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Theudebald Of Bavaria: Death: 722
Theudebert Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 670. Death: Abt 716
Welf V Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 1073. Death: 24 Sep 1120 in Kaufering
William V Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 1332. Death: 15 Apr 1389
William Of Bavaria: Birth: 5 Apr 1365. Death: 31 May 1417 in Chateau DE Bouchain
Willigarde Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 670.
Wolfhilde Of Bavaria: Death: 8 May After 1160
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Albert Of Bavaria, Count Of Holland: Birth: 1336. Death: 12 Dec 1404 in Hague
John III Of Bavaria, Count Of Holland: Death: 6 Jan 1425
Sophia Of Bavaria, Duchess Of Bavaria: Death: 15 Jul 1238
Garibald II Of Bavaria, Duke Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 585. Death: 660
Tassilon I Of Bavaria, Duke Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 555. Death: 610
Theodon I Of Bavaria, Duke Of Bavaria: Death: Abt 615
Theodon Of Bavaria, Duke Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 645. Death: 716
Henry II Of Bavaria,: Birth: 5 May Abt 973. Death: 13 Jul 1024 in Pfalz Grona
Albert III Of Bavaria-Munich: Birth: 27 Mar 1401 in Munich. Death: 29 Feb 1460 in Munich
Ernst Of Bavaria-Munich: Birth: 1373. Death: 2 Jul 1438 in Munich
Johann II Of Bavaria-Munich: Birth: Abt 1341. Death: 8 Aug 1397 in Munich
Oda Of Bavria: Death: Aft 30 Nov 903
Person Not Viewable
Simon Of Beauford: Death: Aft 1187
Alix-Maria Of Beaujeu: Death: Aft 1118
Berard Of Beaujeu: Death: 9 Dec Abt 961
Eduard Of Beaujeu: Birth: 11 Apr 1316. Death: 8 Jun 1351 in Ardes
Elisabeth-Isabelle Of Beaujeu: Death: Jan 1297
Guichard I Of Beaujeu: Death: Abt 1031
Guichard II Of Beaujeu: Death: Aft 31 Mar 1070
Guichard VI The Great Of Beaujeu: Death: 23 Sep 1331 in Paris
Humbert I Of Beaujeu: Death: Bef 1016
Humbert III Of Beaujeu: Birth: Abt 1120. Death: 1174
Humbert IV Of Beaujeu: Birth: 1142. Death: 1202
Humbert Of Beaujeu: Death: 25 Jul 1250 in Egypt
Louis I Of Beaujeu: Death: 23 Aug 1295
Marguerite Of Beaujeu: Birth: 20 Dec 1346. Death: Jan 1402
Sibylle Of Beaujeu: Death: 1266
Person Not Viewable
Jeanne Of Beaujeu, Dame De Montpensier: Death: Jan 1308
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Marguerite Of Beaumez: Death: 1323
Robert III Of Beaumont And Richmond: Birth: 1287. Death: 16 Aug 1342 in London
Person Not Viewable
Adeliza Of Beaumont: Death: 11 Jul 1091 in Rouen
Agnes Of Beaumont: Death: 28 Nov After 1304
Ivo I Of Beaumont: Death: 22 May 1059
Ivo II Of Beaumont: Death: 16 Sep After 1083
Jeanne Of Beaumont: Death: 1323
Marie Of Beaumont: Death: 1372
Matthais I Of Beaumont: Death: 1 Jan 1155
Matthew II Of Beaumont: Death: Aft 1174
Matthew III Of Beaumont: Death: 24 Nov 1208
Simon Of Beaumont: Death: Aft 1187
Adam Of Beaumont-En-Gatinais: Death: 1191 in Akkon
Bernhard Of Beauvais: Birth: Abt 885. Death: Aft 946
Person Not Viewable
Baldwin I Of Beauvoir: Death: Abt 1238
Mathieu II Of Beauvoir-En-Arrouaise: Death: Aft 1264
Person Not Viewable
Barral Of Beaux, Vicount Of Marseille: Death: Abt 31 Jul 1268
John Of Bedford: Birth: 20 Jun 1389. Death: 14 Sep 1435 in Rouen
Adela Of Beichlingen: Death: Aft 1123
Frederick Of Beichlingen: Death: 1333
Friedrich I Of Beichlingen: Death: 1159
Friedrich II Of Beichlingen: Death: Dec 1189
Friedrich III Of Beichlingen: Death: Abt 23 Sep 1216
Kuno Of Beichlingen: Death: 1103
Mathilda Of Beichlingen: Death: Aft 1117
Mechtilde Of Beichlingen: Death: Aft 1259
Person Not Viewable
Prisbit Of Beks: Death: Aft 737
Ivo Of Belemontensis: Death: 12 Apr Before 1036
Person Not Viewable
Pribislaw II Of Belgrad And Daber: Death: 21 Jun 1316
Godehaut Of Belleme: Death: Aft 1015
Guilleume Of Belleme: Death: Aft 1026
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Itena Of Benevent: Death: 850
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Landulf III Of Benevento: Death: 968
Pandulf The Elder Of Benevento: Death: 13 Aug 1014
Landulf I Of Benevento, Count Of Capua: Death: 10 Apr 945
Landulf II The Red Of Benevento, Count Of Capua: Death: 27 May 961
Otto II Of Bentheim And Tecklenburg: Death: Aft 1279
Balduin I Of Bentheim: Death: Bef 9 May 1248
Egbert Of Bentheim: Death: 1307
Otto I Of Bentheim: Death: Aft 1208
Person Not Viewable
Ulrich III Of Berg And Schelklingen: Death: Abt 10 Nov 1319
Ulrich II Of Berg And Schulklingen: Death: Abt 15 Nov 1264
Adelaide Of Berg: Death: 18 Sep Before 1310
Adolf I Of Berg: Death: Abt 31 Jul 1106
Adolf II Of Berg: Death: 12 Oct After 1160
Adolf III Of Berg: Death: 7 Aug 1218 in Dimietta
Adolf VI Of Berg: Death: 22 Apr 1259
Adolf Of Berg: Death: Aft 28 Jul 1081
Diepold II Of Berg: Death: 19 May Abt 1160

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