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Marriage: Children:
  1. Katharina Of Anhalt: Death: 30 Jan 1390

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b. Note:   BI147465
Note:   Sources for this Information: parents: [Ref: ES I.2 #187], father: [Ref: ES I.2 #186]
c. Note:   NF58318
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: (20.II 1342) [Ref: ES I.2 #186] Dispens 20.X 1342 [Ref: ES I.2 #187], place: (Avignon) [Ref: ES I.2 #186], names: [Ref: Thompson CharlesII #1294], child: [Ref: ES I.2 #186, Thompson CharlesII #647] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.