Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Sophia Of Heusden died Aft 23 Apr 1336. She married Johann I Of Saffenburg on 0002. She was the daughter of Johann III Of Heusden and Adelissa Of Cattendijck.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Johann III Of Heusden died 15 Jan 1308. He was the son of Johann II Of Heusden and Person Not Viewable .

Adelissa Of Cattendijck died Aft 1294. She was the daughter of Person Not Viewable .

Children of Adelissa /Of Cattendijck/ and Johann III /Of Heusden/ are:
  1. Sophia Of Heusdendied Aft 23 Apr 1336. She married William III Of Horn on Bef 1294. He died Abt 28 Jan 1301.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Johann II Of Heusden died 15 Oct 1268 in Koln. He was the son of Arnold II Of Heusden and Mechtild Of Heinsberg.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

Arnold II Of Heusden died Bef 1242. He was the son of Johann I Of Heusden and Person Not Viewable .

Mechtild Of Heinsberg died Bef 1254. She was the daughter of Dietrich I Of Heinsberg and Isabel Of Limburg.

Children of Mechtild /Of Heinsberg/ and Arnold II /Of Heusden/ are:
  1. Johann II Of Heusdendied 15 Oct 1268 in Koln. He married Aleydis Of Arburg on Abt 1250. She died Aft 1303.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 5

Johann I Of Heusden died Aft 1217. He was the son of Arnold I Of Heusden and Person Not Viewable .

Dietrich I Of Heinsberg died 4 Nov 1227. He was the son of Arnold III Of Kleve and Adelheid Of Heinsberg.

Isabel Of Limburg died 1221. She was the daughter of Henry III Of Limburg and Sophia .

Children of Isabel /Of Limburg/ and Dietrich I /Of Heinsberg/ are:
  1. Mechtild Of Heinsbergdied Bef 1254. She married Arnold II Of Heusden on Abt 1215. He died Bef 1242.

  2. Agnes Of Heinsbergdied 1267. She married Heinrich Of Sponheim on Abt 1230. He died Abt 1258.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 6

Arnold I Of Heusden died Bef 1200.

Arnold III Of Kleve died Bef 1200.

Adelheid Of Heinsberg died 12 Feb Before 1217. She was buried in Heinsberg.

Children of Adelheid /Of Heinsberg/ and Arnold III /Of Kleve/ are:
  1. Dietrich I Of Heinsbergdied 4 Nov 1227. He married Isabel Of Limburg on Bef 1217. She died 1221.

Henry III Of Limburg was born Abt 1140, and died Bef 21 Jun 1221. He was buried in Klosterrath.

Sophia died Aft 1214.

Children of Sophia // and Henry III /Of Limburg/ are:
  1. Waleran IV Of Limburgdied 2 Jul 1226. He married Ermensende Of Namur on Abt Feb 1214. She was born Jul 1186, and died 17 Feb 1247.

  2. Gerhard II Of Wassenbergdied 7 Dec 1225. He married Beatrix Of Merheim. She died Aft 1242.

  3. Mathilde Of Limburgdied Aft 1 Apr 1234. She married Wilhelm III Of Julich. He died 1218 in Damiette.

  4. Isabel Of Limburgdied 1221. She married Dietrich I Of Heinsberg on Bef 1217. He died 4 Nov 1227.

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