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Francoise Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1451. Death: Aft 1488
Joanna Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1258. Death: 19 Jan 1292
John I Of Blois: Death: 28 Jun 1279
Louis I Of Blois: Death: Abt 15 Apr 1205
Mahaut Of Blois: Death: 1 Jan Abt 1184
Margaret Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1170 in Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, Centre, France. Death: 12 Jul 1230 in France
Mary Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1128. Death: 7 Aug Abt 1190 in Fontevault
Mary Of Blois: Death: Aft 1379
Robert Of Blois: Death: Aft 989
Stephen Henry Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1046 in Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, Orleanais/Centre, France. Death: 19 May 1102 in Ramula, Holy Land
Stephen Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1096 in Blois. Death: 25 Oct 1154 in Dover
Theobald I Of Blois: Birth: Abt 910. Death: 16 Jan 975
Theobald II Of Blois: Death: 11 Jul 1004
Theobald IV Of Blois: Birth: Abt 1085. Death: 8 Jan 1152 in Ligny
Theobald V Of Blois: Death: 1191 in Acre
Theobald VI Of Blois: Death: Abt 16 Apr 1218
Theobald Of Blois: Birth: Abt 945. Death: 962
Theoderic Of Blois: Death: Abt 996
William Of Blois: Birth: Abt 795. Death: 834
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Adelheid Of Bocksberg: Death: Aft 1213
Person Not Viewable
Aleide Of Boelaere: Death: Aft 1226
Theobald Of Bohemia In Jamnitz: Death: Abt 14 Aug 1167
Agnes Of Bohemia: Death: 10 Oct 1268
Anna Of Bohemia: Birth: 23 Jul 1503. Death: 27 Jan 1547
Anna Of Bohemia: Birth: 1204. Death: 26 Jun 1265
Anne Of Bohemia: Birth: 11 May 1366 in Prague. Death: 3 Jun 1394 in Sheen Palace, Surrey Co
Beatrix Of Bohemia: Birth: 1228 in Praha, Praha, Bohemia. Death: 25 May 1286 in Berlin, , Brandenburg, Germany
Boleslav II Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 920. Death: 7 Feb 999
Boleslav III Of Bohemia: Death: 1037
Boleslaw Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 905. Death: 15 Jul 967
Borzhivoi I Of Bohemia: Death: 895
Borzhivoi II Of Bohemia: Death: 2 Feb 1124
Bretislav I Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 1005. Death: 10 Jan 1055 in Chrudin
Bretislav II Of Bohemia: Death: 22 Dec 1100
Conrad Of Bohemia: Death: 6 Sep 1092
Dabrowaka Of Bohemia: Birth: 931. Death: 977
Eliska Of Bohemia: Birth: 27 Mar 1319 in Luxembourg, Belgium. Death: 1344
Elizabeth Of Bohemia: Birth: 10 Mar 1358. Death: 4 Sep 1374
Freidrich Of Bohemia: Birth: 1141 in Prague, Bohemia. Death: 25 Mar 1189
Hedwig Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 1154 in Of, Jemnice, Budejovice Moravske, Czechoslovakia. Death: 19 Feb 1211 in , Kloster Brehna, Sachsen, Prussia
Jaromir Of Bohemia: Death: 4 Nov Abt 1035
Judith Of Bohemia: Death: 2 Jun 1230
Judith Of Bohemia: Birth: 20 May 1315 in Luxembourg, Belgium. Death: 11 Sep 1349 in Maubuisson
Kunigunde (Kunhuta0 Of Bohemia: Birth: Jan 1265. Death: 27 Nov 1321
Ludmilla Premysl Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 1059 in <Prague, Czechoslovakia>. Death: 1089
Margaret Of Bohemia: Birth: 1189. Death: 24 May 1212
Margaret Of Bohemia: Birth: 21 Feb 1296 in Praha, Kingdom Of Bohemia. Death: 8 Apr 1322 in Hradec Kr�alov�e, East Bohemia, Kingdom Of Bohemia
Margaret Of Bohemia: Birth: 24 May 1335. Death: Bef 7 Oct 1349
Odalrich Of Bohemia: Death: 9 Nov 1034
Sidonia Of Bohemia: Birth: 14 Nov 1449. Death: 1 Feb 1510 in Tharandt
Sobeslav I Of Bohemia: Birth: 1075. Death: 14 Feb 1140
Sophia Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 1178. Death: 25 Mar 1195
Spitihnev I Of Bohemia: Death: 912
Spitihnev II Of Bohemia: Birth: 1031. Death: 28 Jan 1061
Vaclav I Of Bohemia: Birth: Abt 903. Death: 28 Sep 935
Vladislav I Of Bohemia: Death: 12 Apr 1125
Wratislaw Or Vratislav Of Bohemia: Death: 13 Feb 920
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Person Not Viewable
Sobieslaus II Of Bohemia, Duke Of Olmutz: Death: 29 Jan 1180
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Phillip II Of Bolanden: Death: Aft 1287 in Italy
Phillip III Of Bolanden: Death: 1220
Werner I Of Bolanden: Death: Bef 1135
Werner II Of Bolanden: Death: Abt 1198
Hubaldus Of Bologna And Romagna: Death: Aft 893
Widbert Of Bologne And Bar: Death: 883
Ida Of Bologne: Birth: Abt 1160. Death: 21 Apr 1216
Mahaut Of Bologne: Death: Aft 28 Aug 1396
Person Not Viewable
Adelais Of Boquefeuil: Death: Aft 1189
Raimond Of Bordeaux: Birth: Abt 880.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Heinrich Of Borsselen: Death: Bef 1271
Helwig Of Borsselen: Death: 19 Sep 1328
Nikolaus Of Borsselen: Death: Abt Dec 1258
Wolfart I Of Borsselen: Death: 11 Aug 1289
Adelaida Of Bosalu: Birth: Abt 1010. Death: Aft 1078
Elizabeth Of Bosnia: Death: Abt 16 Jan 1387
Katerina Of Bosnia: Death: Aft 1396
Adalbert I Of Both Rhactias: Death: After Abt 838
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Alice Of Boulaere: Death: Aft 1240
Nikolaus Of Boulaere: Death: Aft 1175
Anne Of Boulogne And Auvergne: Birth: Aft 1495. Death: Jun 1524 in Castle Of St Saturin
Baldwin Balzo Of Boulogne: Death: 973
Eustace III Of Boulogne: Birth: Abt 1058. Death: 1125
Eustace Of Boulogne: Birth: 1131. Death: 10 Aug 1153 in Bury St. Edmunds
Eustace Of Boulogne: Death: Aft 1120
Godfrey Of Bouillon Of Boulogne: Birth: 1061 in Baisy, Brabant. Death: Aft 1100 in Jerusalem
Godfrey Of Boulogne: Death: 1113 in Sinnabrah
Mathilde (Countess) Of Boulogne: Birth: 1162 in Boulogne, Pas-DE-Calais, Nord-Pas-DE-Calais, France. Death: 1210 in Louvaine, Barbont, Belgium
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