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Marriage: Children:
  1. Olaf Kvaaren Sihtricsson, King Of Yorks And Dublin: Birth: Abt 926. Death: Abt 981 in Iona

  2. Person Not Viewable

  3. Amlaib Sitricsson: Death: 1034

  4. Gofraid Sitricsson: Death: 1036

  5. Person Not Viewable

Marriage: Children:
  1. Liudolf Von Schwaben: Birth: 930 in Wittenberg, Thuringia (Present Saxony-Anhalt), Austrasia, Ostenfrankenreich (Present Germany). Death: 6 Sep 957 in Piomba

  2. Luitgarde Von Schwaben: Birth: Abt 931 in Saxony, Germany. Death: 18 Nov 953 in Lorraine, France

  3. Regelindis (Richilde Richlind) Van Saksen-Ludolf: Birth: Abt 950 in Sachsen, Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Death: 2 Sep 1035 in Saxony, Germany

1. Title:   "My Childrens Tree," supplied by Dent, 22-2-2009.
Author:   compiled by Michelle Dent [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,]
Text:   CAUTION: Not all facts within have been documented! Please, do not take all of them, as so! Documentation is being added continously!! Please contact me with any questions! Comments, corrections, and additions welcome!
2. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Brooke Shields
Text:   Ancestor of
3. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Jennifer Love Hewitt
Text:   Ancestor of
4. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Clint Eastwood
Text:   Ancestor of
5. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Lucille Ball
Text:   Ancestor of
6. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Bing Crosby
Text:   Ancestor of
7. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Humphrey Bogart
Text:   Ancestor of
8. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   John Wayne
Text:   Ancestor of
9. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Dick Van Dyke
Text:   Ancestor of
10. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Richard Gere
Text:   Ancestor of
11. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Walt Disney
Text:   Ancestor of
12. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   George Clooney
Text:   Ancestor of
13. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Val Kilmer
Text:   Ancestor of
14. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Dan Blocker
Text:   Ancestor of
15. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Johnny Depp
Text:   Ancestor of
16. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Elvis Presly
Text:   Ancestor of
17. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Andy Griffith
Text:   Ancestor of
18. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Don Knotts
Text:   Ancestor of
19. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Tom Hanks
Text:   Ancestor of
20. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Mahammad Ali
Text:   Ancestor of
21. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Jim Nabors
Text:   Ancestor of
22. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Shirley Temple
Text:   Ancestor of
23. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Judy Garland
Text:   Ancestor of
24. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Kenny Rogers
Text:   Ancestor of
25. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Anthony Perkins
Text:   Ancestor of
26. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Brad Pitt
Text:   Ancestor of
27. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Miley Cyrus
Text:   Ancestor of
28. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Halle Berry
Text:   Ancestor of
29. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Alice Cooper
Text:   Ancestor of
30. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Fred Gwynne
Text:   Ancestor of
31. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Vincent Price
Text:   Ancestor of
32. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Teri Hatcher
Text:   Ancestor of
33. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Oliver Hardy (of "Laurel & Hardy")
Text:   Ancestor of
34. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   L. Ron Hubbard (Author)
Text:   Ancestor of
35. Title:   Ancestry of David A. Blocher (Maternal)
Author:   David A. Blocher (personal use)
36. Title:   Ancestry of David A. Blocher (Paternal)
Author:   David A. Blocher (personal use)
37. Title:   Ancestry of Jesse James (Outlaw)
Author:   David A. Blocher (
Publication:   Personal Use
38. Title:   Ancestry of Meriwether Lewis (Explorer)
39. Title:   Ancestor of ....
Page:   Hugh Beaumont
Text:   Ancestor of
40. Title:   [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard]
Page:   Paternal Lineage
Text:   Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard
41. Title:   [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard]
Page:   Maternal Lineage
Text:   Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard
42. Title:   [Ancestry of Paris Hilton (Actress)]
Text:   Ancestry of Paris Hilton (Actress)
43. Title:   [Ancestry of President Barack Obama]
Text:   Ancestry of President Barack Obama
44. Title:   [Ancestry of Kimberly Jo Brownlee]
Page:   Paternal Lineage
Text:   Ancestry of Kimberly Jo Brownlee
45. Title:   [Ancestry of Benedict Arnold (Rev. Traitor)]
Text:   Ancestry of Benedict Arnold (Rev. Traitor)
46. Title:   Ancestry of Laura Ingles Wilder
47. Title:   Ancestry of Richard Gere
48. Title:   Ancestry of Dean Ball
Page:   Proprietor of Galaxy Comics
49. Title:   Ancestry of Fred Gwynne
Page:   Herman Munster of the TV Sitcom "The Munsters"
50. Title:   Ancestry of Linda Joyce Neely
Page:   Genealogy Colaborator
Publication:   Created for Personal use, no publication.
51. Title:   Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Author:   Brian Tompsett, Dept of Computer Science, University of Hull, Hull UK HU6 7RX
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Publication:   Name: Name: November 3, 1999, Handwritten Charts photocopied by John F. Rosser, Jr.;;

