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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary E. Swearingen: Birth: 1824 in Kentucky.

  2. Maria Louisa Swearingen: Birth: 1825 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.

  3. Maria L.B. Swearingen: Birth: 1826 in Kentucky.

  4. William Henry Swearingen: Birth: 12 Jan 1826 in Kentucky. Death: 12 Sep 1828 in Kentucky

  5. Sarah Swearingen: Birth: 1828 in Kentucky. Death: 1838 in Kentucky

  6. Sarah Elizabeth Swearingen: Birth: 29 Jan 1831 in Kentucky. Death: Mar 1839 in Kentucky

  7. Catherine S. (Kate) Swearingen: Birth: 15 Jan 1833 in Bullett County, Kentucky. Death: Sep 1880 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky

  8. Julia Field Swearingen: Birth: 11 Sep 1835 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Death: 7 Jan 1856 in Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., Kentucky

  9. George Washington Swearingen: Birth: 1838 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Death: 1858 in Berkley Co., Virginia

  10. Josephine Swearingen: Birth: 1843 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.

Marriage: Children:
  1. William E. C. Swearingen: Birth: 1850 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Death: 1913 in Washington

a. Note:   Line: John - Thomas - Elimelech William Wallace Swearingen lived and died in Bullitt County, Kentucky. His life was quiet, dignified, and independent. He was a farmer and slaveholder. His son George W. by accident of war is a citizen of Louisville, Kentucky; otherwise, he would be on his farm near Bowling Freen. He is at the head of an extensive business establishment in Louisville, and has family. 1850 census HH 563 > W. W. SWEARINGEN 47m farmer 19000 MD > Kate 17f > Julia F. 15f > George W. 12m > Josphepean 7f > Wm. E. 5m William Wallace was, indeed, born to Elemelech & Sussanah, on 1 Nov. 1803---in Montgomery Co. Md. our Samuel was his eldest brother----he married Julia Franklin Crist when he was 18 ---she was the daughter of a prominent farmer, pioneer, and Representative in Congress. named Henry Crist--- When she died on 19 Oct. 1838, he married Mrs. Isabel (Mabel) King-----WW died on 27 July 1869 in Bullitt Co. Ky. He was a farmer and slave holder----Here were his children : 1. Mary E. ( marr. Dr. James M. Bemiss ) 2. Marie L. B. ( marr. Christopher Weathers, then Dr. J. H. Dupin ) 3. Sarah Elizabeth ( died in childhood ) 4. Catherine S. born 15 Jan. 1833 in Bullitt Co. ( marr. Richard H. Field on 7 Aug. 1851 ) died Sep 1880 5. Julie Franklin ( marr. A.H. Field ) 6. George Washington Swearingen , ( marr. Mary Embry on 4 May 1858 ) he went to Center College in Kentucky, where he soon built the Mellwood Distillery----very successful ! later he organized the Union National Bank 7. Josephine ( marr. R. J. Meyler ) 8. William E. Swearingen 9. Wiliam Henry is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.