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Raymond II Of Melgueil: Death: Abt 1120
Bertrand Of Mellier: Birth: 1245.
Hugo Of Mellier: Birth: Abt 1170. Death: Abt Feb 1229
Theoderic Of Mellier: Birth: Abt 1130. Death: Aft 1207
Thibaut I Of Mellier: Birth: 1205. Death: Abt 1271
Dreux Of Mello: Death: 1138
Jeanne Of Mello: Death: 1351
Agnes Of Mello, Dame De Voisnes: Death: Aft 1215
Droux I Of Mello, Lord Of Baulche And Saint Bris: Birth: Abt 1137. Death: 3 Mar 1218
Guillaume Of Mello, Lord Of Epoisses: Death: Aft 1284
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Sophia Of Mengkofen: Death: Bef 1169
Eva Of Menteith: Birth: Abt 1163 in Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland.
Gilla Crist Of Menteith: Birth: Abt 1135 in Menteith, Perthshire.
Isabel Of Menteith: Birth: 1185 in Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland. Death: Aft Jan 1264
Mary Of Menteith: Death: Bef 29 Apr 1360
Meiredach I Of Menteith: Birth: Abt 1160 in Menteith, Perthshire. Death: Aft Dec 1213 in Mormaer of Menteith
Elizabeth Of Meran: Death: 18 Dec 1273
Aelfleda Of Mercia: Birth: 792 in Mercia, England.
Aethelred Of Mercia: Birth: 865 in Mercia, England. Death: 911
Alfgar III Of Mercia: Birth: 993 in , Mercia, England, Great Britain. Death: 1059 in , Mercia, England, Great Britain
Ceolwulf Of Mercia: Birth: 766 in Mercia, England. Death: 823 in Mercia, England
Coenwalh Of Mercia: Birth: Abt 605.
Cuthbert Of Mercia: Birth: 740 in Mercia, England. Death: 789
Cynefrith Of Mercia: Birth: 775.
Eadburgh Fadburn Of Mercia: Birth: 830 in Mercia, England.
Eduplh Of Mercia: Birth: 905 in Mercia, England.
Elfwina Of Mercia: Birth: 905 in Mercia, England.
Helen Of Mercia: Birth: Abt 595 in Mercia, England.
Leofric III ('The Great') (Earl Of Of Mercia) Of Mercia: Birth: 14 May 978 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Death: 31 Aug 1057 in Bromley, Staffordshire, England (Mercia)
Leofric Of Mercia: Death: 1057
Leofwine Of Mercia: Birth: 946 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Death: Abt 1028 in Chester, Cheshire, England
Osyth Of Mercia: Birth: 650. Death: 699
Wibba (Pybba) Of Mercia: Birth: Abt 570. Death: Abt 610
Wigmund Of Mercia: Birth: 792 in Mercia, England. Death: 851
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Beraud III Of Mercoeur: Death: Bef 1169
Beraud IV Of Mercoeur: Death: Abt 1200
Beraud VI Of Mercoeur: Death: 1294
Etienne III Of Mercoeur: Death: 1100
Isabelle Of Mercoeur: Death: Aft 1269
Marie Of Mercoeur: Death: Aft 1297
Alixente Of Mercoeur, Dame Of Saint-Privat-D'alli: Death: 15 Jul 1286
Beatrix Of Merheim: Death: Aft 1242
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Roger I of Merley: Birth: 1150 in Morpeth, Northumberland, England, Great Britain. Death: 1188
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Folman V Of Metz And Homburg: Death: 1145
Adalberon III (Adalbers) Of Metz: Birth: Abt 1010. Death: 13 Nov 1073
Agnes Of Metz: Death: Bef 1180
Arnulf Of Metz: Birth: Abt 13 Aug 582 in Heristal, Liege, Belgium. Death: 18 Jul 640 in Remiremont, France
Budwine (Bouin) (Beuvesde) Of Metz: Birth: 810 in Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France. Death: 864 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
Clementia Of Metz: Death: Aft 1157
Folman II Of Metz: Death: Bef 1029
Folman III Of Metz: Death: 1075
Folman IV Of Metz: Death: 25 Jun 1111 in Lixheim
Folmar I Of Metz: Death: Abt 994
Godfrey I Of Metz: Death: 1052
Hildegarde Of Metz: Birth: Abt 964. Death: 1 Apr 1046 in Jerusalem
Richaut Of Metz: Birth: Abt 850. Death: Abt 910
Theuderic I Of Metz: Birth: 486 in Reims, Marne, Champagne, France. Death: 534 in Metz, Austrasia
Warin Of Metz: Birth: 1078 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France. Death: Aft 1115
Waleran Of Meulan: Death: 8 Dec 1069
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Guillaume III Of Meulebeeke: Death: 24 Aug 1243
Hugo I Of Meulen: Death: Abt 25 Aug 1005
Leigardis Of Meulen: Death: 12 Nov Abt 990
Robert II Of Meulen: Death: Bef 997
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Ribald Of Middleham: Death: Bef 1130
Alberto II Azzo Di Este (Marquis D'este) Of Milan And Maine: Birth: 10 Jul 1009 in Este, Italy. Death: 20 Aug 1097 in Kl Vangizza
Azzo Visconti Of Milan: Death: 16 Aug 1339
Magdalena Visconti Of Milan: Death: 17 Jul 1404
Gian Galeazzo V Of Milano: Birth: 1351. Death: 3 Sep 1402
Agnes Of Milly: Death: Aft 1239
Jeanne Of Milly: Death: Aft Sep 1268
Pierre Of Milly: Death: Aft 1146
Sagalon Of Milly: Death: Aft 1131
Robert Of Milly, Lord Of Montreuil: Death: Aft 7 Aug 1238
Robert Of Milly, Lord Of Montreuil: Death: Aft 1204
Guy Of Milly, Lord Of Pleurs And Boissy: Death: Aft 1259
Wolodar Of Minsk: Death: 1176
Baldwin Ibelin Of Mirabel: Birth: Abt 1143 in Jaffa, Palestine. Death: Abt 1186 in Ramallah (Rama), Palestine
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Marguerite Of Miribel: Death: Bef Mar 1252
Adelaide Of Misnia: Birth: 1040. Death: 26 Jan 1071

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