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Sophia Of Austria: Death: 2 May 1154
Albert II Of Austria, Count Of Pfirt: Birth: 12 Dec 1298 in Habsburg. Death: 20 Jul 1358 in Wien
Ferdinand I Of Austria, Emperor: Birth: 10 Mar 1503 in Alcala DE Henares. Death: 25 Jul 1564 in Wien
Rudolph III Of Austria, King Of Bohemia: Birth: 1282. Death: 4 Jul 1307
Frederick IV Empty Of Austria-Tyrol: Birth: 1382. Death: 24 Jun 1439
Bernard Of Auton: Birth: Abt 815. Death: 872
Robert Of Auton: Death: Aft 960
William Of Auton: Birth: 759 in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France. Death: 28 May 812 in Gellone Monastery, Aniane, Herault, Languedoc, France
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Isembard Of Autun: Birth: Abt 805. Death: 858
Theudoin Of Autun: Birth: 740 in Autun, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. Death: Bef 804
Thiery Of Autun: Death: Aft 821
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Robert V Of Auvergne And Bologne: Death: 11 Jan 1277
Robert VI Of Auvergne And Bologne: Death: 1317
Robert VII Of Auvergne And Bologne: Death: 13 Oct 1325 in St Giraldus
Guy II Of Auvergne And Rodez: Death: 1222
Agnes Of Auvergne: Death: Aft 1183
Bernard Of Auvergne: Birth: 815 in Auvergne, France. Death: 868
Bobo Of Auvergne: Death: 641
Ermengarde Of Auvergne: Birth: Abt 990. Death: 10 Mar After 1042
Gerard Of Auvergne: Death: 25 Jun 841 in Fortenay
Gui Of Auvergne: Birth: Abt 945. Death: 989
Guillaume IX Of Auvergne: Death: 1246
Guillaume VI Of Auvergne: Death: Abt 1136
Guillaume VII Of Auvergne: Death: Abt 1169
Guillaume VIII Of Auvergne: Death: Abt 1182
Jeanne Of Auvergne: Birth: 8 May 1326. Death: 29 Sep 1360 in Chateau D'arzilly DE Vadans
Madeleine Of Auvergne: Birth: 1501. Death: 28 Apr 1519 in Florence
Mahaut Of Auvergne: Death: 20 Aug 1280
Margarite Of Auvergne: Death: Aft 1263
Maria Of Auvergne: Death: Aft 1229
Marie Of Auvergne: Death: 19 May 1280
Phillippe Of Auvergne: Birth: 10 Nov 1323. Death: 10 Jul 1346 in Aiguillon
Robert I Of Auvergne: Birth: Abt 970. Death: 1032
Robert II Of Auvergne: Death: 1096
Robert III Of Auvergne: Death: Abt 1145
Robert IV Of Auvergne: Death: Aft 1201
Sigmereus I Of Auvergne: Birth: Abt 419 in Westphalia, Germany.
William V Of Auvergne: Birth: Abt 950. Death: 1016
William XI Of Auvergne: Death: 6 Aug 1332 in Vic-Le-Comte
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Conrad II Of Auxerre: Death: 881
Agnes Of Auxonne: Death: Abt 1223
Beatrix Of Auxonne: Death: 20 Mar 1261
Stephen II Of Auxonne: Death: Aft 21 Jul 1173
Stephen III Of Auxonne: Death: 16 Mar 1241
Niebelung IV Of Avalon And Vexin: Birth: Abt 810. Death: Aft 879
Henry III Of Avaugour, Sn De Mayenne: Death: 11 Feb 1301
Cecily Of Avenal: Death: Abt 10 Aug 1301
Richard I Of Aversa: Death: Apr 1078
Ida Of Avesnes: Death: Abt 23 Sep 1216
Mathilde Of Avesnes: Death: 5 Nov After 1236
Thierry Of Avesnes: Death: Bef 1106
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Gaunthier Of Avesnes, Count Of Blois: Death: Abt 1243
Nicholas Of Avesnes, Leuze, And Conde: Death: Abt 1169
Walter I Of Avesnes, Leuze, And Conde: Death: 1147
Amic Of Avignon: Death: Abt 1050
Richard II Of Aymillan And Gavaldan: Birth: Abt 1005. Death: 1050
Ernest I Of Babenberg, Duke Of Swabia: Death: 31 May 1015 in Jagdenfall
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Arnold IV Of Baden And Zurichgau: Death: 5 Sep 1172
Agnes Of Baden: Birth: 1250. Death: 2 Jan 1295 in Wein
Gertrude Of Baden: Death: Bef 30 Mar 1225
Irmengard Of Baden: Death: 8 Feb After 1320
Margareta Of Baden: Death: Aft 15 Sep 1366
Margaretha Of Baden: Birth: Abt 1431. Death: 24 Oct 1457 in Ansbach
Mathilda Of Baden: Death: 1259
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Heinrich Of Badewide, Count Of Ratzeburg: Death: Aft 18 Oct 1163
Eleanore Of Baffie: Death: 12 Jan Abt 1285
Smbat IV Of Bagratids And Aspet: Death: Abt 616
Varaz Tirots II Of Bagratids And Aspet: Death: 643
Ashot III The Blind Of Bagratids: Death: 761
Smbat VI Of Bagratids: Death: 772
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Albert Of Ballenstadt: Death: 1171
Siegfried Of Ballenstadt: Death: 9 Mar 1113
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Adalbert Of Ballenstedt: Death: Aft 1000
Adalbert Of Ballenstedt: Death: Abt 1076
Esiko Of Ballenstedt: Death: Bef 1060
Gertrude Of Ballenstedt: Death: Aft 1194
Otto Of Ballenstedt: Death: 9 Feb 1123

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