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  1. Gwenllian Ferch Aron: Birth: Abt 1042 in Cwm Aron, Ceri, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

  2. Dyddgu Ferch Aron: Birth: Abt 1070 in Cwm Aron, Llanfihangel-Yng-Nheri, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

1. Page:   vol. 6 p. 354; vol. 10 p. 729
2. Page:   vol. 1 p. 297, 313, 332; vol. 2 p. 152
3. Page:   vol. 2 p. 323; vol. 5 p. 114
4. Title:   Welsh Genealogies, AD 300-1400
 Heraldic Visitations of Wales and Part of the Marches Between the Years 1586 and 1613 by Lewys Dwnn
 The History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fodog and the Ancient Lords of Arwystli, Cedewen and Meirionydd (1881-1887)
 British Genealogy (filmed 1950)
Page:   book 6 p. F20; book 8 p. H8
Author:   Bartrum, Peter C. (Peter Clement)
 Dwnn, Lewys; transcribed and edited with notes by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick
 Lloyd, Jacob Youde William
 Evans, Alcwyn Caryni
Publication:   Name: 25 volumes, with supplements containing additions and corrections. [Wales]: University of Wales Press; Date: 1980;
 Name: 2 volumes. Llandovery: William Rees; Date: 1846;
 Name: 6 volumes. T. Richards; Location: London; Date: 1881-1887;
 Name: Books A to H. National Library of Wales manuscript numbers 12359-12360. Manuscript filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1950;
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