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Margareta Of Vaudemont: Death: Bef 26 Dec 1334
Stephanie Of Vaudemont: Death: 4 Dec Abt 1160
Person Not Viewable
Giselbert Of Vaudorivang: Death: 18 May 1004 in Pavia
Margareta Of Vaz: Death: Aft 1343
Rudolf I Of Vaz: Death: Abt 1194
Walter I Of Vaz: Death: Bef 1169
Walter III Of Vaz: Death: Aft 1254
Walter IV Of Vaz: Death: Aft 1246
Walter V Of Vaz: Death: 4 Nov 1284
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Guirard Amic Of Vedene: Death: 1113
Goswin Of Veldenz: Death: Aft 1224
Person Not Viewable
Werner Of Veltheim: Death: Aft 1087
Person Not Viewable
Sophia Of Velturne: Death: Aft 10 Aug 1308
Person Not Viewable
Adele Of Vendome: Birth: Abt 995. Death: 26 Feb Abt 1033
Agnes Of Vendome: Death: 1201
Barthelemy Of Vendome: Death: Abt 1147
Bouchard IV Of Vendome: Death: 1202
Bouchard V Of Vendome: Death: Abt 15 May 1271
Bouchard VI Of Vendome: Death: 26 Feb 1353
Catherine Of Vendome: Death: 1 Apr 1412
Euphrosine Of Vendome: Death: Aft 1110
Fulk Of Vendome: Death: 22 Nov 1066 in Vendome
Geoffroy II Grisegonelle Of Vendome: Death: 1145 in Saint Gilles-En-Languedoc
Jean I Of Vendome: Death: Abt 1185
Jean II Of Vendome: Birth: Abt 1428. Death: 6 Jan 1478 in Chateau DE Lavardin
Jean III Of Vendome: Death: Bef Apr 1217
Jean IV Of Vendome: Death: Bef 1240
Jean V Of Vendome: Death: Aft 18 Apr 1315
Jean VI Of Vendome: Death: Bef 23 Feb 1364 in Montpellier
Jeanne Belle Of Vendome: Birth: Abt 1465. Death: 22 Jan 1512
Louis Of Vendome: Birth: 1376. Death: 21 Dec 1446 in Tours
Matilda Of Vendome
Pierre Of Vendome: Death: 25 Mar 1249 in Egypt
Renaud Of Vendome: Death: 19 Jan 1020
Person Not Viewable
Laugier Of Venice: Death: Aft 1032
Adelais Of Venisy: Death: Abt 20 Mar 1221
Person Not Viewable
Alesie Of Ventadour: Death: Bef Nov 1260
Person Not Viewable
Godfrey Of Verdun: Birth: Abt 930 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: Aft 3 Sep 995 in Verdun, Meuse, Lorraine, France
Mathilde Of Verdun: Birth: in Verdun, Meuse, Lorraine, France. Death: Abt 1039
Wigfrid Of Verdun: Death: Aft 985
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Of Vergy: Death: Aft 1196
Guillaume Of Vergy: Death: 1272
Nicole Of Vergy: Death: Aft 1224
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Manasses I Of Vergy, Duxin, And Chalons: Death: 31 Oct 920
Hugues Of Vergy, Lord Of Beaumont: Death: 1254
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
(Unk Dau) Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 830.
Adelbert Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 985. Death: Aft 1 Feb 1015
Agnes Of Vermandois: Death: Aft 1125
Bernhard Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 845. Death: Abt 28 Jan 893
Eleanore Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt Dec 1152. Death: Aft 1222
Elizabeth Of Vermandois: Death: Dec 999 in Angers
Eudes Of Vermandois: Death: Aft 1076
Eudes Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 990. Death: 25 May 1045
Herbert III Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 954. Death: Abt 29 Aug 1002
Mabel Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 1143. Death: 28 Mar 1183 in Arras
Matilda Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 1080. Death: Aft 1123
Raoul I Of Vermandois: Death: 14 Oct 1152
Raoul-Rudolph II Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 1145. Death: 17 Jun 1167
Theoderic Of Vermandois: Birth: Abt 805. Death: Aft 876
Person Not Viewable
Alberto I Of Verona: Death: 3 Sep 1301 in Verona
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Sybilla Of Vesci: Death: Aft 1165
Person Not Viewable
Dag of Vestmar: Birth: Abt 740 in Holtan, Vestfold, Norway.
Friedrich III Of Viaden: Death: Aft 1200
Gottfried I Of Viaden: Death: Abt 10 Dec 1307
Heinrich I Of Viaden: Death: Abt 20 Aug 1252
Heinrich II Of Viaden: Death: Sep 1337 in Cypres
Mechtild Of Viaden: Death: Bef 1241
Philip I Of Viaden: Death: 23 Apr 1273
Philip II Of Viaden: Death: Abt 1315
Friedrich I Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1152
Gerhard II Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1096
Margareta Of Vianden: Death: 8 Mar 1316
Philip Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1308
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Alix Of Vienna: Death: 14 Nov 1309 in Saint Saturnin Du Port
Anne Of Vienna: Death: Aft 29 Sep 1301
Boso Of Vienna: Birth: Bef Apr 927. Death: Bef Sep 948

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