a. Note:   3. EADGYTH ([895/902]-, bur Tamworth). The Book of Hyde names "Athelstanum�et Elfredum et Edgytham" as the children of King Eadweard "ex concubina Egwynna", specifying that Eadgyth married "Sirichio regi Northanhymbrorum" and was buried at Tamworth[1651]. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that "King Athelstan [gave] Sihtric king of Northumbria�his sister in marriage" at Tamworth 30 Jan 925[1652]. Her marriage was arranged to seal the alliance which Sihtric King of York proposed to her brother. After her husband's death, she became a nun at Polesworth Abbey, Warwickshire in 927, transferring to Tamworth Abbey, Gloucestershire where she was elected Abbess. Later canonised as St Edith of Polesworth or St Edith of Tamworth, her feast day is 15 or 19 July[1653]. NUN (Princess Of Wessex) (Abbess Of Tamworth Abbey) AKA Aedgyth, Princess of England Holy Roman Empress RESEARCH NOTES: 927: became a nun at Polesworth Abbey, Warwickshire [Ref: Weir RoyalFam p12] 927(later): transferred to Tamworth Abbey, where she was immediately elected Abbess [Ref: Weir RoyalFam p12] canonised after her death; her Feast Day is Jul 15 [Ref: Weir RoyalFam p12] ------------- From Tompsett ( "On widowhood became a nun at Polesworth Abbey and transferred to Tamworth Abbey, Gloucestershire where she was elected Abbess. She was canonised and her feast day is 15th July.
b. Note:   BI14368
c. Note:   DI14368
d. Note:   XI14368
e. Note:   NF11684
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #78, Paget HRHCharles p6, Weir RoyalFam p12], place: [Ref: Weir RoyalFam p12], names: dau Edward Elder & Sihtric Caoch King Of York [Ref: ES II #78, Paget HRHCharles p6]
f. Note:   NF13051
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES I.1 #10] 929 [Ref: ES I #3, ES II #78, Moriarty Plantagenet p31, Moriarty Plantagenet p87, Paget HRHCharles p6] 929/30 [Ref: Weis AR7 #45] 930 [Ref: Watney WALLOP #439, Watney WALLOP #879] first marriage of Otto [Ref: CMH p424, Weis AR7 #147], names: [Ref: CMH p382], child: [Ref: CMH p424, ES I #3, ES I.1 #10, Moriarty Plantagenet p252, Moriarty Plantagenet p87, Watney WALLOP #439, Weis AR7 #192, Weis AR7 #45] Sources with Inaccurate Information: child: Judith of Marchtal (#21827) wife of Conrad I Duke of Swabia [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p53, Paget HRHCharles p222, Weis AR7 #241] Mathilda Abbess of Quadlingburg (#24539) [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p87] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.