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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mathilda Of Brandenburg: Birth: 1296 in Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Prussia. Death: Abt 23 Jun 1323

  2. Jutta Of Brandenburg: Birth: Abt 1301. Death: 1 Feb 1353

  3. Johann V Markgraf Of Brandenburg: Birth: 1302. Death: 24 Mar 1317

  4. Agnes Of Brandenburg: Death: 27 Nov 1334

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Of Breslau: Birth: Abt 1311. Death: Abt 20 Feb 1328

  2. Euphemia Of Breslau: Birth: Abt 1312. Death: Abt 21 Feb Aft 1384

a. Note:   NI133317
Note:   Anna of Austria (1275-1327) was a daughter of Albert I of Germany and his wife Elisabeth of Tirol. Anna was a member of the House of Habsburg, a dynasty that would soon become the most powerful within in Europe. Family Anna was born in Vienna and was the eighth of twelve children. Her siblings included: Rudolph I of Bohemia, Frederick the Fair, Leopold I, Duke of Austria, Albert II, Duke of Austria, Otto, Duke of Austria and Agnes, Queen of Hungary. Anna's maternal grandparents were Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia and Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany. Her paternal grandparents were Rudolph I of Germany and his first wife, Gertrude of Hohenburg. Her paternal aunts and uncles included: Rudolf II, Duke of Austria, Matilda, Duchess of Bavaria, Klementia, Queen of Hungary and Judith, Queen of Bohemia. First marriage Anna married firstly, 1295 in Graz. Her husband was Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel. They had four children: * Jutta of Brandenburg (1301-1353), heiress of Coburg, married to Count Henry VIII of Henneberg * John V, Margrave of Brandenburg (1302-1317), succeeded his father, but died young * Matilde of Brandenburg (d.1323) married Henry IV the Faithful * Agnes of Brandenburg (1297-1334), heiress of the Altmark, married with margrave Waldemar of Brandenburg (1281-1381) and in 1319 to Duke Otto of Brunswick-G�ottingen (1290-1344). In 1308, Herman died, their son John succeeded him. Second marriage In 1310 Anna married Henry VI the Good[1], son of Henry V the Fat and his wife Elisabeth of Greater Poland[2]. They had three daughters: * Elisabeth of Brieg (b. ca. 1311 - d. 20 February? 1328), married bef. 10 January 1322 to Duke Konrad I of Oles'nica. * Euphemia of Brieg (Ofka) (b. ca. 1312 - d. 21 March aft. 1384), married bef. 29 November 1325 to Duke Boles?aw the Elder of Niemodlin (Falkenberg). * Margaret of Brieg (b. ca. 1313 - d. 8 March 1379), Abbess of St. Clara in Wroc?aw (1359). Anna died in 1327 in Legnica. She had lost her husband a widower, and had failed to produce a son. When her husband died, ten years later, Wroc?aw was merged with the Bohemian crown. References 1. ^ Complete Genealogy of the House of Piast: Silesia 2. ^ SILESIA ---------------------- ANNA ([1275/80]-Breslau 19 Mar 1327, bur Breslau, Kloster St Anna/St Klara). The Necrologium Austriacum records "Annam ducissam Bratislavie" third in its list of the daughters of King Albrecht & his wife, after "Agnetam reginam Ungarie, Elyzabet ducissam Lotharingie"[410]. This appears improbable assuming that the birth date of her sister Agnes is correct as shown below. Considering that Anna gave birth to her fourth child by her first marriage in 1302, it is unlikely that she could have been born after 1282. If this is correct, it is probable that she was her parents' first child. Pulcawa's Bohemian Chronicle records the marriage of "Hermannus filius Ottonis longi" and "filiam Alberti Regis Romanorum, quondam ducis Austrie"[411]. An undated memorial of the foundation of Kloster Arendsee names "Hermanni et Anne uxoris eius" among donors to the monastery[412]. The Chronica principum Polonie records that "Heinrico" married "filia ducis Austrie, que fuit quondam marchionissa Brandenburgensis"[413]. "Anna?ducissa Slesie dominaque Wratizlauensis et Arneborch" donated property to Kloster Arendsee by charter dated 31 May 1320[414]. The necrology of K�onigsfelden records the death "XIV Kal Apr" of "Anna ducissa Preslavie, soror dominarum duci Austrie et Styrie"[415]. m firstly (Graz Oct 1295) HERMANN II Markgraf von Brandenburg, son of OTTO V Markgraf von Brandenburg & his wife Judith von Henneberg ([1275/80]-Eldenburg, Priegnitz 1 Jan 1308, bur Kloster Lehnin). m secondly (1310, dispensation Avignon 28 May 1322) HEINRICH VI Duke of Breslau, son of HEINRICH V "the Fat" Duke of Liegnitz [Piast] & his wife Elz'bieta of Poland [Piast] (18 Mar 1294-24 Nov 1335). Notes ( [410] Necrologium Austriacum Gentis Habsburgic� Prius, Passau Necrologies (II), p. 123. [411] Riedel, Dr. A. F. (1862) Novus Codex diplomaticus Brandenburgensis, Vierter Haupttheil, Band 1, (Berlin), Bruchst�ucke einer Brandenburgischen Chronik in Pulcawa's B�ohmischer Chronik, p. 18. [412] Codex Brandenburgensis, Dritte Abteilung - Die Altmark, Band 22, XXIV Kloster Arendsee, I, p. 1. [413] Stenzel, G. A. (ed.) (1835) Scriptores Rerum Silesiacarum, Erster Band (Breslau) (?Chronica principum Poloni�, Silesiacarum Scriptores?) I, p. 130. [414] Codex Brandenburgensis, Dritte Abteilung - Die Altmark, Band 22, XXIV Kloster Arendsee, XLIV, p. 26. [415] Necrologium Habsburgicum Monasterii Campi Regis, Konstanz Necrologies, p. 357. ----------------- Born some time between 1275 and 1280, Anna was the eldest child and daughter of Emperor Albrecht I and Elisabeth von Tirol. In 1292 Adolf von Nassau was chosen as emperor-elect in opposition to her father, and she became a pawn in her father's alliance policy. In 1293 she became betrothed, and in September 1295 in Graz she married Hermann, Markgraf von Brandenburg, son of Otto V, Markgraf von Brandenburg, and Jutta von Henneberg, heiress of Koburg and Schmalkalden. However, after the birth of several children (of whom two daughters would have progeny) Hermann died in 1308. In 1310 she married Henryk VI von Schlesien, duke of Breslau, son of Henryk V von Schlesien, duke of Liegnitz, and Elisabeth von Kalish. They had three daughters of whom two would have progeny. This marriage secured her second husband's loyalty to the Habsburgs. Anna died in Breslau on 19 March 1328, followed by her husband in 1335.
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