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Luitgard Of Windberg: Death: 31 Dec After 1112
Heinrich Of Windeck: Death: Abt 1290
Robert Fitz Walter Of Windsor, Baron Of Little Easton: Death: Abt 1128
Gerald De Windsor Fitz-Walter Of Windsor, Constable Of Pembroke Castl: Birth: Abt 1080. Death: Bef 1136 in England
Adelheid Of Winnenden: Death: Aft 1211
Person Not Viewable
Adalbert I Of Winterthur: Birth: in Switzerland. Death: 8 Sep Abt 980
Adelbert Of Winterthur: Death: 18 Jun 1053 in Civitate, Apulien
Adelheid Of Winterthur: Death: 1 Mar After 1125
Liutfrid I Of Winterthur: Birth: 930 in Winthur, Switzerland.
Kuno I Of Wippra: Death: Bef 1070
Kuno II Of Wippra: Death: 1120
Louis II Of Wippra: Death: 1151
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Maria Jaroslawna Of Witebak: Death: 1346
Person Not Viewable
Anna Of Wittenburg: Death: 22 Nov 1327
Werner I Of Wittgenstein: Death: Bef 1215
Widekind III Of Wittgenstein: Death: Aft 1307
Hupald I Of Wittislingen: Death: Abt 909
Agnes Of Wittlesbach: Death: Abt 1200
(Unk Dau) Of Wizenburg: Birth: 1149.
Hermann I Of Wizenburg: Death: 1122 in Fornbach
Hermann II Of Wizenburg: Death: Abt 30 Jan 1152
Sophia Of Wizenburg: Death: 25 Mar 1160
Jarapolk Of Wladimir And Turow: Birth: Bef 1050. Death: 22 Nov 1087
Jaroslaw I Swjatopolkowitsch Of Wladimir: Death: May 1123
Pribislawa Of Wladimir: Death: Abt 1156
Otto II Of Wolfratshausen: Death: 24 Apr 1120
Bernard I Of Wolpe: Death: Aft 1171
Bernard II Of Wolpe: Death: 28 Jan 1221
Burchard Of Wolpe: Death: Abt 25 Jan 1289
Gilbert Of Wolpe: Death: Aft 1167
Konrad Of Wolpe: Death: Abt 23 Jul 1255
Kunigunde Of Wolpe: Death: Aft 1335
Richza Of Wolpe: Death: Bef 7 Jun 1227
Person Not Viewable
Basile Of Worcester: Death: Aft 1275
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Gospatric Of Workington: Birth: Abt 1105 in High Ireby, Workington, , England. Death: 1179
Glismunde Of Worms: Death: 26 Apr 924
Meingaud Of Worms: Death: Aft 881
Werner Of Worms: Death: Abt 920
Person Not Viewable
Henry Of Worms, Count Of Worms: Birth: 970. Death: 28 Sep After 989
Otto Of Worms, Duke Of Carinthia And Franconi: Birth: Abt 948. Death: 4 Nov 1004
Benedikta Of Worth: Death: 6 Apr
Adelheid Of Wulflingen: Death: 29 Aug Abt 1065
Willibirg Of Wulflingen: Death: Abt 20 Nov 1044
Ludolph Of Wunstorf: Birth: 1326. Death: 1391
Agnes Of Wurttemberg: Death: 27 Sep 1305
Anna Of Wurttemberg: Birth: 1408. Death: 16 Apr 1471
Eberhard I Of Wurttemberg: Birth: 13 Mar 1265. Death: 5 Jun 1325 in Stuttgart
Eberhard III Of Wurttemberg: Birth: 1315. Death: 15 Mar 1392
Sophia Of Wurttemberg: Birth: 1343. Death: 1369
Ulrich I Of Wurttemberg: Birth: Abt 1226. Death: 25 Feb 1265
Ulrich III Of Wurttemberg: Birth: Aug 1298. Death: 11 Jul 1344
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Of Wurttemburg: Death: Abt 18 Jan 1317
Willibirg Of Wurttemburg: Death: Bef 1252
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Waldager Of Yael: Death: Aft 928
Joan of Yorkshire: Birth: 1317 in Clifton, Yorkshire, England. Death: in Yorkshire, England
Agnes Of Zahringen: Death: 10 May 1239
Berthold II Of Zahringen: Birth: 1060 in Schwaben, Chemnitzer Land, Sachsen, Germany. Death: 12 Apr 1111
Berthold III Of Zahringen: Death: 3 Dec 1122 in Molsheim/Elsass
Bertold IV Of Zahringen: Death: 8 Dec 1186
Conrad Of Zahringen: Birth: 1082 in Z´┐Żahringen, Alb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-W´┐Żurttemberg, Germany. Death: 8 Jan 1152
Petrissa Of Zahringen: Death: Abt 1115
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Luitgarde Of Zahrington: Death: 18 Mar 1119
Person Not Viewable
Johann Of Zapolya, Lord Of Borostyan: Death: Aft 1369
Stephen Of Zapolya, Lord Of Trencsen: Death: 25 Dec 1499
Ernst Of Zeltschach: Death: Aft 1088
Godfrey VIII Of Ziegenhain: Death: 1394
Gottfried VI Of Ziegenhain: Death: 30 Nov 1304
Person Not Viewable
Frederick Of Ziegenhayn: Death: Aft 5 Sep 1213
Lucardis Of Ziegenhayn: Death: Aft 1207
Gosmar III Of Ziegenhein: Death: 26 Jul 1184
Person Not Viewable
Kunigunde Of Zimmern: Death: Aft 1216
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Burchard Of Zollern And Hohenberg: Death: Bef 1155
Anna Of Zollern: Death: 19 Oct Abt 1355
Burchard Of Zollern: Death: 1061
Friedrich I Of Zollern: Death: Aft 1115
Friedrich II Of Zollern: Death: 1142
Friedrich III Of Zollern: Death: Abt 1190
Friedrich IV Of Zollern: Death: Abt 1200

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