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Marriage: Children:
  1. Clemence Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1117.

  2. Eudes II Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1118. Death: 27 Sep 1162

  3. Walter Bishop Of Langres: Birth: Abt 1120. Death: 7 Jan 1180

  4. Hugh Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1121. Death: 23 Apr 1171

  5. Robert Bishop Of Autun: Birth: Abt 1122. Death: 18 Aug 1140

  6. Henry Bishop Of Autun: Birth: Abt 1124. Death: 1 Mar 1170

  7. Raymond Of Burgundy, Count Of Grignon: Birth: Abt 1125. Death: 28 Jun 1156

  8. Sibylla Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1126. Death: 19 Sep 1150

  9. Matilda Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1130. Death: Bef 29 Sep 1172

a. Note:   NI141118
Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Borthwick, Richard, SALUZZO and CEVA. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 1/26/1999-013742. Subject: Re: SALUZZO and CEVA. Available at Author address: rgbor at cyllene dot uwa dot edu dot au. Farmerie, Todd, Matilda of Mayenne. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 3/5/1999-134548. Subject: Re: Matilda of Mayenne. Available at Author address: taf2 at po dot cwru dot edu. Moriarty, G Andrews, Plantagenet Ancestry of King Edward III And Queen Philippa. Salt Lake: Mormon Pioneer Genealogical Society, 1985. LDS Film#0441438. nypl#ARF-86-2555. Schwennicke, Detlev, ed., Europaische Stammtafeln: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der europaischen Staaten, New Series. II: Die Ausserdeutschen Staaten Die Regierenden Hauser der Ubrigen Staaten Europas. Marburg: Verlag von J. A. Stargardt, 1984. Watney, Vernon James, The Wallop Family and their Ancestry, Oxford:John Johnson, 1928. LDS Film#1696491 items 6-9. Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, David Faris, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who came to America before 1700, 7th Edition, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1992. RESEARCH NOTES: called Mathilde de Mayenne by Bouchard, though she cites no sources. ES XIII-133 does not give Mathilde in the Mayenne Tafel. ES II-20 identifies her with the description 'de Mayenne' but states no affiliation [Ref: Richard Borthwick SGM 1/26/1999-013742] J. Richard. Sur les alliances familiales des ducs de Bourgogne aux XIIe et XIIIe siecles. Annales de Bourgogne 30:37-46 (1958). In this article he addresses several Burgundy wives, but relevant to this quesion, he documents that Matilda was called in three contemporary charters called Mathildis de Meduana or Mathildis de Magne. There are a couple of chateau with this name, but the obvious conclusion is that the bride was from the County of Mayenne. The necrology of Beaune names the mother of Duchess Matilda as Aelina. As this matches the name of Aline, wife of Walter, Count of Mayenne in the immediately prior generation, it is then reasonable to conclude that Matilda was de Mayenne, daughter of Walter and Aline. Apparently the Turenne identification was a hypothesis of Chaume based on the passage of the name Raymond into the Burgundian house, but such suppositions cannot stand in the face of the documentation that we have consistant with the Mayenne connection. [Ref: Todd Farmerie SGM 3/5/1999-134548]
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