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Isabel Of Mallorca: Birth: Abt 1280. Death: Aft 10 Oct 1301 in Alicante
Sancha Of Mallorca: Birth: 1282. Death: 28 Jul 1345 in Neapel
Herman Of Malsen: Death: Aft 1080
William IV Of Malta And Loos: Death: Bef 1250
Artavazd II Of Mamikonids: Death: Abt 350
Vardan I Of Mamikonids: Death: Abt 365
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Adelais Of Mandagout: Death: Aft 1076
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Chrotgar Of Mans: Birth: Abt 665. Death: Aft 723
Person Not Viewable
Albrecht I Of Mansfeld: Birth: Abt 1330. Death: Abt 23 Aug 1361
Elisabeth Of Mansfeld: Death: Aft 6 Mar 1398
Gebhard VI Of Mansfeld: Death: 20 Sep 1492
Busso IV Of Mansfield: Death: 22 Jul 1386
Catherine Of Mansfield: Birth: 1 Oct 1501. Death: 1535 in Herzberg
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Walter III Of Mantes: Death: 1063
Margaret Of Mar: Birth: 1332 in Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: 19 Oct 1393 in North Cadbury, Somerset, England
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Geoffrey II Of Marcillac And Taillebourg: Death: 1137
Person Not Viewable
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Garnier III Of Marigny And Trainel: Death: Abt 12 Oct 1217
Garnier IV Of Marigny And Trainel: Death: Bef Sep 1255
Alix Of Marigny: Death: 1260
Person Not Viewable
Garnier V Of Marigny-Le-Chatel: Death: Abt Jul 1266
Beatrix Of Marle: Death: Aft 1156
Raynaud Of Marnah: Death: 27 Jun 1149
Markvart Of Marquardstein: Death: Abt 1085
Alacassie\Alix Of Marseille: Death: Aft 1228
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Anna Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1270. Death: Aft 13 Jul 1324
Anna Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1446. Death: Abt 19 Nov 1477
Boleslaw I Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1208. Death: Aft 25 Feb 1248
Cumburgis Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1394. Death: 28 Sep 1429 in Turnitz
Euphemia Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1310. Death: Aft 1373
Euphemia Of Masowien: Death: Abt 25 Jul 1447
Konrad II Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1248. Death: 23 Jun 1294
Maria Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1408. Death: 18 Feb Abt 1454
Siemowit I Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1228. Death: 23 Jun 1262
Siemowit III Of Masowien: Birth: Bef 1314. Death: 16 Jun 1381
Siemowit IV Of Masowien: Birth: Bef 1352. Death: Abt 5 Dec 1425
Trojden I Of Masowien: Birth: Abt 1284. Death: 13 Mar 1341
Eudoxia Of Massovia: Birth: Bef 1222. Death: Aft 1238
Hartwig I Of Matsch: Death: Aft 1167
Offmei Utehild Of Matsch: Death: Aft 12 Mar 1350
Albero Of Matsch, Advocate Of Matsch: Death: 10 Jan 1280
Hartwig II Of Matsch, Advocate Of Matsch: Death: 20 Dec 1249
Ulrich II Of Matsch, Advocate Of Matsch: Death: 1309
Bernard IV Of Mauguion: Death: 1132 in St-Chaffre-En-Velay
Ptolemy Of Mauretania: Birth: 0001 B.C.. Death: 0040
Thomas III Of Maurienne And Piemont: Birth: Aug 1248. Death: 16 May 1282
Humbert II Of Maurienne And Savoy: Death: 18 Sep 1103
Burtha Of Maurienne: Birth: 21 Sep 1051 in Maurienne, Savoie, France. Death: 27 Dec 1087 in Maguncia
Person Not Viewable
Clemence Of Mayenne: Death: Abt 1189
Gautier Of Mayenne: Death: Aft 18 Dec 1116 in Italy
Juhael I Of Mayenne: Death: 23 Dec 1161
Margaret Of Mayenne: Death: Bef 1249
Mechtild Of Mayenne: Birth: Abt 1093. Death: Aft 1162 in Beaume
Stephanus Of Meaux And Troyes: Birth: Abt 975. Death: Abt 1019
Chagneric Of Meaux: Death: Aft 633
Chagnulf Of Meaux: Death: Aft 641
Person Not Viewable
Edigius Of Mecheln: Death: Aft 1221
Mathilde Of Mecheln: Death: 28 Sep 1306
Sophie Of Mecheln: Death: 25 Feb 1299
Walter VI Berthout Of Mecheln: Death: 10 Apr 1243
Walter VII The Great Of Mecheln: Death: 9 Jun 1288 in Worringen
Walter VIII Of Mecheln: Death: 5 Jun 1288 in Worringen
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Agnes Of Mecklenburg: Death: 1340
Albert II Of Mecklenburg: Death: 31 Mar 1412
Albert IV Of Mecklenburg: Death: 1388
Albrecht II Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1318. Death: 18 Feb 1379 in Schwerin
Albrecht VII Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 28 Jul 1488 in Wismar. Death: 1507-5 Jan 1546 in Schwerin
Anna Of Mecklenburg: Death: Aft 1397
Catherine Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1487. Death: 6 Jun 1561 in Torgau
Euphemia Of Mecklenburg: Death: 1416
Heinrich Burwin I Of Mecklenburg: Birth: Bef 1150. Death: 28 Jan 1227
Heinrich II Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1267 in Riga. Death: Abt 21 Jan 1329
Heinrich IV Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1417. Death: 9 Mar 1477
Henry I Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1230. Death: 2 Jan 1302
Henry III Of Mecklenburg: Birth: Abt 1337. Death: 24 Apr 1383 in Schwerin
Ingeburg Of Mecklenburg: Death: Aft 1395
Johann III Of Mecklenburg: Death: 27 May 1289
Johann IV Of Mecklenburg: Birth: Abt 1365. Death: 16 Oct 1422 in Schwerin
Luitgarde Of Mecklenburg: Birth: Abt 1261. Death: Abt Dec 1283
Lukardis Of Mecklenburg: Death: Abt 3 Jun 1362
Magnus I Of Mecklenburg: Birth: Bef 1355. Death: 1 Sep 1384
Magnus II Of Mecklenburg: Birth: 1441. Death: 20 Nov 1503 in Lepra
Maria Of Mecklenburg: Death: Aft 13 May 1402
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