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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ferdinand I King Of Portugal: Birth: 31 Oct 1345 in Santarin. Death: 29 Oct 1383 in Lisbon

Marriage: Children:
  1. Beatrix Of Portugal: Birth: Abt 1355. Death: 1374

Marriage: Children:
  1. John I King Of Portugal: Birth: 11 Apr 1358 in Lisbon. Death: 14 Aug 1433 in Lisbon

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Source:   S1420

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Note:   King of Portugal, Pedro I, The Justicer RESEARCH NOTES: 1357-1367: King of Portugal [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p237] Peter I of Portugal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pedro I of Portugal (pron. IPA /'pe.d?u/; April 8, 1320 ? January 18, 1367) was the eighth king of Portugal (in English, Peter I), known as the Cruel (not to be confused with Pedro I of Castile, also known as Pedro the Cruel) or as the Lawful (Port. o Justiceiro). He was the third but only surviving son of Afonso IV of Portugal by his wife, princess Beatrice of Castile. Pedro I succeeded his father in 1357. Pedro is chiefly known for his love of In�es de Castro, the Castilian maidservant that his father had killed in 1355. Pedro certainly led at least two revolts against his father before succeeding to the throne. Once he was king he announced that he had married In�es de Castro in secret and that she, despite dead, was Queen of Portugal. This fact is based only in the king's word. As King, Pedro was a surprising success. Although he brutally murdered the killers of In�es de Castro, he also persecuted felons of all classes, and instituted reforms to free the Portuguese Crown and Church from Papal intervention. His wife, Constanza, had been a Castilian princess, and it was for this reason, Pedro joined an Aragonese invasion of Castile-Leon. Genealogy Pedro I first married Blanca of Castile, daughter of Pedro of Castile and Maria of Aragon. The marriage was annulled in 1333. He married again to Constance of Castile, daughter of Juan Manuel, Count of Penagiel, and Constance of Aragon. She gave him three sons and one daughter. He is thought to have married a third time to his mistress In�es de Castro, daughter of Pedro Fernando de Castro and Beatrice of Portugal. Children: Blanca of Castile (c. 1315-1375; married in 1325; annulled in 1333) By Constance of Castile (c. 1320-1349; married in 1320) Prince Lu�is 1340 1340 Princess Maria April 6, 1342 a. 1367 Married to Ferdinand of Aragon. Ferdinand I October 31, 1345 October 22, 1383 Succeeded him as 9th King of Portugal. By In�es de Castro (c. 1320-1355; possibly married in 1354) (Prince) Afonso ? ? Died young. (Princess) Beatrice c. 1347 1381 Married Sancho of Castile, Count of Albuquerque & Haro. (Prince) John 1349 1397 Claimant to the throne during the 1383-1385 Crisis. (Prince) Denis 1354 1397 Claimant to the throne during the 1383-1385 Crisis. By Teresa Gille Louren�co (c. 1330-?) John I April 11, 1357 August 14, 1433 Natural son. Succeeded his half-brother Ferdinand after the 1383-1385 Crisis as 10th King of Portugal, the first of the House of Aviz.
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