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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry Bourchier: Death: 13 Mar 1540

  2. Cecily Bourchier: Death: Bef 9 Jun 1493

Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard Grey, Lord Grey, Earl Of Kent: Birth: Abt 1478. Death: 3 May 1523

a. Note:   NI135115
Note:   Note: Lady Anne Woodville, widow of Sir William Bouchier, daughter of 1st Earl Rivers and sister of Elizabeth, wife of Edward IV. [Burke's Peerage] RESEARCH NOTES: third daughter and coheir of Richard Wydeville, Earl Rivers [Ref: CP II p249] a second marriage to Sir Edward Wingfield removed by corrections in XIV [Ref: CP II p249 (with corr in XIV p104)] [COUNTESS OF KENT]
b. Note:   BI135115
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 3rd daughter [Ref: CP II p249], parents: [Ref: CP II p249, CP V p138]
c. Note:   DI135115
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