Navarre: Birth: 1239 in Troyes, Aube, France. Death: 22 Jul 1274 in Pampeluna, Navarra, Spain
Isabella Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1395. Death: Aft 31 Aug 1435
Joan Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1370 in Pamplona. Death: 9 Jul 1437 in Havering Bower, Essex
Margaret Of Navarre: Death: 1182 in Palmero
Philippe Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1336. Death: 29 Aug 1363 in Vernon
Sancho Garcia I Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 880. Death: 11 Dec 925
Thibauld - Thibald - Teobaldo Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1270 in Pampeluna, Navarra, Spain. Death: Jun 1273
Urraca Of Navarre: Birth: Abt 1000 in Navarra, Pampeluna, Spain. Death: Aft 1032
Urraca Of Navarre: Death: 12 Jul 1041
Joan (Jeanne) Of Navarre, Countess Of Champagne: Birth: Jan 1272 in Bar-Sur-Seine, Aube, France. Death: 2 Apr 1305 in Ch�ateau DE Vincennes, Vincennes, Val-DE-Marne, France
Person Not Viewable
Burkhard III Of Nellenburg: Death: 21 Jan Abt 1106
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Aveline Of Nemours: Death: 1196
Person Not Viewable
Ada Of Nesle: Death: Dec Abt 1252
Gertrude Of Nesle: Death: Aft Jun 1239
Jean I Of Nesle: Death: Abt 14 Jul 1197
Marie Of Nesle: Death: Aft 1328
Radulf Of Nesle: Death: Aft 1125
Person Not Viewable
Raoul Of Nesle, Burggraf Of Brugge: Death: Aft 1160
Ives Of Nesle, Count Of Soissons: Death: Aug 1178
Guillemette Of Neuchatel: Death: Abt Jul 1317
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Bertha Of Neuenberg: Death: Aft 1244
(Unk) Of Neuenburg: Death: 1137
Agnes Of Neuenburg: Death: Aft 1283
Amedee Of Neuenburg: Death: 3 Feb 1288
Berchtold Of Neuenburg: Death: 20 Aug 1261
Rudolf I Of Neuenburg: Death: Abt 1149
Rudolf II Of Neuenburg: Death: Bef 30 Aug 1196
Rudolf III Of Neuenburg: Death: Bef 1263
Ulrich II Of Neuenburg: Death: Abt 1191
Ulrich III Of Neuenburg: Death: 1 Aug 1225
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Mechtild Of Neuerburg: Death: Aft 1200
Thibaut II Of Neufchateau: Death: Abt 1300
Adelaide Of Neuffen: Death: Bef 1248
Anna Of Neuffen: Death: Abt 1 May 1271
Heinrich II Of Neuffen: Death: Aft 1275
Liutfried Of Neuffen: Death: 31 Mar Before 1150
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Of Neuhaus: Death: Bef 3 Nov 1319
Person Not Viewable
Merovech Of Neustrie: Birth: 562. Death: 578
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Renaud II Of Nevers And Auxerre: Death: 5 Aug 1089
Guy I Of Nevers D'auxerre: Death: 19 Oct 1175
William III Of Nevers D'auxerre: Death: 21 Nov 1161 in Auxerre
Adele Of Nevers: Death: Aft 1192
Adele Of Nevers: Death: Aft 1207
Agnes Of Nevers: Birth: Abt 1170. Death: 2 Feb 1192 in Mailly
Aldesinde Of Nevers: Death: Aft 1097
Elizabeth Of Nevers: Death: 21 Jun 1483
Ermengarde Of Nevers: Death: 14 Oct Abt 1090
Eudo Of Nevers: Birth: 1230. Death: 4 Aug 1269 in Acre
Gerberga Of Nevers: Birth: 952 in M�aacon, France. Death: Bet 11 Dec 986 and 991 in Ch�aatau DE Pouilly, Pouilly-Sur-Saone, Bourgogne
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable

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