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Philip Of Catzenelmbogen: Birth: 1402. Death: 27 Jun 1479
Raimond Of Caylar Seigneur D'uzes And De Castell: Death: After Abt 1216
Vermudo Nunez Of Cea: Death: 954
Ermengarde Of Celle: Birth: Abt 1200. Death: 24 Feb 1260 in Lichtenthal
Oliva II Of Cerdagne And Besalu: Death: 990
Guifred III Of Cerdagne: Death: 1050
Maron Of Cerdagne: Death: Oct 927
Person Not Viewable
George Of Ceva, Marquis Of Ceva: Death: 1268
Ademar Of Chabannes: Birth: 988. Death: 1034
Foucher Of Chabannes: Birth: Abt 935.
Raimond Of Chabannes: Birth: Abt 960. Death: Aft 988
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Anseric II Of Chacenay: Death: 1137
Anseric Of Chacenay: Death: After Abt 1104
Milon Of Chacenay: Death: Aft 1104
Petronilla Of Chacenay: Death: Aft 1165
Iamblichus Of Chalchis: Death: Abt 325
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Of Chalon: Death: 9 Jul 1275 in Freiberg
Ermengarde Of Chalon: Death: Aft 935
Guillaume I Of Chalon: Death: Aft 1171
Guillaume II Of Chalon: Death: 3 Jan 1203
Guya Of Chalon: Death: 24 Jun 1316
Hugo II Of Chalon: Death: 1078 in Spain
Pierre Of Chalon: Death: Abt 21 Jul 1272
Warin Of Chalon: Birth: Abt 777 in Chalons, Champagne, France. Death: 853 in Macon, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France
Person Not Viewable
Isabelle Of Chalon, Dame De Joigny: Death: Abt 1352
Agnes Of Chalons: Death: Abt Dec 1350
Thibaud Of Chalons: Death: 1065 in Tulosa, Spain
Person Not Viewable
Hugh III Salins (Count) Of Chalons, Count Of Burgundy: Birth: 1220 in Chalon-Sur-Sa�one, Sa�one-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. Death: Aft 12 Nov 1266
Lambert Of Chalons, Viconte Of Dijon: Death: 22 Feb 979
Ita Of Cham: Birth: Abt 1055. Death: 5 Sep 1101 in Anatolia
Ratpoto Of Cham: Birth: Abt 1030. Death: 15 Oct 1080 in Shore Of Grune River
Person Not Viewable
Pernelle Of Chambon: Death: Aft 1209
Person Not Viewable
Hugues I Of Chamont-Sur-Loire And Amboise: Death: 24 Jul Abt 1129 in Jerusalem
Ermesinde Of Champagnat: Death: Aft 1037
Person Not Viewable
Alix Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 1140. Death: 1206 in Paris
Dreux D'heristal Count Of Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 670 in Heristal, Liege, Belgium. Death: 708 in Champagne, France
Eudes Of Champagne: Death: Aft 1096
Henry I Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 1126. Death: 17 Mar 1181 in Troyes
Henry II Of Champagne: Birth: 29 Jul 1166 in Reims, Champagne, France. Death: 10 Sep 1197
Hugues III Of Champagne: Death: Abt 1152
Jean Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 550. Death: Aft 590
Loup Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 525. Death: Aft 590
Margaret Of Champagne: Death: 30 Aug Abt 1306
Marie Of Champagne: Birth: 1174 in Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. Death: 29 Aug 1204 in Valenciennes, Nord, Nord-Pas-DE-Calais, France
Philippe Of Champagne: Birth: 1197 in Champagne, France. Death: 20 Dec 1250
Scholastica Of Champagne: Death: 1219
Stephen II Of Champagne: Birth: Abt 1015. Death: 1047
Theobald III Of Champagne: Birth: 13 May 1179 in Troyes. Death: 24 May 1201
Theobold IV Of Champagne: Birth: 3 May 1201 in Troyes, Aube, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Death: 8 Jul 1253 in Pamplons
Person Not Viewable
Guillaume Of Champagne, Count Of Sancerre: Birth: Abt 1173. Death: 1219
Stephen I Of Champagne, Count Of Sancerre: Death: Bef 1191 in Acre
Agnes Of Champagne, Heiress Of Ligny: Birth: Abt 1138. Death: 7 Jul 1207
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Ascelin Of Chappes: Death: Aft 1081
Clarembaut I Of Chappes: Death: Aft 1145
Clarembaut II Of Chappes: Death: Abt 1147
Clarembaut III Of Chappes: Death: Bef 1184
Clarembaut IV Of Chappes: Death: 1204
Elisabeth Of Chappes: Death: Bef Dec 1236
Gautier Of Chappes: Death: Bef 1114
Odeline Of Chappes: Death: Aft 1190
Luce Of Charenton: Death: Aft 1195
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Eudes Of Chartres: Death: Aft 886
Thibaud Of Chartres: Death: Aft 908
Jean III Of Chateaivillain, Lord Of Pleure: Birth: Abt 1301. Death: Abt 31 Mar 1355
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Ebbes II Of Chateau-Roux: Death: 1160
Raoul VI Of Chateau-Roux: Death: 1141
Clemence Of Chateaudun: Death: Bef 1 Feb 1259
Helgaud Of Chateaudun: Death: Aft 1003
Hugo Of Chateaudun: Birth: Abt 950. Death: 1023
Isabel Of Chateaudun: Death: Aft 1259
Mahaut Of Chateaudun: Death: Aft 1130
Mathilde Of Chateaudun: Death: 26 Jun 1158
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Petronille Of Chateaurenaud: Death: 1 Nov After 1062
Agnes Of Chateauvillain: Death: Bef 1257
Simon I Of Chateauvillain: Death: 1259
Jean I Of Chateauvillain, Lord Of Arc: Death: 1313

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