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Marriage: Children:
  1. Svyatoslav Of Kiev, Prince Of Drevlyans: Death: Abt 1016

a. Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kalinkin, Andrew S., Wives and children of Vladimir. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 8/2/1999-063855. Subject: Re: Dobronega Maria Wladimirowna Kijewskaja. Available at Author address: kalinkin at cityline dot ru. RESEARCH NOTES: "another Czech woman", probably called Malfrida [Ref: Andrew Kalinkin SGM 8/2/1999-063855]
b. Note:   DI139645
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: Andrew Kalinkin SGM 8/2/1999-063855]
c. Note:   NF29351
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