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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Swearingen: Birth: 4 Mar 1785 in Montgomery Co., Maryland. Death: 30 Apr 1860 in Travis, Austin, Texas

  2. Susannah Swearingen: Birth: 1 Jun 1786 in Montgomery Co., Maryland.

  3. Mary Higgins Swearingen: Birth: 27 Jan 1787 in Montgomery Co., Maryland.

  4. Lurannah Swearingen: Birth: 25 May 1790 in Montgomery Co., Maryland.

  5. Elimeleck Swearingen: Birth: 28 Dec 1791 in Montgomery Co., Maryland.

  6. George Washington Swearingen: Birth: 1795 in Rock Creek, Montgomery Co., Md. Death: in Claiborne, Grand Gulf, Mississippi

  7. Elizabeth Swearingen: Birth: 15 Dec 1800 in Montgomery Co., Maryland.

  8. William Wallace Swearingen: Birth: 1 Nov 1803 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Death: 27 Jul 1869 in Bullett County, Kentucky

  9. Verlinda Swearingen: Birth: 9 Jun 1806 in Bullitt County, Kentucky. Death: 9 Jan 1884 in Bullitt County, Kentucky

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Note:   Line: John - Thomas Elemelech Swearingen was probably born in Montgomery County, Maryland, about 1760. He went to Kentucky about 1805 and settled in Bullitt County. Issue: Samuel, George Washington, Willaim Wallace, Elimelech, and four daughters. Samuel went to Texas and with several sons fought in the Texan war with General Houston, and there acquired large landed possessions. The four daughters married respectively Drake, Wolexen, Simmons, and Magruder. (1884) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.