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  1. Garibald II Of Bavaria, Duke Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 585. Death: 660

a. Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Settipani, Christian, Ancestors of Charlemagne Addenda, 1990. Originally published in Heraldique et Genealogie, 1990. Available at Settipani, Christian, Les Ancetres de Charlemagne, 1989, and, Settipani, Christian, and Patrick van Kerrebrouck, La Prehistoire des Capetiens, 1993, as transcribed by Gilles Houdry, Aug 1994. Roots-l genealog.charlanc[1-7] Settipani, Christian, Les Ancetres de Charlemagne. Paris: Editions Christian, 1989. ILL Univ of Virginia CS25.S47 1989. Tapsell, R. F., Monarchs, Rulers, Dynasties and Kingdoms of the World. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1983. Wagner, Anthony, Pedigree and Progress, Essays in the Genealogical Interpretation of History, London, Philmore, 1975. Rutgers Alex CS4.W33. Wurts, John S., Magna Charta: The Pedigrees of the Barons, Philadelphia, PA: Brookfield Publishing Co, 1942. RESEARCH NOTES: Duke of Bavaria [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc p69, Settipani CharlAnc p88] 591-610: Duke of Bavaria [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc, Settipani CharlAnc p88] 596-611: Duke of Bavaria [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p221]
b. Note:   BI131057
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 555/60 [Ref: Settipani CharlAdd90], parents: [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc, Settipani CharlAnc p105, Settipani CharlAnc p69] dotted line on chart, Garibald I & Walderada [Ref: Wagner PedigreeProgress #30], father: [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p221] dotted line on chart, Garibald I [Ref: Settipani CharlAdd90] dotted line to Garibald I Duke of Bavaria [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc p90] Sources with Inaccurate Information: father: Theobald (d 567) son of Theodon II (d 537) son of Theodon I (d 500) all Dukes of Bavaria [Ref: Wurts MCBarons p430]
c. Note:   DI131057
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 592/610 [Ref: Settipani CharlAdd90] 610/11 [Ref: Wagner PedigreeProgress #30] occ 610 [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc p88]
d. Note:   NF5439
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