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  1. Pierre II Of Alencon: Birth: Abt 1340. Death: 20 Sep 1404 in Argentan

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Note:   NAME Charles II "Magnanime" De /VALOIS/ Charles II of Alen�con From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Charles II of Alen�con, called the Magnanimous (1297 ? August 26, 1346) was the second son of Charles of Valois and his first wife Margaret. He was Count of Alen�con and Perche 1325?1346 and Count of Joigny 1335?1336. He married in April 1314 Jeanne de Joigny, who succeeded her father John II as Countess of Joigny in 1335 but died on September 2, 1336. They had no children. He showed a marked, if foolhardy courage from the time of his first taking up arms (1324, in Aquitaine), and took part in the Battle of Cassel (1328). In December 1336, he married Maria de la Cerda (1310 ? November 19, 1379, Paris), the daughter of Fernando de la Cerda, Lord of Lara. They had five children: Charles III of Alen�con (1337 ? July 5, 1375, Lyon) Philip of Alen�con (1338?1397, Rome), made Bishop of Beauvais in 1356, later Cardinal, Archbishop of Rouen, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Patriarch of Aquileia, and Bishop of Ostia and Sabina Peter II of Alen�con (1340 ? September 20, 1404) Isabelle (1342 ? September 3, 1379, Poissy), became a nun Robert of Alen�con (1344?1377), Count of Perche, married April 5, 1374 Jeanne, daughter of Viscount John I of Rohan. He entered the War of the Breton Succession in 1340, and was subsequently killed at the Battle of Cr�ecy. He was succeeded in Alen�con by his son Charles, and in Perche by his son Robert.
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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: (1297) [Ref: ES III.1 #71] abt 1297 [Ref: Thompson CharlesII #800], parents: [Ref: CMH p780, ES II #22, Louda RoyalFamEurope #65, Thompson CharlesII #800]
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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #13, ES III.1 #123, ES III.1 #71, ES VII #14] 1346 [Ref: CMH p780, Louda RoyalFamEurope #65, Thompson CharlesII #800], place: [Ref: ES II #13, ES III.1 #123, ES III.1 #71] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.