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Note:   Duke Frederick of Bavaria (1339?4 December 1393), (German: Friedrich , Herzog von Bayern) was Duke of Bavaria from 1375. He was a son of Stephen II and Elizabeth of Sicily. From 1375 to 1392 he ruled with his brothers Stephen III and John II and managed to administrate the richest part of the duchy, Lower Bavaria-Landshut which he also kept after the division of Bavaria among the brothers in 1392. Frederick was an advisor of King Wenceslaus in legal affairs and a favorable candidate for the king's succession when he died at Budweis already in 1393. He was succeeded in Bavaria-Landshut by his son Henry. [edit] Family and children He was married two times. First, 1360 with Anna of Neuffen, daughter of Berthold VII of Neuffen. In this marriage he had only daughter, Elisabeth (Isabella) (1361?17 January 1382), married to Marco Visconti. Secondly, he married 2 September 1381 with Maddalena Visconti, daughter of Bernabo Visconti and Beatrice della Scala. They children were: 1. Henry XVI the Rich (1386?1450). 2. Johann, died young. 3. Elisabeth (1383?13 November 1442, Ansbach), married to Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg. 4. Margareta (b. 1384), died young. 5. Magdalene (1388?1410), married 1404 to Count Johann Meinhard VII of G?rz. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.