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Pierre Of Geneva: Death: Abt 9 Mar 1392 in Avignon
Raoul Of Geneva: Death: 29 May 1265
William I Of Geneva: Birth: 1130. Death: 25 Jul 1195
William II Of Geneva: Death: 25 Nov 1252
Pierre Of Geneva, Archdeacon Of Langres: Death: Bef 21 Sep 1249
Beatrice Of Genf: Death: Aft 1235
Alice Of Gent: Death: Bef 1154
Folkard I Of Gent: Death: Aft 1073
Hugh II Of Gent: Death: Abt Sep 1232
Hugo III Of Gent: Death: Abt Dec 1264
Hugo IV Of Gent: Death: Aft 1288
Jeanne Of Gent: Death: Abt Sep 1331 in Guerville
Lambert I Of Gent: Death: Aft 1034
Lambert II Of Gent: Death: Aft 1073
Maria Of Gent: Death: Bef 1295
Marie Of Gent: Death: 1318
Siger I Of Gent: Death: Aft 1122
Siger II Of Gent: Death: Aft 1202
Siger III Of Gent: Death: Aft 1227
Siger Of Gent: Death: Aft 1259
Wenemar I Of Gent: Death: Aft 1118
Baldwin II Of Gent, Aalst, And Dronghen: Death: 13 Jun 1097 in Nicea
Arnold Of Gent, Count Of Guines: Death: 1169
Baldwin I Of Gent, Lord Of Waas Dronghen: Birth: Abt 1030. Death: Abt 23 Apr 1082
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Ostrogotha Of Gepide: Birth: Abt 515 in Gepidea, Liguria, Italy.
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Emelia Of Germany: Birth: Abt 1008 in Germany. Death: Abt 1108 in Europe
Henry III The Black Of Germany: Birth: 28 Oct 1017. Death: 5 Oct 1056 in Bodfeld, Hartz
Agnes (Almodis) De Of Gervaudan: Birth: Abt 980 in Gevaudan, Alpes-DE-Haute-Provence, Provence, France. Death: Aft 1005
Pons Of Gevaudan: Birth: Abt 970. Death: Abt 1016
Stephen Of Gevaudan: Birth: Abt 920. Death: 979
Eimildia Of Gevaundan: Birth: Abt 950. Death: Aft 993
(Unk) Of Ghent: Death: Bef 962
Guillaume Embriaco Of Giblet: Death: Aft 26 Jun 1109
Guillaume II Embriaco Of Giblet: Death: Aft 1159
Hugh III Of Giblet: Death: Aft 1186
Hugues I Embriaco Of Giblet: Death: Bef 1135
Hugues II Of Giblet: Death: Aft 1179
Plaisanes Of Giblet: Death: 1217
Mechtilde Of Giessen: Death: 12 Jan After 1203
Arnold Of Gilching: Death: Aft 1027
Meginhard Of Gilching: Death: Aft 987
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Marguerite Of Gisors: Death: 1117
Person Not Viewable
Emma Of Glane: Death: After Abt 1170
Peter Of Glane: Death: 10 Feb 1127 in Payerna
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Irmentrude Of Gleiberg: Death: Aft 995
Person Not Viewable
Cristina Of Gleichen: Death: Aft 18 Sep 1296
Person Not Viewable
Bertha Of Gleisberg: Death: Aft 1137
Person Not Viewable
Henry III Of Glogau And Sagan: Birth: Abt 1312. Death: 13 Apr 1369
Agnes Of Glogau: Birth: Abt 1312. Death: Abt 6 Jul 1362
Euphemia Of Glogau: Birth: 12 Jan 1254. Death: Bef 1275
Henry III Of Glogau: Birth: Abt 1251. Death: 9 Dec 1309
Katharina Of Glogau: Birth: Abt 1300. Death: 5 Dec Abt 1323
Konrad I Of Glogau: Birth: Abt 1228. Death: 6 Aug Abt 1273
Christiana Of Gloucester: Birth: Abt 1118 in Bristol, , Gloucestershire, England. Death: Bef 1153
Humphrey Of Gloucester: Birth: 3 Oct 1390. Death: 23 Feb 1447 in Bury St Edmunds
Rupen I Of Gobidar And Gorosomol: Birth: Abt 1020. Death: Abt 1095
Person Not Viewable
Emmeline Of Gondrecourt: Death: Bef 1177
Person Not Viewable
(Unk Dau) Of Gordono: Death: Aft 1190
Albert IV Of Gorz And Tirol: Death: Abt 1 Apr 1304
Adelheid Of Gorz: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: Bef 5 Nov 1285
Anna Of Gorz: Death: Abt 16 May 1331
Engelbert II Of Gorz: Death: 1 Apr Abt 1191
Engelbert III Of Gorz: Birth: Abt 1160. Death: Abt 1222
Johann Albert II Of Gorz: Death: Abt 1325
Katharina Of Gorz: Death: 31 May 1391
Katharina Of Gorz: Death: Abt 11 Nov 1342
Marquard Of Gorz: Death: 1 Oct After 1074
Meinhard I Of Gorz: Death: Abt 1142
Meinhard VI Of Gorz: Death: Aft 6 May 1385
Ursela Of Gorz: Death: Aft 1383
Meinhard III Of Gorz, Tirol, And Istria: Birth: 17 Jan 1194. Death: 22 Jul 1258
Oda Of Goseck: Death: 1088 in Zorbau
Person Not Viewable
Otto Of Grabfeld: Death: Abt 983
Poppo Of Grabfeld: Death: 945
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Ebles I Of Grancey: Death: Aft 1133
Renaud II Of Grancey: Death: Aft 1142
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Renaud I Of Grancey, Constable Of Burgundy: Death: Aft 1104
Conon Of Grandison: Death: Bef 1114
Ebal I Of Grandison: Death: 4 May Abt 1130
Ermentrude Of Grandpre: Death: Aft 1064

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