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Marriage: Children:
  1. Guerin (Warinus) De Treves (Comte De Poitiers) Of Poitiers: Birth: Abt 610 in Moselle River Valley, Austrasia, France. Death: 677 in Poitiers, Vienne, Poitou, France

  2. Saint Legar (Leodegar) (Bishop D'auten) de Treves: Birth: 615 in Autun, Saone-Et-Loire, France. Death: 677 in Sarcing, Somme

  3. Adele de Treves: Birth: 618 in Treves, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France.

  4. Ferreolus Bishop Of Autun: Death: 657

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Note:   AKA Bodilon in Burgundy Count of Franks Boditon of Burgundy RESEARCH NOTES: possibly Monk in Mans, 643 [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc] Austrian noble, said to descend from St. Liutorin, Bishop of Trieres, and founder of the Monestery of Mattlach in the Saar before 600 [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p74] Event: He was an Austrasian, Neustrian, or Burgundian nobleman. The duchy of Spoleto was founded by the mob in the 6thC. & occupied a large section of east-central Italy, corresponding more or less to modern Umbria, the Marches, Perugia & Abruzzi. Over the next 2 centuries the names of the first dukes are known but not how they were related. Those from whom our family descends begins with Bodilon. He was Merovingian nobleman also described as an Austrasian, Neustrian or Burgundian nobleman, said to be descended from St. Liutvin, Bishop of Treves and founder of the monastery of Mettlach in the Saar before 600. Note: (Research): His father is also given as Unknown de Treves, son of Garnier de Treves.
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