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Otto Von Hammerstein In Wetterau: Birth: Abt 975. Death: Abt 5 Jun 1036
Guiguin Rupert III In Wormgau: Birth: Abt 785 in Wormsgau, Rhineland, Germany. Death: Abt 834 in Wormsgau, Rhineland, Germany
Rupert II In Wormgau: Birth: Abt 750 in Wormsgau, Rhineland, Germany. Death: 12 Jul 807 in Wormsgau, Rhineland, Germany
Emich I In Wormsgau: Death: 1117
Emich II In Wormsgau: Death: Bef 1138
Konrad Kurzbold In Wormsgau: Death: 30 Jun 948
Adalbert III In Zurichgau: Birth: Abt 865. Death: 911
Eberhard V The Blessed In Zurichgau: Birth: Abt 1010. Death: 26 Mar Abt 1076 in Schaffhausen
Mary E. Inbau: Birth: 1845 in New York.
Margaret Ince: Birth: Abt 1338 in Trafford, Lancashire. Death: 1416
Margery Ince: Birth: Abt 1332 in Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire. Death: 1416 in Trafford, Lancashire
Mary Elizabeth Ince: Birth: 29 Nov 1850 in Wright Co., Missouri. Death: 27 Jun 1927 in Derden, Hill, TX 7 3
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Alfonso Infante Of Aragon: Birth: 1229. Death: 26 Mar 1260 in Calatayud
Alithea Ingalls: Birth: 18 Nov 1741.
Amelia Ingalls: Birth: 17 Feb 1765 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. Death: 28 Jun 1817 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Ebenezer Ingalls: Birth: 14 Jul 1711.
Ebenezer Ingalls: Birth: 30 Jun 1744.
Elizabeth Ingalls: Birth: 5 May 1736. Death: 22 Feb 1748
Elizabeth Ingalls: Birth: 21 Oct 1765.
Frederick Ingalls: Birth: 7 Dec 1740. Death: 9 Jan 1741
Freelove Ingalls: Birth: 1767.
Henry Ingalls: Birth: 12 Oct 1738.
John Wheeler Ingalls: Birth: 5 Jul 1774.
Jonathan Ingalls: Birth: 22 May 1759.
Mehitable Ingalls: Birth: 3 Jan 1746.
Nancy Ingalls: Birth: 3 Jul 1772.
Rebecca Ingalls: Birth: 27 Jan 1767 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Dec 1841 in Portland, Cumberland, Maine
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Joan Inge: Birth: Abt 1300. Death: Bef Jan 1360
Sarah Sutherlin Inge: Birth: 1797 in Virginia.
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Comte D'anjou Ingelger: Birth: Abt 898 in Ch´┐Żateau d'Angers, Maine-et-Loire, Anjou, France. Death: Abt 927
Prince Of England Ingelric: Birth: Abt 1006 in Wessex. Death: 1060 in St. Martin`s Le Grand, London, Middlesex
Maud (Athelida) De Ingelrica: Birth: 1032 in Brunne, Cambridgeshire, England.
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Conchenn Ingen Cellaig Cualain: Death: 743
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Ragnaillt (Or Ragnhildr) Ingen Olaf: Birth: 1025 in Dublin, County Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. Death: 1055 in Dublin Conan, Wales
Alfred Monroe Ingersoll: Birth: Nov 1849 in Michigan. Death: 28 Dec 1903
Harmon Wadsworth Ingersoll: Birth: 3 Dec 1854 in Michigan. Death: 17 Jan 1884 in Louisville, Kentucky
Harmon Wadsworth Ingersoll: Birth: 4 Jul 1818 in Brunswick, Ohio. Death: 1 Nov 1892 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Royal Eason Ingersoll: Birth: 20 Jun 1883 in Washington, D. C.. Death: Dec 1984 in Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
Royal Rodney Ingersoll: Birth: 4 Dec 1847 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. Death: 21 Apr 1931 in Laporte, Laporte County, Indiana
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Thomas Ingilby: Birth: 1564.
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Agnes Ingleby: Death: Bef 21 Jul 1482
Ellen Ingleby: Birth: 1439 in Ripley, York, England, Great Britain. Death: in Halsham, York, England, Great Britain
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Elizabeth Inglefield: Birth: 1472 in Southambornow, Hampshire, England. Death: 1548
Mary Ingles: Birth: 1835 in Pennsylvania.
Isabel Inglethorpe: Birth: 1441 in Borough Green, Cambridgeshire, England. Death: 20 May 1476 in Bisham, Berkshire, England
Jane Ingleton: Birth: 1500 in Essex, England.
Anthony Rev Ingoldsby: Death: 1627 in Fishtoft, Co Lincoln
Olive Ingoldsby: Birth: 1602.
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Ann M. Ingram: Birth: 27 Apr 1819 in Alabama. Death: 17 Dec 1839
Benjamin Mason Ingram: Birth: 12 Aug 1858. Death: 16 Jan 1891
Benjamin Ingram: Birth: 7 Apr 1782 in Brunswick County, Virginia, United States. Death: 11 Sep 1849 in Giles County, Tennessee
Benjamin Ingram: Birth: 1 Nov 1823. Death: Mar 1865
Beulah E. Ingram: Birth: 31 Jul 1889. Death: 21 Sep 1891
Eleanor Ingram: Birth: 1904. Death: Abt 1912
Elise Ingram: Birth: 1879.
Elizabeth Gray Ingram: Birth: 1783.
Elizabeth Ingram: Birth: 1860.
Ella Ingram: Birth: 1863.
Emily Ingram: Birth: 22 Jul 1810. Death: Aft 1860
Emma Ingram: Birth: 1863.
George Crittenden Ingram: Birth: 2 Mar 1860. Death: 7 Jun 1861
George Karsner Ingram: Birth: 17 May 1877.
George Mason Ingram: Birth: 23 Feb 1814. Death: 19 Jul 1887
George Mason Ingram: Birth: 20 Jul 1871 in Florence, Alabama. Death: 28 Oct 1920
Georgiana Ingram: Birth: 7 Apr 1847. Death: 14 Sep 1875
Henrietta Ingram: Birth: 1867.
Henry Ingram: Birth: 1780.
Henry Ingram: Birth: 23 Feb 1812. Death: 1885 in Lauderdale County, Alabama
Henry Ingram: Birth: 1858 in Alabama.

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