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Mathew I Of Lorraine Mosellana: Birth: Abt 1110 in Lorraine, France. Death: 13 May 1176 in Lorraine, France
Simon I Of Lorraine Mosellana: Birth: Abt 1076 in Lorraine, France. Death: 13 Jan 1138 in Nancy, Meurthe-Et-Moselle, Lorraine, France
Adelheid Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 970. Death: Aft 1012
Agatha Of Lorraine: Birth: 1121 in Nancy, Meurthe-Et-Moselle, Lorraine, France. Death: Aft 1148 in Bourgogne, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Beatrix Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1017. Death: 18 Apr 1076
Bertha Of Lorraine: Birth: 863. Death: 8 Mar 925
Bertha Of Lorraine: Death: Abt Apr 1242
Charles Of Lorraine: Birth: Jan 945 in Laon, Aisne, Picardy, France. Death: 21 May 993 in Kerker, Orleans, France; Imprisoned By Hugh Capet
Charles Of Lorraine: Birth: 1364. Death: 25 Jan 1431 in Nancy
Dietrich Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 955. Death: 11 Apr Abt 1026
Ermengarde Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 826 in Alsace-Lorraine. Death: Aft 865 in Hainault, Flanders
Frederich II Of Lorraine: Death: Abt 8 Oct 1213
Frederick I Of Lorraine: Death: Abt 7 Apr 1205
Fredrick III Of Lorraine: Birth: 1240. Death: 31 Dec 1303
Fredrick IV Of Lorraine: Birth: 15 Apr 1282. Death: Abt 21 Apr 1329
Gerard I Of Lorraine: Birth: 1057. Death: 1108
Gerberga Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 935 in Moselle, Lorraine. Death: Aft 7 Sep 978
Gisela Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 860. Death: Abt 21 May 907
Godfrey Of Lorraine: Death: 924
Heinrich Of Lorraine: Death: Aft 944
Ida Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1040. Death: 13 Apr 1113
Ida Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1085. Death: Aft 1101
Ida Of Lorraine: Death: 27 Jul Before 1162
Irmgard Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 865. Death: 6 Aug After 895
Isabel Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1410. Death: 27 Feb 1453 in Chateau D'angers
Isabella Of Lorraine: Death: Aft 1409
Isabelle Of Lorraine: Death: 12 Dec 1353
Ita (Ida) Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 970 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France. Death: 1026
John Of Lorraine: Birth: 1346. Death: 27 Sep 1390
Judith Of Lorraine: Death: 19 Mar After 1170
Katharina Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1411. Death: 1 Mar 1439
Laura Of Lorraine: Death: Aft Aug 1281
Mathilde Of Lorraine: Death: 27 Jun 1060
Matthew II Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1190. Death: Abt 9 Feb 1251
Raoul Of Lorraine: Birth: 1318. Death: 26 Aug 1346 in Crecy
Regilinde Of Lorraine: Death: Aft 1067
Rene Of Lorraine: Birth: 6 May 1451. Death: 1508
Richenza Or Rixa De Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1000. Death: 31 Mar 1063 in Saalfeld
Simon II Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1140. Death: 1 Apr Abt 1206
Theobald I Of Lorraine: Death: 17 Feb 1220
Theobald II Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1260. Death: 12 May 1312
Thierry II Of Lorraine: Death: 23 Jan 1115
Thierry Of Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1101. Death: 17 Jan 1168
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Anton Of Lorraine, Count Of Vaudemont: Birth: Abt 1396. Death: 25 Jan 1431
Friedrich Of Lorraine, Count Of Vaudemont: Birth: 1417. Death: 31 Aug 1470
Wiltrudis Of Lothringia: Death: 1093
(Unk Dau) Of Louvain: Birth: Aft 1090.
Adele Of Louvain: Death: Abt 1083
Adelheid Of Louvain: Death: 1083
Arnold Of Louvain: Death: Bef 1287
Godfrey II Of Louvain: Birth: Abt 1105 in Brabant (Duchy Of Brabant). Death: Abt 11 Nov 1142 in France, Lot-Et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France
Godfrey III (Duke Of Lorraine) Of Louvain: Birth: 1142 in Brabant (Duchy Of Brabant). Death: 10 Aug 1190 in Brabant (Duchy Of Brabant)
Gottfried Of Louvain: Death: Aft 1275
Henry III Of Louvain: Birth: Abt 1050 in Brabant (Duchy Of Brabant). Death: 5 Feb 1095 in Tournai, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Ida Of Louvain: Birth: 1065. Death: Apr 1139
Otto Of Louvain: Death: 1040
Heinrich Of Louvain, Herr Van Gaesbeek And Hersta: Death: 1285
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Heinrich II Of Lowen, Lord Of Gassback: Death: Abt 1324
Adalbert IV Of Lowenstein And Calw: Death: 17 Mar After 1147
Adelaide Of Lower Alsace: Death: 19 May Abt 1040
Gerhard Of Lower Alsace: Death: Abt 1021
Person Not Viewable
Henry I Of Lower Bavaria: Birth: 19 Nov 1235. Death: 3 Feb 1290
Eudes Of Lower Lorraine: Birth: Abt 975. Death: 1012
Frederick II Of Lower Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1005. Death: 28 Aug 1065
Frederick III Of Lower Lorraine: Birth: Abt 1020. Death: 1033
Godfrey IV Of Lower Lorraine: Death: 24 Dec 1069
Godfrey V Of Lower Lorraine: Death: 25 Feb 1076
Gothelo II Of Lower Lorraine: Death: 1046
Boleslav I Of Lower Silesia: Birth: Abt 1127. Death: 8 Dec 1201
Adelbert I Of Lucca: Death: Aft 27 May 884
Bonifacio Of Lucca: Death: Abt 840
Bonifacio Of Lucca: Death: Bef 5 Oct 823
Othbert I Of Lucca: Death: Bef 15 Oct 975
Herman I Of Luchow: Death: 1 Apr Before 1188
Sophia Of Luchow: Death: Aft 1288
Grenislawa Ingwarewna Of Luck: Death: 8 Nov 1258
Ingwar Jaroslawitsch Of Luck
Ezo Fernandez Of Lugo: Death: Abt 926
Jolande Of Lummen: Death: Aft 1377
Ludolf Of Luneburg: Death: Aft 1355
William Of Luneburg: Birth: 11 Apr 1184 in Winchester. Death: 12 Dec 1213
Raymonde Of Lunel: Death: Aft 1296
Person Not Viewable
Folmar Of Luneville And Amance: Death: Aft 980
Dudo Of Lurenburch: Death: Aft 1117
Bourgogne Of Lusignan: Death: Aft 1205
Eustachie Of Lusignan: Death: 1270 in Carthage
Marie Of Lusignan: Death: 1 Oct 1260 in Mello, Poitou
Person Not Viewable
Hugh Of Lusignan, King Of Cypres: Birth: Abt 1193 in France. Death: 10 Jan 1218
Henry II Of Luxembourg And La Roche: Birth: 1217 in Luxembourg. Death: 24 Nov 1281 in Luxembourg
Conrad I Of Luxembourg: Death: 8 Aug 1086
Eve Of Luxembourg: Death: 19 Apr After 1020
Giselbert II Of Luxembourg: Death: Bef 1065

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