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  1. Alfonso Infante Of Aragon: Birth: 1229. Death: 26 Mar 1260 in Calatayud

1. Title:   "Plantagenet Descent" by David A. Blocher
Author:   David A. Blocher <>
Publication:   Personal Usage
2. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Brooke Shields
Text:   Ancestor of
3. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Jennifer Love Hewitt
Text:   Ancestor of
4. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Clint Eastwood
Text:   Ancestor of
5. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Lacey Chabert
Text:   Ancestor of
6. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Bing Crosby
Text:   Ancestor of
7. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Humphrey Bogart
Text:   Ancestor of
8. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   John Wayne
Text:   Ancestor of
9. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Dick Van Dyke
Text:   Ancestor of
10. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Richard Gere
Text:   Ancestor of
11. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Walt Disney
Text:   Ancestor of
12. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Val Kilmer
Text:   Ancestor of
13. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Dan Blocker
Text:   Ancestor of
14. Title:   Descendant of.....
Page:   Attila The Hun
Text:   Descendant of......
15. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Elvis Presly
Text:   Ancestor of
16. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Don Knotts
Text:   Ancestor of
17. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Shirley Temple
Text:   Ancestor of
18. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Kenny Rogers
Text:   Ancestor of
19. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Anthony Perkins
Text:   Ancestor of
20. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Brad Pitt
Text:   Ancestor of
21. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Miley Cyrus
Text:   Ancestor of
22. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Halle Berry
Text:   Ancestor of
23. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Alice Cooper
Text:   Ancestor of
24. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Fred Gwynne
Text:   Ancestor of
25. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Vincent Price
Text:   Ancestor of
26. Title:   Descendant of.....
Page:   Charlemagne
Text:   Descendant of......
27. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Teri Hatcher
Text:   Ancestor of
28. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Oliver Hardy (of "Laurel & Hardy")
Text:   Ancestor of
29. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   L. Ron Hubbard (Author)
Text:   Ancestor of
30. Title:   Ancestry of David A. Blocher (Maternal)
Author:   David A. Blocher (personal use)
31. Title:   Ancestry of David A. Blocher (Paternal)
Author:   David A. Blocher (personal use)
32. Title:   Ancestry of Jesse James (Outlaw)
Author:   David A. Blocher (
Publication:   Personal Use
33. Title:   Ancestry of Meriwether Lewis (Explorer)
34. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Hugh Beaumont
Text:   Ancestor of
35. Title:   [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard]
Page:   Paternal Lineage
Text:   Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard
36. Title:   [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard]
Page:   Maternal Lineage
Text:   Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard
37. Title:   [Ancestry of President Barack Obama]
Text:   Ancestry of President Barack Obama
38. Title:   [Ancestry of Benedict Arnold (Rev. Traitor)]
Text:   Ancestry of Benedict Arnold (Rev. Traitor)
39. Title:   Ancestry of Laura Ingles Wilder
40. Title:   Ancestry of Richard Gere
41. Title:   Ancestry of Fred Gwynne
Page:   Herman Munster of the TV Sitcom "The Munsters"
42. Title:   Ancestry of Linda Joyce Neely
Page:   Genealogy Colaborator
Publication:   Created for Personal use, no publication.
43. Title:   Ancestry of Dennis Eugene King
Page:   1st Cousin of David A. Blocher
44. Title:   Plantagenet Descent

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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #62, ES II #70] 1221 [Ref: Louda RoyalFamEurope #46, Louda RoyalFamEurope #47] first marriage of James [Ref: CMH p823, CMH p824], place: [Ref: ES II #62, ES II #70], divorced: 1229 [Ref: CMH p824, ES II #62, ES II #70, Louda RoyalFamEurope #46], child: [Ref: CMH p824, ES II #70, Louda RoyalFamEurope #46] Sources with Inaccurate Information: child: Iolande (#13953), wife of Alfonso X [Ref: Louda RoyalFamEurope #47] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.