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Simon I Of Saarbrucken: Death: Aft 1183
Simon II Of Saarbrucken: Death: Aft 1207
Simon III Of Saarbrucken: Death: Bef 1246
Geoffrey Of Sable: Death: After Abt 1036
Robert Of Sable: Death: Aft 1152
Person Not Viewable
Adolph Of Saffenberg: Birth: Abt 1095. Death: 1158
Agnes Of Saffenberg: Death: 27 May 1201
Hermann Of Saffenberg: Death: 1091
Hermann Of Saffenberg: Death: 1172
Matilda Of Saffenberg: Death: 2 Jan 1145
William Of Saffenberg: Death: Abt 1252
Person Not Viewable
Johann I Of Saffenburg: Death: Aft 1330
Konrad I Of Saffenburg: Death: Bef 1300
Konrad Of Saffenburg: Death: Aft 1386
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Jadwiga (Hedwig) Of Sagan: Birth: Bef 1350 in Glog�ow, Zielona G�ora, Poland. Death: 27 Mar 1390
Sabran I Of Saint Hermine: Death: Aft 1152
Ida Of Saint Omar: Death: Aft 1222
Person Not Viewable
Dreux II Of Saint-Bris: Death: Bef 1252
Dreux III Of Saint-Bris: Death: 1310
Person Not Viewable
Gaucher Of Saint-Florentin, Lord Of Pacy: Death: 1257
Dreux IV Of Saint-Hermine: Death: Bef 1317
Thibault I Chabot Of Saint-Hermine: Death: Aft 1100
William Of Saint-Omer: Death: Aft 19 Oct 1265
Gibaud I Of Saint-Verain: Death: Aft 1107
Gibaud II Of Saint-Verain: Death: Aft 1174
Hugues I Of Saint-Verain: Death: Bef 1240
Savari I Of Saint-Verain: Death: Bef 1134
Person Not Viewable
Landeric Of Saintes: Birth: Abt 810. Death: Abt 843
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Diego Munoz Of Saldana: Death: Aft 961
Elvira Diaz Of Saldana: Birth: Abt 930. Death: Aft 975
Gomez Diaz Of Saldana: Death: Aft 986
Person Not Viewable
Sancha Gomez Of Saldena: Death: Aft 983
Gaimar III Of Salerno: Death: 1031
Gaimar IV Of Salerno: Birth: 1010. Death: 2 Jun 1052
Gaitelgrima Of Salerno: Birth: Abt 1030. Death: Aft 1091
Giovanni II Of Salerno: Death: 999
Gisulf II Of Salerno: Death: 1075
Gui Of Salerno: Death: Aft 928
Guy Of Salerno: Death: 988
John III Of Salerno: Death: 1042
Sikelgaita Of Salerno: Birth: Abt 1035. Death: 27 Mar 1090 in Salerno
Waimar I Of Salerno: Death: Abt Feb 901
Nicole Of Salina: Death: Aft 1233
Maurette Of Salines: Death: Aft 1200
Gaucher IV Of Salins: Death: Abt 3 Aug 1219
Humbert II Of Salins: Birth: Abt 950. Death: Bef 1028
Wandelmode Of Salins: Death: Aft 967
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Leonia Of Salisbury: Death: 13 Jul Abt 1214
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Verde Of Salizzole: Death: 25 Dec 1306 in Verona
Friedrich II Of Salm And Vianden: Death: Aft 1187
Elisabeth Of Salm: Death: Aft 1200
Henry I Of Salm: Death: Aft 1170
Herman I Of Salm: Death: 28 Sep 1088 in Metz
Herman II Of Salm: Death: 20 Feb 1136
Wilhelm II Der Sanfte Of Salm: Death: Bef 1290
Person Not Viewable
Riccaire Of Salornay: Death: Aft 1091
Filippo Of Saluzzo: Death: 1324
Marchesa Of Saluzzo: Death: Aft 1320
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Guillaume Du Principat Of San Nicandro: Death: Aft 1104
Person Not Viewable
Leszek Of Sandomir And Krakau: Birth: Abt 1186. Death: 23 Nov 1227
Berengar Of Sangerhausen: Birth: Abt 1045. Death: Abt 13 Jun 1100
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Konrad Of Sannegg: Death: Bef 22 Nov 1255
Giovanna Of Sanserverino: Death: Aft 1393
Antonio Of Sanserverino, Count Of Marsico: Death: 1384
Guillaume Of Sant-Bris: Death: 1249
Person Not Viewable
(Unk) Of Saudon: Death: Aft 1203
Yves The Franc Of Saulges: Death: 1223
Eudes Of Saulx And Vantoux: Death: Bef 1197
(Unk) Of Saulx: Death: Abt 1152
Dameron Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1233
Ebles Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1135
Gui Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1086
Guy II Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1179
Bermond Of Sauve: Death: 1054 in Rome
Pierre Bermond VI Of Sauve: Death: Abt Dec 1215 in Rome
Adeliade Of Savona: Death: 16 Apr 1118
Adelaide Of Savoy: Death: 1090

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