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1. Page:   Attila The Hun
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2. Page:   Fred Gwynne
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3. Page:   Charlemagne
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5. Page:   Maternal Lineage
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6. Page:   Herman Munster of the TV Sitcom "The Munsters"
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7. Title:   Descendant of..... Ancestor of .... Descendant of..... Ancestry of Meriwether Lewis (Explorer) [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard] Ancestry of Fred Gwynne Plantagenet Descent
Note:   One half of the team of 'Lewis & Clark' that mapped out th
Text:   Descendant of...... Ancestor of Descendant of...... Ancestry of Meriwether Lewis (Explorer) Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard Ancestry of Fred Gwynne Plantagenet Descent
Source:   S2406
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