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  1. Marchesa Of Saluzzo: Death: Aft 1320

a. Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Borthwick, Richard, Pietro de Luna and Marchess of Saluzzo. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 8/12/1999-230514. Subject: Re: LUNA - SALUZZO - ARAGON, around 1300. Available at Author address: rgbor at cyllene dot uwa dot edu dot au.
b. Note:   BI139604
Note:   Sources for this Information: parents: [Ref: Richard Borthwick SGM 8/12/1999-230514]
c. Note:   DI139604
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: Richard Borthwick SGM 8/12/1999-230514]
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