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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alianore De Bohun: Birth: 1245. Death: 20 Feb 1313-1314

  2. Humphrey VII De Bohun, Earl Of Hereford And Essex: Birth: Sep 1249 in Hereford, England. Death: 31 Dec 1297-1298 in Pleshey, Essex

a. Note:   OR "ANNOR/ALIANORE"; LAST NAME VAR. BRAIOSE, BROASE RESEARCH NOTES: daughter and coheir of Sir William de Braiose, Lord ot Totnes, Brecon, and Radnor [Ref: CP IV p202] inherited Barony of Brecon from father; in 1262 the Welsh conquered Brecon but in 1264 Lord Edward along with Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore recovered the lands, whish were given to Roger as Humphrey de Bohun was one of the supporters of Simon de Montfort [Ref: Sanders Baronies p8] inherited Barony of Brecon from father [Ref: Sanders Baronies p22] inherited Barony of Kington from father [Ref: Sanders Baronies p57] inherited 1/20 Barony of Horsley from William de Briwerre d.1233 [Ref: Sanders Baronies p123] Dau. of William de Braose of Brecknock; m. Humphrey de Bohun; mother of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford & Essex. [Magna Charta Barons, p. 307] Dau. of William de Braose; m. Humphrey, eldeston son of the second earl of Hereford. [The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Herefordshire, p. 363] Her husband, Humphrey de Bohun, was a loyal supporter of simon de Montfort even when his father, the earl of Hereford and Essex, deserted the cause. Humphrey died of his wounds after the Battle of Evesham. Eleanor's inheritance was Brecon. Her son Humphrey succeeded hs grandfather to the earldom in 1275 and Eleanor died in the same year. Eleanor's descendants include Henry V and Henry VI.
b. Note:   BI15688
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: fourth daughter [Ref: CP IV p202], parents: [Ref: Reitwiesner Joan p83, Sanders Baronies p63, Watney WALLOP #116, Watney WALLOP #145, Weis AR7 #68], father: [Ref: CP IV p202, Sanders Baronies p123, Sanders Baronies p22, Sanders Baronies p57, Sanders Baronies p8, Sanders Baronies p92(1)]
c. Note:   DI15688
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 1275 [Ref: Watney WALLOP #116, Watney WALLOP #145] abt 1250 [Ref: Sanders Baronies p63(6)]
d. Note:   NF3839
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: before 1210 [Ref: CP IX p275], names: [Ref: Sanders Baronies p98(7)]
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