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Beatrice Of Putten: Death: 18 Jun 1354
Johannes Of Putten: Death: Aft 5 Dec 1216
Nikolaus I Of Putten: Death: Bef Sep 1248
Nikolaus II Of Putten: Death: Bef 19 Apr 1276
Nikolaus III Of Putten: Death: 27 Oct 1311
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Hugues Of Quercy: Birth: Abt 920. Death: Aft 972
Gebhard IV Of Querfort, Bggraf Of Magdeburg: Death: Bef 1216
Adelaide Of Querfurt: Death: Bef 1224
Burchard I Of Querfurt: Death: Aft 20 Nov 1161
Burchard II Of Querfurt: Death: Aft 4 Oct 1177
Burchard III Of Querfurt: Death: 1190 in Antioch
Gebhard II Of Querfurt: Death: 18 Feb 1126 in Hulm
Gebhard XI Of Querfurt: Death: 23 Nov 1383
Oda Of Querfurt: Death: 1 Apr 1346
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Burchard IV Of Querfurt, Burggraf Of Magdeburg: Death: Bef 2 Apr 1247
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Albrecht I Of Rabenswald And Wiche: Death: Aft 27 Jul 1255
Gisesla Of Rabenswald: Death: Aft 17 Jul 1278
Mechtildis Of Ragenstein: Death: 21 Oct Abt 1283
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Baldwin I Of Rama: Death: Abt Feb 1138
Helvia Of Rama: Birth: Abt 1123. Death: Abt 1163
Hugh Ibelin Of Rama: Death: Abt 1169
Aimery I Of Ramcon: Death: Aft 1024
Alix Of Rameru: Death: 11 May After 1143
Person Not Viewable
Ermentrude Of Ramerupt: Death: Aft 1102
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Ulrich Of Ramsperg And Hegau: Death: Aft 1155
Geoffrey Of Rancon, Lord Of Taillebourg: Death: Abt 1153
(Unk) Of Randerath: Death: Bef 1290
Cibilie Of Randerath: Death: 1294
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Adelheid Of Raperswil: Death: Aft 1213
Rudolf V Of Raperswil: Death: 1173
Rudolf VI Of Raperswil: Death: 23 Jul After 1189
Rudolf VII Of Raperswil: Death: 1216
Ulrich III Of Raperswil: Death: 1129
Anna Of Rapperswil: Death: 30 May 1253
Rudolf I Of Rapperswil: Death: 25 Jun 1250
Rudolf II Of Rapperswil: Death: 27 Jul 1255
Anna Of Ratibor: Birth: Abt 1292. Death: Bef 22 Aug 1340
Leszek Of Ratibor: Death: 1336
Premislaw Of Ratibor: Birth: Aft 21 Oct 1258. Death: 7 May 1306
Bernhard I Of Ratzeburg: Death: Abt 1194
Bernhard II Of Ratzeburg: Death: Bef 1198
Eberhard I Of Ratzenhofen: Death: 1097
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gerhard VII Of Ravensberg And Berg: Death: 18 May 1360
Hedwig Of Ravensberg: Death: 5 Dec 1336
Hermann Of Ravensberg: Death: 22 Apr 1221
Jutta Of Ravensberg: Death: 17 May 1282
Jutta Of Ravensberg: Death: Aft 18 Aug 1302
Ludwig Of Ravensberg: Death: 15 Jan 1249
Margareta Of Ravensberg: Death: 13 Feb 1389
Otto II Of Ravensberg: Death: 1 Apr 1244
Otto III Of Ravensberg: Death: 25 Mar 1305-1306
Otto IV Of Ravensberg: Death: 25 Feb 1328
Uda Of Ravensberg: Death: 25 Jun 1313
Adelheid Of Ravensburg: Death: Aft 13 Apr 1338
Dieto Of Ravensburg: Death: Aft 1180
Sophia Of Ravensburg: Death: Abt 1340
William VIII Of Ravensburg: Birth: 1382. Death: 1428
Othon I Of Ray And Athens: Death: Bef 1234
Eustachie Of Rays: Death: Bef 7 Dec 1209
Person Not Viewable
Gisbert Of Reckheim: Death: Bef 28 Feb 1241
Wilhelm Of Reckheim: Death: Aft 1290
Gertrud Of Regensberg: Death: 20 Mar After 1264
Lutold I Of Regensberg: Death: 14 Nov After 1135
Lutold II Of Regensberg: Death: Aft 1152
Lutold III Of Regensberg: Death: Aft 1187
Lutold IV Of Regensberg: Death: 18 Nov 1218 in Akkon
Lutold V Of Regensberg: Death: Bef 4 Jan 1250
Gottfried I Of Reichenbach: Death: Aft 1158
Gozmar II Of Reichenbach: Death: Bef 1140
Luitgarde Of Reichenbach: Death: Aft 1146
Poppo I Of Reichenbach: Death: Aft 1156
Adelaix Of Reillane: Death: Aft 1032
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Beatrix Of Reinhausen: Death: 11 Apr 1111
Elle Of Reinhausen: Death: Aft 1030
Konrad Of Reinhausen: Death: 28 Aug 1086

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