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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sophia Van Diessen De Andechs: Birth: Abt 1155. Death: 2 Jan 1218

  2. Kunegonde Van Andechs Van Diessen: Birth: Abt 1157 in Of, Sayn, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 10 Feb 1207

  3. Berthold IV Von Andechs: Birth: Abt 1159 in Andech, Oberbayern, Bayern, Germany. Death: 12 Aug 1204 in Diessen

  4. Mathilde Of Andechs Of Andechs: Birth: Abt 1160. Death: 17 Jan 1245

  5. Kunigunde Of Andechs: Death: Aft 1207

a. Note:   AKA Hedwig of Formbach heiress of the lordship of Newburg 1. oo Hedwig von Wittelsbach, Tochter von Pfalzgraf Otto IV. -16.7.1174 Mittelalter DE.dir\hedwig_von_wittelsbach_graefin_von_andechs_+_1174.html Hedwig von Wittelsbach Gr�afin von Andechs und Die�en-Wolfratshausen ------------------------------- -16.7.1174Tochter des Pfalzgrafen Otto I. von Wittelbach und der Heilika von Lengenfeld, Tochter von Graf Friedrich II. oo 1. Berthold V. Graf von Andechs -14.12.1188 Kinder: Berthold VI. 1138-12.8.1204 Sophie -2.1.1218 oo Poppo VI. Graf von Henneberg - 1191 Kunigunde -10.2. nach 1207 oo Eberhard III. Graf von Eberstein - Tochter - oo Ompud Obergespan von Szolnok - Mechthild - oo Friedrich I. Graf von Hohenburg -27.1.1178 Downloaded from rootsweb John Kubik's tree
b. Note:   BI160611
Note:   Sources for this Information: parents: [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p199], father: [Ref: ES I.1 #86A (with corr in I.3), Moriarty Plantagenet p198] Sources with Inaccurate Information: parents: Otto II von Wittlesback (#22449) & Heilika (#22450) [Ref: ES I #23], father: Otto II von Wittlesbach (#22449) [Ref: ES I #36]
c. Note:   DI160611
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES I #36, Moriarty Plantagenet p198, Moriarty Plantagenet p199] 16.VII 1178 [Ref: ES I #23]
d. Note:   NF54558
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p198] before 1152 [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p199] before 1153 [Ref: ES I.1 #86A (with corr in I.3)] first marriage of Berthold [Ref: ES I #36], names: [Ref: ES I #23], child: [Ref: ES I #36, ES I.1 #86B, ES XII #28, Moriarty Plantagenet p198, Watney WALLOP #672] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.