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Katerina Of Bosnia: Death: Aft 1396
Adalbert I Of Both Rhactias: Death: After Abt 838
Person Not Viewable
Alice Of Boulaere: Death: Aft 1240
Nikolaus Of Boulaere: Death: Aft 1175
Anne Of Boulogne And Auvergne: Birth: Aft 1495. Death: Jun 1524 in Castle Of St Saturin
Baldwin Balzo Of Boulogne: Death: 973
Eustace III Of Boulogne: Birth: Abt 1058. Death: 1125
Eustace Of Boulogne: Birth: 1131. Death: 10 Aug 1153 in Bury St. Edmunds
Eustace Of Boulogne: Death: Aft 1120
Godfrey Of Bouillon Of Boulogne: Birth: 1061 in Baisy, Brabant. Death: Aft 1100 in Jerusalem
Godfrey Of Boulogne: Death: 1113 in Sinnabrah
Mathilde (Countess) Of Boulogne: Birth: 1162 in Boulogne, Pas-DE-Calais, Nord-Pas-DE-Calais, France. Death: 1210 in Louvaine, Barbont, Belgium
Matilda Of Boulogne: Birth: Abt 1105. Death: 1152 in Henningham, Castle Of Alberi, Essex
Ralph Of Boulogne: Death: Aft 1120
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Aymar I Of Boulogne-En-Velay: Death: Aft 1187
Agnes Of Bourbon: Birth: 1237 in Bourbon-L'archambault, Allier, Bourbonnais/Auvergne, France. Death: 7 Sep 1288 in Dijon, Cote D'or, Bourgogne, France
Beatrice Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1320. Death: 25 Dec 1363 in Paris
Beatrix Of Bourbon: Death: Aft 1281
Blanche Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt Dec 1339. Death: 1361 in Sidonia
Bonne Of Bourbon: Birth: 1341. Death: 19 Jan 1402 in Mecon Chateau
Catherine Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1342. Death: 7 Jun 1427 in Paris
Catherine Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1440. Death: 21 May 1469 in Doornick
Charles I Of Bourbon: Birth: 1401. Death: 4 Dec 1456 in Chateau DE Mouline
Ermengarde Of Bourbon: Death: Aft 1081
Francois Of Bourbon: Birth: 1470. Death: 2 Oct 1495 in Vercelli
Isabella Of Bourbon: Birth: 1436. Death: 25 Sep 1465 in Antwerp
Jeanne Of Bourbon: Birth: 3 Feb 1339 in Vincennes. Death: 6 Feb 1378 in Paris
John I Of Bourbon: Birth: Mar 1381. Death: 5 Feb 1434 in London
Louis II Of Bourbon: Birth: 4 Aug 1337. Death: 19 Aug 1410 in Montlucon
Margaret Of Bourbon: Death: 12 Apr 1256 in Province, Brie
Marguerite Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1444. Death: 24 Apr 1483 in Chateau-Du-Pont-Ains
Marguerite Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1344. Death: Aft 4 Jan 1416
Maria Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1220. Death: 24 Aug 1274 in Dreux
Marie Of Bourbon: Birth: 1315 in France.
Mathilda II (Maud Of Dampierre) Of Bourbon: Birth: Abt 1234 in Bourbon-L'archambault, Allier, Bourbonnais/Auvergne, France. Death: 1262 in Saint Jean D'acre, Palestine
Philip Of Bourbon: Birth: 1316.
Person Not Viewable
Jacques I Of Bourbon, Count Of La Marche: Birth: Abt 1319. Death: 6 Apr 1362 in Lyon
Beatrix Of Bourbourg: Birth: Aft 1120. Death: Abt 1153
Agana Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 800. Death: Aft 845
Geraud Of Bourges: Death: Aft 877
Hugh Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 862. Death: 892
Humbert I Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 725. Death: Aft 778
Humbert II Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 825. Death: 862
Richilde Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 892. Death: Aft 892
Stephen Of Bourges: Death: 864
Wicfred Of Bourges: Birth: Abt 775. Death: 828
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Hugh Of Bourges, Auxerra, And Nevers: Death: Bef 25 Jan 835
Person Not Viewable
Marie Of Boutersham: Death: Aft 14 Dec 1317
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Beatrix Of Boves: Death: 1144
Mathilde Of Boves: Death: Aft 1146
Siegfried III Of Boyneburg: Death: 1107
Siegfried IV Of Boyneburg: Death: 27 Apr 1144
Aleidis Of Brabant: Death: Bef 1267
Anthony Of Brabant: Birth: Aug 1384. Death: 25 Oct 1415 in Asincourt
Elisabeth Of Brabant: Death: 23 Oct 1272
Henry I Of Brabant: Birth: 21 Mar 1160 in Louvaine, Barbont, Belgium. Death: 5 Sep 1235 in Cologne, Koln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Joanna Of Brabant: Birth: 24 Jun 1322. Death: 1 Dec 1406
John III Of Brabant: Birth: 1300. Death: 5 Dec 1355 in Brussels
Margaret Of Brabant: Birth: 9 Feb 1323. Death: 1368
Margarethe Of Brabant: Death: 21 Sep 1231
Maria Of Brabant: Death: Abt 1327
Maria Of Brabant: Death: Aft 2 Nov 1338
Mary Of Brabant: Birth: 1191. Death: Abt 9 Mar 1260
Mathilde (Countess Of Holland) Of Brabant: Birth: 1200 in Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Death: 21 Dec 1267 in Reusel-DE Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Philippe Of Brabant: Death: 1465
Philippe Of Brabant: Birth: 27 Apr 1404. Death: 4 Aug 1430 in Lowen
Wenceslas Of Brabant: Birth: 25 Feb 1337. Death: 7 Dec 1383
William Of Brabant: Death: Aft 1454
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Jean Of Brabant, Bishop Of Soissons: Death: 20 Feb 1495
Henry Of Brabant, Duke Of Limburg: Death: 29 Nov 1349
Antoine Of Brabant, Lord Of Cruybeke: Death: 1498 in Hemixem
Alphonso I Of Braganza: Birth: 1370. Death: Dec 1461
Bernard I The Great Of Brancion: Death: Bef 10 Jul 1070 in Sutri
Bernard II Of Brancion: Death: Abt 1146 in Holy Land
Josserand II Of Brancion: Death: Aft 1147
Josserand III Of Brancion: Death: 1199
Landry Of Brancion: Death: Aft 1101
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Mechtild Of Brandenberg: Death: 20 Dec 1316
Agnes Of Brandenburg: Birth: Abt 1261. Death: 4 Jun 1330
Agnes Of Brandenburg: Death: 27 Nov 1334
Anna Of Brandenburg: Birth: 1507. Death: 19 Jun 1567 in Lubz
Anna Of Brandenburg: Birth: 27 Aug 1487 in Berlin. Death: 3 May 1514 in Kiel
Beatrix Of Brandenburg: Death: 22 Sep 1314
Beatrix Of Brandenburg: Birth: 1270. Death: Abt 10 Apr 1312
Cecily Of Brandenburg: Birth: Abt 1405. Death: 4 Jan 1449

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