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Lambert Bishop Of Liege: Birth: 645. Death: 703
William Bishop Of Liege: Death: 1 Nov 1239
Adalbert Bishop Of Liege, Cardinal: Death: 24 Nov 1192
Geraud Bishop Of Limoges: Birth: Abt 990. Death: 1023
Hildegaire Bishop Of Limoges: Death: Aft 990
Rurice I Bishop Of Limoges: Death: 507
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Hugh Bishop Of Lisieux: Death: Aft 1077
Fulke Basset Bishop Of London: Death: Abt 1269
Landbert Bishop Of Lyon: Death: Aft 678
Rustique Bishop Of Lyon: Birth: 455. Death: 25 Apr 501
Sacerdos Bishop Of Lyon: Birth: 487. Death: 11 Sep 552
Nizier Bishop Of Lyons: Birth: 513. Death: 2 Apr 573
Viventiolus Bishop Of Lyons: Death: Abt 523
Person Not Viewable
Bertrand Bishop Of Mans: Death: Aft 586
Burdondofaron Bishop Of Meaux: Death: Aft 637
Gilbert Bishop Of Meaux: Death: 13 Feb 1009
Gondoald Bishop Of Meaux: Death: Aft 627
Richomer Bishop Of Meaux: Birth: 495. Death: Abt 530
Dietrich II Bishop Of Merseburg: Death: 12 Oct 1215
Thietmar Bishop Of Merseburg: Birth: 25 Jul 975. Death: 1 Dec 1018
Person Not Viewable
Adalbron Bishop Of Metz: Birth: Bef 910. Death: 26 Apr 962
Agilulf Bishop Of Metz: Death: 601
Chrodegarig Bishop Of Metz: Death: 766
Dietrich Bishop Of Metz: Birth: Abt 929. Death: 7 Sep 984 in Metz
Goeric Bishop Of Metz: Death: 647
Saint Amoldus (Arnoaldus Xxvii) De Moselle (Bishop Of Metz) (Marquis De Schelde) Bishop Of Metz: Birth: 540 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France. Death: 611 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
Theoderic Bishop Of Metz: Death: Aft 1168
Thierry Bishop Of Metz: Death: 2 May 1047
Francis Bishop Of Minden: Birth: 1492. Death: 25 Nov 1566
Ludwig Bishop Of Minden: Death: 18 Jul 1346
Person Not Viewable
Dietrich Bishop Of Munich: Death: Abt 20 Jan 1022
Siegfried Bishop Of Munich: Death: 27 Nov 1032
Frederick Bishop Of Munster: Death: 18 Apr 1084
Ludwig I Bishop Of Munster: Birth: Abt 1282. Death: 18 Aug 1357
Raymond William Bishop Of Namur: Death: Aft 1103
Athanarius Bishop Of Naples, Duke Of Naples: Death: Abt 900
Gunther Bishop Of Naunberg: Birth: 1049. Death: 1 Apr 1089
Person Not Viewable
Liudolf Bishop Of Noyon: Birth: Abt 957. Death: Abt 978
Richomer Bishop Of Orleans: Death: Aft 573
Person Not Viewable
Melchior Bishop Of Osnabruck: Birth: 1341. Death: 6 Jun 1381
Imad Bishop Of Paderborn: Death: 3 Feb 1076
Meinwert Bishop Of Paderborn: Birth: Abt 975. Death: 5 Jun 1036
Albert Bishop Of Paris: Death: Aft 950
Gottfried Bishop Of Paris: Death: 1095
Lisiard Bishop Of Paris: Death: 19 Apr 984
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Boso Bishop Of Piacenza: Death: Aft May 949
Dido Bishop Of Poitiers: Death: Abt 670
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Adalard Bishop Of Puy: Birth: Abt 840. Death: Aft 876
Drogo Bishop Of Puy: Death: 998
Fredelon Bishop Of Puy: Birth: Abt 985. Death: Abt 1020
Guy Bishop Of Puy: Death: 996
Wido I Bishop Of Puy: Birth: Abt 810. Death: Abt 875
Gerhard Bishop Of Regensburg: Death: 1060
Fulk Bishop Of Reims: Birth: Abt 853. Death: 900
Giu Bishop Of Reims: Birth: Abt 990. Death: 1055
Romulf Bishop Of Reims: Birth: Abt 550. Death: 593
Ansbert Bishop Of Rouen: Death: Abt 692
Audoen Dado Bishop Of Rouen: Death: 684
Autwin Bishop Of Rouen: Death: 689
Hugo Bishop Of Rouen: Birth: Abt 690. Death: 730
Saint Osmund Bishop Of Salisbury: Death: 1099
Loup Saint Bishop Of Sens: Birth: 550. Death: Aft 614
Person Not Viewable
Aimon Bishop Of Sion: Death: 1054
Gui Bishop Of Soisons: Birth: Abt 950. Death: Aft 1005
Raoul Bishop Of Soisons: Death: Aft 992
Fulk Bishop Of Soissons: Death: Aft 1015
Person Not Viewable
William Bishop Of Strasburg: Death: 7 Sep Abt 1047
Otto Bishop Of Strassburg: Death: 3 Aug 1100
Fulcun Bishop Of Therouanne: Birth: Abt 765. Death: 855
Saint Gondolfus D'aquitaine (Bishop De Tongres) Bishop Of Tongres: Birth: 525 in Aquitaine, France. Death: 6 Jul 607 in Tongres, France
Henry Bishop Of Toul: Death: 6 Jan 1165
Bruno Bishop Of Toul, Pope Leo IX: Birth: 21 Jun 1002. Death: 19 Apr 1054 in Rome
Person Not Viewable
Hugues Bishop Of Toulouse: Birth: Abt 920. Death: Abt 972
Hugues Bishop Of Toulouse: Birth: Abt 945. Death: Abt 973
Louis Bishop Of Toulouse: Birth: 9 Feb 1275. Death: 19 Aug 1298 in Chateau DE Brignolles
Chrodbert Bishop Of Tours: Birth: Abt 600. Death: 680
Person Not Viewable
Saint Gregory Bishop Of Tours, Historin: Birth: 538. Death: 594
Mille Bishop Of Treves: Death: Aft 751
Rusticus Bishop Of Treves: Death: Aft 511
Severinus Bishop Of Treves: Death: After Abt 620
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable

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