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Latinus In Burgundy: Birth: 465. Death: Aft 500
Ottokar IV In Carinthia: Death: 4 Apr Before 1024
Ottoker I In Carinthia: Death: Abt 6 Aug 907
Engelbert V In Chimgau: Death: Bef 7 Aug 1078
Siegherd VII In Chimgau: Death: 5 Jul 1044
Hugo In Creginecka: Death: Aft 1037
Eckbert The Loyal In Dreini And Ittergaus: Birth: Abt 760. Death: Aft 834
Person Not Viewable
Herman In Eifelgau: Death: Aft 1030
Arnold In Einrichgau: Death: Aft 1053
Meffried In Engersgau, Count Of Wied: Death: Aft 1129
Gottfried In Friesland: Death: Jun 885
Hugo In Glehuntra: Death: Aft 1007
Bernhard In Harz-Derlingau: Death: Bef 1069
Frederick III In Harzgau: Death: Abt 1000
Liutger In Harzgau: Death: Aft 1031
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Godefroid In Hennegau: Death: Aft 958
Dietrich In Hessegau: Death: 976
Berengar In Hessengau: Death: Aft 879
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Burchard In Istria: Death: Aft 830
Eberhard In Julichgau: Death: Aft 1033
Gerhard I In Julichgau: Death: Aft 1029
Gerhard II In Julichgau: Death: Aft 28 Jul 1081
Eberhard In The Bonngau In Keldachgau And Bonngau: Birth: Abt 891. Death: Aft 938
Unrouch In Kempengau: Death: Aft 1073
Wichmann III In Konigsdahlum: Death: 9 Oct 1016 in Uplanden
Sizzo I In Langwitzgau: Death: Aft 1118
Egilmar I In Lerigau: Death: 1108
Heinrich In Lerigau: Death: Aft 955
Conrad In Lobdengau: Death: Abt 986
Werner In Lobdengau: Death: 847
Widechowo In Lobdengau: Death: 823
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Werner In Lobdenz: Death: 814 in Aachen
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Meingaud In Maingau: Death: Abt 1010
Guntram I In Mainz: Death: 806
Widekind I In Merstengau: Death: 11 Jun Abt 1137
Matfried In Metzgau: Birth: Abt 860. Death: Abt 930
Luitfrid I In Middagau And Enggau: Birth: Abt 778. Death: 826
Emicho In Nehegau: Death: Aft 1108
Emicho In Nehegau: Death: Bef 5 May 1072
Ardoin I In Neustria: Death: Bef 878
Theodebert In Neustria: Birth: Abt 775. Death: Aft 822
Hermann In Nifterlake: Death: Aft 1036
Adalbert In Nor-, Wip-, And Inntal: Death: Aft 1078
Eberhard III In Nordgau: Death: Aft 898
Haimon I In North Brittany: Death: Bef 1055
Mihaly In North Western Hungary: Death: Abt 980
Dedi I In Northern Hessegau: Death: 13 Nov 1009 in Wolmirstedt
Adelbert Seviko In Norththuringau And Derlingau: Death: 1059
Siegfried II In Norththuringau And Derlingau: Death: Aft 1087
Lothar V In Norththuringia: Death: Aft 1063
Conrad The Old In Oberlahngau: Death: 27 Feb 906 in Fritzlar
Bezzelen In Ortengau: Death: 15 Jul Abt 1024
Otto I In Ostlichen Rangau: Death: After Abt 1035
Dietrich In Paberborn: Death: Aft 17 Apr 1015
Amadeus In Payn De Langres: Death: Aft 827
Konrad In Rangau: Death: Bef 1021
Wolfram In Rangau: Death: Aft 1059
Person Not Viewable
Adalbert In Rheingau And Ratien: Death: Aft 976
Thiery In Riparia: Birth: Abt 747 in Septimania. Death: 793 in Cologne, Rheinland, Germany
Otto In Ruhrgau: Death: Aft 918
Gerhard In Rurgau: Death: Aft 1064
Rudolf In Saalegau: Death: Aft 953
Emma In Sachsen Van Zevenaar: Birth: Abt 974. Death: 3 Dec 1038
Berns In Saxony: Birth: Abt 756. Death: Abt 813
Bruno In Saxony: Birth: Abt 786. Death: Bef 844
Immed II In Saxony: Death: 27 Jan 983 in Imbshausen
Person Not Viewable
William I In South Thuringia: Death: 16 Apr 963
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Friedrich In Sullichgau: Death: Aft 1027
Friedrich In Sundergau: Death: Aft Jul 1027
Frethehard In Teisterbant: Death: Aft 996
Person Not Viewable
Henry In The Ammergau: Birth: Abt 883. Death: 4 Apr After 934
Giselbert In The Ardeme: Birth: Abt 915. Death: 17 Apr 963
Albert In The Ardennen: Death: Aft 936
Pimiolu Jumeno In The Asturian: Death: Aft 949
Roderigo Alvarez In The Asturias: Death: Aft 1066
Diepold I In The Augsgau: Birth: Abt 1005 in Vohburg, Germany. Death: 18 May 1060 in Angstall, Zell, Bayern, Germany
Henry I In The Bidgau: Birth: Abt 955. Death: Abt 27 Feb 1026
Eticho In The Breis And Affagau: Death: Aft 911 in Ettel, Ammergau
Berthold II In The Briergau And Thurgau: Death: Abt 1005
Bertold I In The Briergau: Death: 13 Jul 982 in Calabria
Thierry II In The Chamois: Birth: Abt 835. Death: Bef 899
Engelbert II In The Chiemgau: Death: 1020
Arnulf In The Chimgau: Death: Aft 980
Ottokar II In The Chimgau: Death: Aft 923
Ottokar III In The Chimgau: Death: 1 May Abt 976
Ottokar V In The Chimgau: Death: 5 Mar Abt 1020

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