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Marguerite Of Joinville: Birth: Jan 1354. Death: 28 Apr 1417
Roger Of Joinville: Death: 1137
Henry Of Joinville, Count Of Vaudemont: Birth: 1327. Death: Jun 1365
Geoffrey Of Joinville, Lord Of Moncler: Death: Bef May 1233
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gebhard Of Julbach And Schaunberg: Death: After Abt 1190
Warinhart Of Julbach: Death: After Abt 1165
Gerhard VII Of Julich And Berg: Death: 19 Aug 1475
Blancheflor Of Julich: Death: Aft 23 Apr 1330
Elizbeth Of Julich: Death: 6 Jun 1411
Gerhard III Of Julich: Death: Aft 1128
Gerhard IV Of Julich: Death: After Abt 1143
Gerhard V Of Julich: Birth: Abt 1241. Death: 29 Jul 1328
Jolanthe Of Julich: Death: 31 Oct 1387
Jutta Of Julich: Death: Bef 1218
Katharina Of Julich: Death: Aft 1287
Margareta Of Julich: Death: 12 Oct Abt 1293
Margareta Of Julich: Death: 10 Oct 1425 in Monreberg
Maria Of Julich: Death: Aft 1367
Mary Of Julich: Birth: 3 Aug 1491. Death: 19 Aug 1543
Mathilde Of Julich: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: Bef 1279
Mechtild Of Julich: Death: Aft 1287
Peronette Of Julich: Death: Aft 22 Feb 1300
Richardis Of Julich: Death: Aft 1291
Roland Of Julich: Death: 16 Mar 1278 in Aachen
Walram Of Julich: Death: Abt 11 Jul 1297
Wilhelm I Of Julich: Death: Aft 1176
Wilhelm II Of Julich: Death: 13 Dec 1393
Wilhelm III Of Julich: Death: 1218 in Damiette
Wilhelm IV Of Julich: Death: 16 Mar 1278 in Aachen
Wilhelm Of Julich: Death: 16 Mar 1278 in Aachen
William Of Julich: Birth: 9 Jan 1455. Death: Abt 6 Sep 1511
William Of Julich: Birth: Abt 1299. Death: 26 Feb 1361
Otto Of Julich, Archdeacon Of Luttich: Death: Aft 1283
Gottfried Of Julich, Lord Of Bergheim: Death: 3 May 1335
Person Not Viewable
Gunther I Of Kafernberg: Death: 1109
Heinrich II Of Kafernburg And Schwarzburg: Death: 20 Feb 1236
Adelheid Of Kafernburg: Death: Abt 10 Aug 1304
Gunther II Of Kafernburg: Death: Aft 15 Jan 1197
Gunther IV Of Kafernburg: Death: Abt 7 Mar 1268
Gunther V Of Kafernburg: Death: Abt 10 Apr 1273
Gunther VI Of Kafernburg: Death: Abt 23 Feb 1289
Gunther VII Of Kafernburg: Death: 10 Jun 1302
Gunther VIII Of Kafernburg: Death: Bef 25 Aug 1324
Person Not Viewable
Bernhard I Of Kakelingen, Count In Harzgau: Death: 28 Oct After 1069
Bogislaus Of Kalisch: Birth: Aft 1221. Death: 13 Apr 1279
Arschavir Of Kamsarakan: Birth: 750. Death: 808
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Ida Of Karnten: Death: 25 May 1178
Jimena Sanches Of Kastile: Birth: 1012. Death: Aft 1063
Person Not Viewable
Friedrich Of Kastl: Death: 11 Nov 1103
Hermann I Of Kastl: Birth: 1040. Death: 27 Jan 1056
Hermann II Of Kastl: Death: Aft 1071
Dietrich I Of Katlenburg: Death: 10 Sep 1056 in Werben
Dietrich II Of Katlenburg: Death: 1085
Dietrich III Of Katlenburg: Death: 12 Aug 1106
Othilde Of Katlenburg: Death: 31 Mar
Wilhelm II Of Katsenelnbegen: Death: Bef 25 Oct 1385
Adelheid Of Katzenelnbogen: Death: 22 Feb 1288 in Mainz
Dietrich I Of Katzenelnbogen: Death: Aft 1096
Dietrich V Of Katzenelnbogen: Death: 13 Jan 1276
Heinrich I Of Katzenelnbogen: Death: Aft 1102
Heinrich II Of Katzenelnbogen: Death: Aft 1160
Person Not Viewable
Bertha Of Kellumins: Birth: Abt 1069 in Schwaben, Baden. Death: 20 Jan After 1128
Dirk I (Dietrich)(Thierri) of KENNEMERLAND: Birth: Abt 890 in Noordwijk-Binnen, Zuid, Holland. Death: 6 Oct 939 in Andernach
Aesc of Kent: Birth: 451 in Kent, England. Death: 512
Eormenric of Kent: Birth: 514 in Kent, England. Death: 564
Lothar (Hlothere) (Clothaire) of Kent: Birth: 622 in Kent, England.
Octa of Kent: Birth: 495 in Kent, England. Death: 540
Ricola of Kent: Birth: 558 in Kent, England.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gilbert Of Kentwell, Baron Of Kentwell: Death: 1225
Gilbert Of Kentwell, Baron Of Kentwell: Death: Bef 1154
Richard Of Kentwell, Baron Of Kentwell: Death: Abt 1161
Roger Of Kentwell, Baron Of Kentwell: Death: 1206
Person Not Viewable
Jeanne Of Kergorlay: Birth: Bef 1366. Death: 1396
(Unk) Of Kessel: Death: Bef 1304
Person Not Viewable
Irene Of Khazar: Death: 750
Person Not Viewable
Adalbert I Of Kiburg And Dillingen: Death: 12 Sep 1151
Harmann III Of Kiburg And Dillingen: Death: Aft 22 Aug 1180
Eberhard Of Kiburg: Death: Bef 2 Jun 1284
Heilwig Of Kiburg: Death: 30 Apr 1260
Margareta Of Kiburg: Death: 10 Apr Abt 1333
Ulrich Of Kiburg: Death: 1227
Werner I Of Kiburg: Death: 1228 in Akkon
Andrzej Iwanowitsch Of Kiev: Birth: Abt 1375. Death: Abt 1405
Dobrodeja Of Kiev: Death: Bef 1136
Elisabeth Of Kiev
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable

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