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Marriage: Children:
  1. Micajah Mayo: Birth: 25 Aug 1768 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States. Death: 2 Apr 1821 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States

  2. Talitha Mayo: Birth: 28 Mar 1770 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States. Death: 29 Sep 1855

  3. John Williams Mayo: Birth: 13 Apr 1772 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States. Death: 3 Feb 1825 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States

  4. Fredrick Mayo: Birth: 1774 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States. Death: 27 Dec 1802 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States

Marriage: Children:
  1. Nathan Mayo: Birth: Abt 1779 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States. Death: Abt 1821 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States

  2. Delilah Mayo: Birth: Abt 1881 in , Edgecombe County, North Carolina, United States.

a. Note:   NI157820
Note:   Will of WILLIAM MAYO (1675-1759) Beaufort County, North Carolina 1759: left his property as follows: to wife, Martha, use of the home Plantation, large bay horse, hogs and cattle. to son, William Mayo III, the baby horse, "Saddle Cloth" to son, James Mayo, the bay horse "Runing in the Island" to son, Peter Mayo, the horse, "Champion" and half the new land survey. to son, John Mayo, "Bright Bay Mare" and her colt to son, Nathan Mayo, the dark bay "Stallion" and reversion in one bed on the Plantation. to daughter, Martha Hattaway, five pounds. to daughter, Elisabeth Hearn, five pounds. to daughter, Anne Chek (Cheek), five pounds. to daughter, Mary Cobb, 10 shillings. to grandson, William Mayo, son of William Mayo, other half of new land survey, my gun, black breeding mare, bed and furniture. Signed by mark. Wit: James Brown, James Cobb, Amos Atkinson. Col.Nathan Mayo's lived in Martin County during the Revolution.Military record:Lieutenant-colonel in Martin County Militia (Clarks North Carolina state Records page 272, volume 20).Col.Nathan Mayo was Justice of the Peace many years and represented both Martin and Edgecombe counties in the North Carolina General Assembly. Also moderator of the Kehukee Primitive Baptist Church Association around 1800. His obituary is contained in their minutes of the Association printed 1812. Pitt NC DB E 241 3-8-1773 Nathan Mayo to Jacob Atkinson 170 A; $60. Former owner; William Mayo, father of Nathan and John Mayo.; Adj. John Mayo, brother Nathan Mayo. Wit: Amos Atkinson, Edward Cobb, James Hearn. Nathan Mayo was born in 1742 either in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia or North Carolina as his father William Mayo moved from Virginia to Beauford County. Nathan Mayo later lived in Pit County then Martin County. In 1776 Nathan Mayo converted from the Anglican Church to the Baptist Church and was baptized. He was a justice of Martin County, NC 1776-1777. He was active in his Church and served as moderator in the Kehukee Baptist Association. While a justice he was the enemy of John Llewellyn and was on Llewellyn's list to be killed along with all leading citizens of the County. Not all of John Llewellyn's group agreed with his plan and depositions from his several revealed his intentions including deposition taken by Nathan Mayo acting as justice. As a result, Nathan Mayo and his brother James Mayo, who was also on Llewellyn's list, were not killed. Instead, in September 1777 John Llewellyn was tried and convicted of treason and sentenced to be hanged. Some of his political and religious opponents were forgiving and petitioned for his clements, Nathan Mayo being one. Nathan Mayo escorted Mary Llewellyn, wife of John, to Halifax to meet with the governor. Finally clemency prevailed and a reprieve was granted. John Llewellyn lived until 1794. Nathan Mayo became a captain, major and lieutenant-colonel of Martin County militia. He represented Martin County in the state House of Commons and the state senate and the state Constitutional Convention when North Carolina voted to adopt the Constitution. This service covered the period 1776 through 1791. In his service to his church, his community, and the state, Nathan Mayo proved a determination in his beliefs just as John Llewellyn in the way that he chose. Mayo, Nathan Dec. 2, 1808. May Ct., 1811. Bk. E, p 11. Wife: Elizabeth, lend 1/3 houses, lands, wheron I live and child's part in rest of property. Land purchased of Col. Arthur Staton and Zadok Staton to be kept for use of mill. Son: Fredrick (dec'd) leaving widow and her 2 chil. (This was Susannah Lewelling) also natural son Aga Johnson (this should be ASA); it is my will that his name be change to AGA MAYO and that he be entitled to share alike in my property with the heirs of sd son Fredrick, dec'd., viz: John Lewelling Mayo, Susannah Mayo and Aga Mayo. Tract in Islands of Conetoe, equally divided among chil. of my first wife, viz: Micajah Mayo, Tabitha Grimes, John W. Mayo and heirs of my son Fredrick, desc'd. Dau; Tabitha Grimes, tract on lines of Barfield, Muddy Branch, Woolpit and William Grimes' below Barnes' field and Raines' field. Sons & Exrs: John W., tract leased to Isaac Cushing dec'd, also 1/2 all land 1 hold W side of Swamp including that purchased of Hern, joining Hyman, Battle, Barfield, etc.; Nathan, plantation wheron I live together whith other half to that bought of Hearn. Sister: Delilah Mayo, a home in house wherein I live during lifetime. William Hyman, son of my wife, $300. Son &Exr: Micajah Mayo. Wit: John Lewelling, Solomon Stallings. Source: Jesse macon Lawrence, Jr., is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.