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Sieghard X Of Schala And Burghausen: Death: 19 Apr 1142
Heinrich II Of Schauenberg: Death: 25 Jul Abt 1276
Heinrich III Of Schauenberg: Death: Aft 1310
Warinhart I Of Schauenberg: Death: Aft 1221
Wernhart III Of Schauenberg: Death: Bef 2 Feb 1287
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Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Of Schaumberg: Death: Abt 1235
Adolf I Of Schaumburg, Count Of Holstein: Death: Aft 13 Nov 1130
Anna Of Schaunberg: Death: Bef 1396
Heinrich IV Of Schaunberg: Death: Bef 1 Mar 1327
Heinrich V Of Schaunberg: Death: Abt 12 May 1353
Heinrich VII Of Schaunberg: Death: 9 Oct 1390
Ekkehard I. Ottoson Of Scheyern: Birth: ABT 1052 TO ABT 1057 in Scheyern, Germany. Death: Abt 1087
Arnold Of Scheyern, Count Of Dachau: Death: Aft 1104
Adelheid Of Schladen: Death: Aft 1300
Eike Of Schladen: Death: Aft 1131
Heinrich Of Schladen: Death: After Abt 1250
Heinrich Of Schladen: Death: Aft 1194
Mainher Of Schladen: Death: Aft 1302
Nithung Of Schladen: Death: Aft 1147
Margareta Of Schlawe: Death: Aft 1267
Agnes Of Schlesien: Birth: 1245. Death: 13 Mar 1265
Anna Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1250. Death: 26 Jun 1271
Anna Of Schlesien: Birth: 1339. Death: 11 Jul 1362
Constance Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1221. Death: Abt 21 Feb 1253
Elizabeth Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1224. Death: 16 Jan 1265
Gertrude Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1218. Death: Abt 23 Apr 1244
Henry II Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1316. Death: Abt 14 Aug 1343
Henry II Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1196. Death: 9 Apr 1241 in Liegnitz
Louis I Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1313. Death: Abt 6 Dec 1398
Margarethe Of Schlesien: Birth: 1342. Death: 26 Feb 1386
Maria Of Schlesien: Birth: Bef 1295. Death: 15 Dec 1315 in Timiscara
Wladislaw Of Schlesien: Birth: Abt 1277. Death: Abt 16 Sep 1351
Henry I Of Schlesien, Krakau, And Great Pol: Birth: Abt 1165. Death: 19 Mar 1238
Kasmir II Of Schlesien-Beuthen: Birth: Abt 1253. Death: 10 Mar 1312
Erich I Of Schleswig (Sudjutland): Death: 27 May 1272
Heinrich II Of Schleswig (Sudjutland): Death: 12 Mar 1325
Waldemar IV Of Schleswig (Sudjutland): Death: 1312
Heilwig Of Schleswig: Death: Abt 1374
Of Schomberg: Death: 17 Oct 1693
Odelhihld Of Schulklingen: Death: Aft 1271
Adolf I Of Schwalenberg And Waldeck: Death: 3 Oct 1270
Heinrich I Of Schwalenberg And Waldeck: Death: Bef 1214
(Unk) Of Schwalenberg: Death: Aft 1216
Volkwin II Of Schwalenberg: Death: Abt 1178
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Heinrich VII Of Schwarsburg: Death: Bef 4 Mar 1338
Gunther V Of Schwarzburg And Blankenburg: Death: Abt 1 Oct 1292
Heinrich IV Of Schwarzburg And Blankenburg: Death: Bef 2 May 1287
Heinrich VI Of Schwarzburg And Blankenburg: Death: 11 Nov 1324
Gunther III Of Schwarzburg And Kafernburg: Death: Aft 31 Mar 1223
Sizzo II Of Schwarzburg Kafernburg And Thur: Death: 19 Apr 1160
Adelheid Of Schwarzburg: Death: Aft 21 Jul 1319
Anna Of Schwarzburg: Birth: 1416. Death: 24 Dec 1481
Gunther IV Of Schwarzburg: Death: Abt 19 Sep 1275
Heinrich I Of Schwarzburg: Death: 26 Jul 1184
Irmgard Of Schwarzburg: Death: Aft 1340
Jutta Of Schwarzburg: Death: Aft 1363
Mechtild Of Schwarzburg: Death: Abt 1192
Sophia Of Schwarzburg: Death: 13 Feb 1279
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gunther XI Of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen: Death: 6 Jun 1368
Gunther Xvi Of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen: Birth: 1352. Death: 7 Jul 1416
Henry Xix Of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen: Birth: 1388. Death: 4 Nov 1444 in Arnstadt
Margaret Of Schwarzenberg: Death: Aft 1134
Elizabeth Of Schwarzenburg: Death: 29 Jul After 1130
Haderic Of Schwarzenburg: Death: 1071
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Bernard Of Schweidnitz: Birth: Abt 1288. Death: 6 May 1326
Judith Of Schweinfurt: Birth: ABT 1003 TO ABT 1003 in Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany. Death: 2 Aug 1058 in Hungary
Nicholas Of Schwerin In Wittenburg: Death: Bef 23 Jun 1323
Anastasia Of Schwerin: Death: Aft 1314
Gunzel I Of Schwerin: Death: 18 Jun 1185
Gunzel III Of Schwerin: Death: 1274
Gunzel Of Schwerin: Death: 1327
Heinrich I Of Schwerin: Death: 17 Feb 1228
Mirislawa Of Schwerin: Death: Aft 19 Feb 1369
Otto I Of Schwerin: Death: 14 Jan 1357
Richarda Of Schwerin: Death: 1377
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Alcaete Of Scorailles: Death: Aft 1254
Person Not Viewable
Bethoc (Beatrix) Of Scotland: Birth: 984 in Atholl, Perth, Scotland, Great Britain.
Margaret Of Scotland: Birth: 1497.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Godfrey Or Geoffrey of Scudamore: Birth: 1116 in Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, England.
Gero Of Seeburg: Birth: 12 Jul 1097. Death: 19 Sep 1122
Wichmann Of Seeburg: Death: Abt 1115
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Pilgrim I Of Sempt And Mangfall: Death: Aft 950

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