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Vladimir II Of Monomachus, Grand Prince Of Kiev: Birth: 1053. Death: 19 May 1125
Agnes Of Mons: Death: Aft 1194
Alix Of Mons: Death: Bef 1207
Gessuin I Of Mons: Death: Bef 1088
Gessuin II Of Mons: Death: Bef 1126
Gessuin III Of Mons: Death: Bef 1177
Person Not Viewable
Walram V Of Monschau And Poilvache: Death: Abt 20 Apr 1242
Kunigunde Of Monschau: Death: Bef 1214
Walram VI Of Monschau: Death: Abt 5 Feb 1266
Person Not Viewable
Matthew Of Mont-Bures: Death: Aft 1161
Gui Of Mont-Saint-Jean: Death: Bef 1152
Hugues I Of Mont-Saint-Jean: Death: Aft 1110
Hugues II Of Mont-Saint-Jean: Death: Aft 1180
Rainard Of Mont-Saint-Jean, Lord Of Bligny: Death: Aft 1076
Ponce Of Mont-Saint-Jean, Lord Of Charny: Death: 23 Feb 1230
Elizabeth Of Mont-Saint-Jean-Charny: Death: Aft 1257
Fulk Of Montagne: Death: Aft 1031
Sibyl of Montague: Birth: 1310 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death: 30 Jan 1343 in Donyatt, Somerset, England
Conon Of Montaigu: Death: Aft 1140
Ermengarde Of Montaigu: Death: Aft 1123
Gertrude Of Montaigu: Death: Aft 4 May 1189
Godfrey Of Montaigu: Death: 1161
Gonzelon Of Montaigu: Death: 1097 in Anitoch
Gozelo Of Montaigu: Death: 1064
Kuno Of Montaigu: Death: 30 Apr 1106 in Dalhem
Lambert Of Montaigu: Death: 1147
Thibaut Of Montaigu: Death: Aft 1086
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Henri Of Montaigu, Archbishop Of Liege: Death: 1128
Andre I Of Montbard: Death: Aft 1165
Bernard I Of Montbard: Death: Aft 1105
Bernard II Of Montbard: Death: Bef 1141
Rainard Of Montbard: Death: Abt 1120
Person Not Viewable
Andre III Of Montbard, Lord Of Epoisses: Death: Bef May 1233
Dietrich III Of Montbeliard: Death: Abt 15 May 1283
Louis Of Montbeliard: Birth: Abt 1019. Death: 1076
Sophia Of Montbeliard: Death: Apr 1148
Almodie Of Montberon: Death: Aft 1095
Person Not Viewable
Ermengarde Of Montcler: Death: Aft 1218
Person Not Viewable
Philip Of Montes: Birth: 1093. Death: Aft 1123
Amadee Of Montfaucon: Death: Aft 1110
Amedee Of Montfaucon: Death: 15 Jan 1280
Richard I Of Montfaucon: Death: Abt 1090
Richard II Of Montfaucon: Death: 1162
Sibille Of Montfaucon: Death: Bef 30 Mar 1277
Amadeus Of Montfaucon, Count Of Montbeliard: Death: Aft 1195
Richard III Of Montfaucon, Count Of Montbeliard: Death: 17 Jun Abt 1227
Alessina Of Montferrat: Birth: Abt 1237 in Casale Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy. Death: 6 Feb 1285
Beatrix Of Montferrat: Death: 1274
Giovanni (Johann IV) Of Montferrat: Death: 29 Jan 1464
Jolande Of Montferrat: Birth: Abt 1310. Death: 4 Dec 1342
Margherita Of Montferrat: Birth: 1459.
Renier Of Montferrat: Birth: 1163. Death: Aft 18 Aug 1182
William II Of Montferrat: Death: Bef 1100
Yolande Of Montferrat: Birth: Abt 1274. Death: 1317
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
William VII Of Montferrat, Count Of Jaffta And Asclo: Death: Aft Jun 1177
Adele (Alix) Of Montfort: Birth: Abt 1224. Death: 28 Mar 1279
Beatrix Of Montfort: Death: 9 Mar 1311
Marguerite Of Montfort: Death: Aft 1284
Raoul VII Of Montfort: Death: Bef Jun 1406
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Jean Guy XIII Of Montfort, Lord Of Kergolay: Death: 12 Aug 1414 in Rhodes
John I Of Montfort-L'aumari: Death: 1249 in Cyprus
Raoul VIII Of Montfort-La-Cane: Death: Aug 1419
Beatrix Of Montgascon: Death: Aft 1314
Person Not Viewable
Emeline Of Monthery: Death: 1121
Alix Of Monthlery: Death: Aft 1097
Melisende Of Monthlery: Death: 27 Jun Aft Abt 1110
Heracle II Of Montlaur: Death: Aft 1256
Pons II Of Montlaur: Death: Aft 1130
Pons III Of Montlaur: Death: Bef 1170
Pons V Of Montlaur: Death: Bef 11 Dec 1274
Isabeau Of Montlucon: Death: Aft 1212
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gaucher Of Montmirail And Ferte-Gaucher: Death: 28 Jan After 1128
Elizabeth Of Montmirail: Death: Aft 1220
Mary Of Montmirail: Death: Abt 20 Sep 1267
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Anseric III Of Montmirail, Seneschall Of Burgundy: Death: Abt 1174
Jeanne Of Montmorency: Death: Aft 1295
Person Not Viewable
Thierry III Of Montpelgard: Death: Jan 1163
Adelais Of Montpelier: Death: Aft 1174
Clementia Of Montpelier: Death: Abt 1204
Guillemette Of Montpelier: Death: Aft Oct 1200
William Of Montpellier: Birth: Abt 1158. Death: 1218 in Rome
Guichard II Of Montpensier: Death: Bef 1256

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