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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isabella De Wadham: Birth: Abt 1374 in Wadham Manor, Lustleigh, Devon, England.

  2. William Wadham: Birth: Abt 1380 in Edge Barton Manor, Branscombe, Devon, England. Death: 5 Oct 1451 in Merifield Manor, Ilminster, Chard, Somerset, England

  3. Margery Wadham: Birth: Abt 1405 in Merifield Manor, Ilminster, Chard, Somerset, England.

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a. Note:   Tim Sandberg's Genealogy Database. Tim Sandburg: Like his father he became a Judge, but he was known in his time as "THE JUDGE" It is the title to which he is most often referred. Said to have decended from Wm de WADHAM of Devon in reign of Edw 1 (1272-1307) Was Justice of Common Pleas in Richard II (1388) (Chron Ser. p51, 55) . He bought the manor at Ilton "Merrifield" (sometimes referred to Muryfield) 1387, and paid tithe to Athelney Abbey in Somerset. John became MP of Exeter 1379 and of Devon 1401. Anne McKecknie says he was the patron of Silverton, Knighted in 1401 when an MP. In his IPM wife is shown as Joan. See: "Extracts of the Abbey of Athelney." CRS Pub "1380 John WADHAM fine f1 admisson as freeman in Exeter." His IPM says: "held Moiety of the manor of Hurberton jointly with William Hankeford yet living. by gift of Cicely Turbervylle to them and to John Hille deceased by fine levied held of the King by Knight's service; worth by the year clear 20s." "He held jointly with Joan his wife, yet living, for their lives the manor of Af(lferton) ; if Joan marry after John's death the manor to remain to John son of said John yet living and his heirs; They had one moiety of that manor of the gift of Batholomew Pyle, John Talbot and Thomas Pyle the other moiety by gift of John Talbot, Batholomew Pyle and John Hille, clk. , held of Edward Courtnay Earl of Devon, worth ae L13.6s.8d" "John also held 8 messuages and lands (acreage given) in Eggecombe Norton Tachethorar, Wabbew ell, Knightslond, and Shouele for life by demise of Batholomew Pyle, Thomas W(ood) and William Kyngston with remainder to William son of the said John WADHAM, yet living, to hold until the said William should inherit the manor of Murifield and other lands in Somerset and Dorset; with remainder to Thomas son of the said John WADHAM yet living and his heirs male; held in the dean and Chapter of Exeter, worth Etc. L5." "John also held with Joan his wife 2 messuages and 2 carucates in Dene and Lytlecomb in the manor of Brankescombe, for their lives by gift of Thomas Bytelysgate with reversion to the said Thomas; held of the said Thomas wort ae L2; a moiety of a messuage and lands in Saltcombe for their lives by gift of John Morton and Agnes his Wife with remainder to Thomas son of said John and Joan yet living; land his heirs male held of the dean and chapter worth ae 6s.8d. the manor of Lustleigh for their lives, by grant of William Burleston; with remainder to John son of said John and Joan and his heirs male; held of the earl of March worth ae L5. Justice of the Common Pleas 1388 - 1397 12 Aug 1412 IPM 13 Henry IV file 87 (39) Taken at Exeter. TG Jackson says only "After 1411" RESEARCH NOTES: of Edge in Branscombe, Devon, and Merrifield in Ilton, Som [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] 1379: Member of Parliament for Exeter [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] one son by first wife [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] before Sep 1397: knighted [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] 1401: Member of Parliament for Devon [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] by second wife, five sons (1 d.v.p), and three daughters [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727]
b. Note:   BI135102
Note:   Sources for this Information: father: [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727]
c. Note:   DI135102
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: CP XII/1 p301] 1412 [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727]
d. Note:   NF30619
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: before 1385 [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p727] second marriage of John [Ref: HoP 1386-1421 v4p482], child: [Ref: CP XII/1 p301, HoP 1386-1421 v4p482]
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