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Friedrich III Of Viaden: Death: Aft 1200
Gottfried I Of Viaden: Death: Abt 10 Dec 1307
Heinrich I Of Viaden: Death: Abt 20 Aug 1252
Heinrich II Of Viaden: Death: Sep 1337 in Cypres
Mechtild Of Viaden: Death: Bef 1241
Philip I Of Viaden: Death: 23 Apr 1273
Philip II Of Viaden: Death: Abt 1315
Friedrich I Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1152
Gerhard II Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1096
Margareta Of Vianden: Death: 8 Mar 1316
Philip Of Vianden: Death: Aft 1308
Person Not Viewable
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Person Not Viewable
Alix Of Vienna: Death: 14 Nov 1309 in Saint Saturnin Du Port
Anne Of Vienna: Death: Aft 29 Sep 1301
Boso Of Vienna: Birth: Bef Apr 927. Death: Bef Sep 948
Charles Constantine Of Vienna: Birth: Abt Jan 900. Death: Aft Jan 962
Hugh Of Vienna: Birth: Abt 900. Death: Bef 948
Humbert Of Vienna: Birth: Abt 930. Death: Bef Oct 993
Ida Of Vienna: Death: 1224
Gerard I Of Vienne And Macon: Death: 15 Sep 1184
William Of Vienne And Macon: Birth: Abt 1090. Death: 27 Sep 1155
Alexandrine Of Vienne: Death: Aft 1242
Artaud Of Vienne: Death: Aft 1032
Beatrix Of Vienne: Birth: Abt 1205. Death: 17 Sep 1248
Berlion Of Vienne: Death: Aft 994
Engelbert Of Vienne: Death: Bef 943
Ratburne Of Vienne: Death: Aft 995
Andre Guigues VI Of Viennois And Albon: Birth: 1184. Death: 14 Mar 1237
Guido Of Viennois: Death: 29 Aug 1162 in Chateau DE Vizille
Alix Of Vierzon: Death: 3 Dec 1245
Arnoul I Of Vierzon: Death: Aft 1092
Geoffroy II Of Vierzon: Death: Aft 1108
Geoffroy III Of Vierzon: Death: 1144
Guillaume II Of Vierzon: Death: Abt 1250
Herve II Of Vierzon: Death: 1184
Herve III Of Vierzon: Death: 5 Nov 1219
Herve IV Of Vierzon: Death: 1270 in Tunis
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Audiarde Of Vignory: Death: Aft 1140
Barthelemy Of Vignory: Death: 1191 in Akkon
Gautier I Of Vignory: Death: 23 Nov Abt 1228
Gautier II Of Vignory: Death: Bef Dec 1262
Guy I Of Vignory: Death: Bef 1040
Guy III Of Vignory: Death: Bef 1125
Guy IV Of Vignory: Death: Abt 1150
Guy V Of Vignory: Death: Abt 1150
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Adam I Of Villebon: Birth: Abt 1183. Death: 28 Jan Abt 1235
Gautier II Of Villebon: Death: 9 Aug After 1219 in Syria
Gautier I Of Villebon, Grand Chamberlain Of France: Death: Abt 23 Oct 1205
Gautier III Of Villeboon: Death: 27 Sep 1239
Isabeau Of Villeboon: Death: Bef 1282
Aremburge Of Villehardeuin: Death: Aft 1214
Isabelle Of Villehardouin: Death: Aft 1265
William Of Villehardouin, Prince Of Achaja: Death: 1 May 1278
Guillaume Of Villemomble: Death: Aft 1267
John I Of Villemomble: Death: Abt 1255
Marie Of Villemur: Death: 28 Sep Abt 1338
Person Not Viewable
Adalberto Of Vinunza, Marchess Of Este: Death: Mar 1000
Person Not Viewable
Gottfried Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 1204
Heinrich II Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 17 Feb 1335
Heinrich Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 1289
Herman II Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 1192
Herman III Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 1254
Kunigunde Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 20 Jun 1328
Lisa Of Virneburg: Death: Aft 1304
Mechtild Of Virneburg: Death: 25 Apr After 1360
Ruprecht II Of Virneburg: Death: 1308
Ruprecht III Of Virneburg: Death: Bef 1355
Diego Lopez Of Viscaya: Death: 1124
Inigo Lopez Ezquerra Of Viscaya: Death: Abt 1077
Lope Iniguez Of Viscaya: Death: Aft 1093
Ferdinand Of Viseu: Birth: 17 Nov 1433. Death: 10 Sep 1470
Amalaric II Of Visigoths: Birth: 502 in Ravenna, Italy. Death: 531 in Barcelona, Spain
Cassius Of Visigoths: Birth: Abt 685. Death: Aft 714
Andre III Of Vitre And Combourg: Death: 8 Feb 1250 in Mansurah
Guy IX Of Vitre And Laval: Death: 22 Jan 1333 in Landravan
Guy VIII Of Vitre And Laval: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: 22 Aug 1295 in L'isle Jourdain
Guy X Of Vitre And Laval: Birth: Abt 1295. Death: 18 Jun 1347 in La Roche-Derrien
Andre II Of Vitre: Death: Bef Sep 1211
Philippa Of Vitre: Death: 21 Sep 1254 in Paris
Person Not Viewable
Matilde Of Vohburg: Death: 30 Sep After 1072
Ratpoto IV Of Vohburg: Death: 15 Oct 1080 in Hohenmolsen
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Dietrich II Of Volkenburg: Death: 14 Oct 1268 in Koln
Dietrich IV Of Volkenburg: Death: 19 Jul 1346
Reinold Of Volkenburg: Death: 12 Jul 1333
Walram Of Volkenburg: Birth: 1252. Death: 8 Sep 1302
Igor Of Volynia: Birth: Abt 1036. Death: Abt 1059

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