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Sophia Of Poland: Birth: Abt 1141. Death: 5 May 1198
Swatawa Of Poland: Birth: Abt 1048. Death: 1 Sep 1126
Zbigniev Of Poland: Death: Aft 1112
Ziemmysal Of Poland: Birth: 892 in Poznan, Poland. Death: Bet 963 and 964
(Unk Dau) Of Polen: Birth: 1164. Death: 1194
Margherita Of Poli: Death: Aft 1246
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Of Polond: Birth: Abt 1261. Death: 28 Sep 1304
Rogneide Of Polotzk: Death: 1000
Person Not Viewable
(Unk Dau) Of Polowcen: Death: Bef 1103
(Unk Dau) Of Polowcen
Brjatscheslaw I Isjaslawitsch Of Polozk: Death: 1044
Isjaslaw Of Polozk: Birth: Abt 976. Death: 1001
Swjatoslaw Wseslawitsch Of Polozk: Death: Aft 1129
Wasilko Swjatoslawitsch Of Polozk: Death: Abt 1143
Wseslaw I Brjatscheslawitsch Of Polozk: Death: 14 Apr 1101
Adalberto Of Pombria: Death: 973
Dadone Of Pombria: Death: 1000
Viberto Of Pombria: Death: 1034
Adelheid Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1410. Death: Aft 1445
Barnim III Of Pomerania: Death: 24 Aug 1368
Barnim IV Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1325. Death: 22 Aug 1365
Barnim VI Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1365. Death: 22 Sep 1405
Bogislaus IV Of Pomerania: Birth: Bef 1245 in Poland. Death: 19 Feb 1309
Bogislaus VIII Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1363. Death: 11 Feb 1418
Bogislaw X Of Pomerania: Birth: 3 Jun 1454. Death: 5 Oct 1523
Casimir VI Of Pomerania: Death: 13 Apr 1434
Catherine Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1465. Death: 1526
Elizabeth Of Pomerania: Birth: 1347. Death: 14 Feb 1393
Sophia Of Pomerania: Birth: 1498. Death: 13 May 1568 in Kiel
Sophia Of Pomerania: Death: 28 Jun 1406
Sophia Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1435. Death: 1497
Wartislaw IX Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1400. Death: 17 Apr 1457
Wartislaw VII Of Pomerania: Death: Bef 24 Feb 1395
Wratislaus IV Of Pomerania: Birth: 1291. Death: 1 Aug 1326
Wratislaw VI Of Pomerania: Birth: Abt 1345. Death: 18 Jun 1394
Person Not Viewable
Erik IX Of Pomerania, King Of Denmark: Birth: 1382. Death: Bef 16 Jun 1459 in Rugenwalde Castle
Casimir V Of Pomerania-Stettin: Death: 13 Apr 1434
Bogislaus VI Of Pomerania-Wolgast: Birth: Abt 1350. Death: 18 Jul 1393
Eric II Of Pomerania-Wolgast: Birth: Abt 1425. Death: 5 Jul 1474
Sophia Of Pomerania-Wolgast: Death: 26 Apr 1504
Katharina Of Pomerellen: Death: Aft 1312
Margareta Of Pomerellen: Birth: Abt 1230. Death: Dec 1282
Person Not Viewable
Alenta Of Pommerellen: Birth: Abt 1231. Death: Abt 22 Feb 1296
Euphemia Of Pommerellen: Death: Aft 1261
Mestwin II Of Pommerellen: Death: 25 Dec 1294
Miroslawa Of Pommerellen: Death: Aft 18 May 1233
Sambor II Of Pommerellen: Birth: Abt 1204. Death: 1278
Swantopolk I Of Pommerellen: Death: 10 Jan 1266
Westwon I Of Pommerellen: Death: Abt 1 May 1213
Barnim I Of Pommern: Death: Abt 13 Feb 1278
Bogislaw I Of Pommern: Birth: Abt 1130. Death: 18 Mar 1187
Bogislaw II Of Pommern: Death: Abt 23 Jan 1220
Elisabeth Of Pommern: Death: Abt 5 Oct 1388
Elisabeth Of Pommern: Death: Aft 16 Oct 1349
Euphenia Of Pommern: Birth: Abt 1286. Death: 26 Jul 1330
Margareta Of Pommern: Death: Abt 30 Apr 1407 in Bruck An Der Mur
Mechtild Of Pommern: Death: 12 Jul 1331
Miroslawa Of Pommern: Death: Abt 1327
Otto I Of Pommern: Birth: 1279. Death: Abt 30 Dec 1341
Ratibor I Of Pommern: Death: 7 May Abt 1158
Wartislaw I Of Pommern: Death: Abt 1135
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Adelaide Of Pons: Birth: Abt 945. Death: Aft Apr 1011
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Helgaud II Of Ponthieu And Montreuil: Birth: 864 in Ponthieu, Picardie, France. Death: 925 in Ponthieu, Picardie, France
Helisande Of Ponthieu: Birth: 1051 in Ponthieu, Picardy, France. Death: Aft 1096
Herlouin II Of Ponthieu: Birth: 886 in Ponthieu, Picardie, France. Death: 13 Jul 945 in Ponthieu, Picardie, France
Marie Of Ponthieu: Birth: Bef 17 Sep 1199. Death: Sep 1250 in Abbeville
Rudolph Of Ponthieu: Death: 6 Jan 866
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gaucher II Of Porcean: Death: 25 Aug 1325
Gaucher III Of Porcean: Death: 1342
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Eudo Of Porhoet: Death: 1234
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Denis Of Portugal & Algarve: Birth: 9 Oct 1261 in Lisbon, Portugal. Death: 7 Jan 1325 in Santarem, Portugal
Alfonso Of Portugal: Death: 1491
Beatrice Of Portugal: Death: 23 Oct 1439 in Bordeaux
Beatrix Of Portugal: Death: 30 Sep 1506
Beatrix Of Portugal: Birth: Abt 1355. Death: 1374
Beatrix Of Portugal: Birth: Abt Dec 1372 in Coimbra. Death: Aft 1409 in Madrigal
Berengaria Of Portugal: Birth: Abt 1194. Death: 27 Mar 1221 in Mingsted
Constance Of Portugal: Birth: 3 Jan 1290 in Lisbon, Portugal. Death: 18 Nov 1313 in Sahagun, Portugal
Eleanor Of Portugal: Birth: 18 Sep 1434. Death: 3 Sep 1467
Eleanor Of Portugal: Birth: 1328 in Lisbon, Portugal. Death: 29 Oct 1398 in Teruel, Spain
Eleanor Of Portugal: Birth: 1211. Death: 28 Aug 1231

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