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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Of Henneberg: Birth: Bef 1318. Death: Abt 6 Dec 1377

  2. Henry VI Of Henneberg: Death: 10 Sep 1347 in Schleusingen

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4. Title:   "Plantagenet Descent" by David A. Blocher Descendant of..... Descendant of..... Plantagenet Descent
Note:   Notification indicating people with descendancy from Geoffe
Text:   "Plantagenet Descent" by David A. Blocher Descendant of...... Descendant of...... Plantagenet Descent
Publication:   Personal Usage undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined
Source:   S2406
Author:   David A. Blocher <> undefined undefined undefined
Note continued:   ry Plantagenet (originator of the name, and father of King Henry II).

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Note:   Princess of Hesse.
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