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Marriage: Children:
  1. Berengaria Of Castile: Birth: 1181. Death: 8 Nov 1244 in Los Huelgas

  2. Sancho : Birth: 5 Apr 1181 in Burges. Death: Abt 14 Jul 1181

  3. Sancha : Birth: Abt 20 Mar 1182. Death: Aft 3 Feb 1184

  4. Urraca Of Castile: Birth: 1186. Death: 3 Nov 1220 in Lisbon

  5. Blanche Of Castille: Birth: Bef 4 Mar 1188 in Palencia, Castilla-Leon, Spain. Death: 27 Nov 1252 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France

  6. Ferdinand Of Castille: Birth: 29 Sep 1189. Death: 14 Oct 1211 in Madrid

  7. Matalda : Birth: Aft 1191. Death: 1204 in Salamanca

  8. Constanza : Birth: Abt 1195. Death: 2 Jan 1243 in Las Huelgas

  9. Eleanor Of Castile: Birth: 1202. Death: 1244 in Burgos, Castile, Spain

  10. Henry I King Of Castile: Birth: 14 Apr 1204. Death: 6 Jun 1217 in Palencia

  11. Enrique : Birth: Jul 1204. Death: 1217

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Note:   Leonora of England From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Queen Leonora (October 13, 1162 � October 31, 1214), was born as Prince ss Eleanor of England (and Aquitaine) and became Leonora, Queen of Casti le as wife of Alfonso VIII of Castile. She was born in Domfront Castle, Normandy. She was the sixth child and sec ond daughter of King Henry II of England and his wife Queen Alienor. Her g odfather was the chronicler Robert of Torigny, who had a special intere st in her and recorded her life as best he could. She received her first n ame as namesake of her mother, who apparently was the first Alienor (Elean or) ever. Eleanor was a younger maternal half-sister of Marie de Champagne and Al ix of France. She was a younger sister of William, Count of Poitiers, Hen ry the Young King, Matilda of England, Richard I of England and Geoffrey I I, Duke of Brittany. She was also an older sister of Joan Plantagenet a nd John of England. When she was eight years old, in 1170, she was married to Alfonso VIII. T he marriage was arranged to secure the Pyrennean border, with Gascony offe red as her dowry. They had 12 children: Berenguela, Queen of Castile (1180-1246) Sancho of Castile (1181-1181) Sancha of Castile (1182-1184?) Mafalda of Castile (1183?-1204) Urraca, princess of Castile (1186-1220), married King Alfonso II of Portug al Blanca of Castile (1188-1252), married King Louis VIII of France Fernando of Castile (1189-1211) Constance of Castile (1196?-late 1190s) Leonor of Castile (1200-1244), married King James I of Aragon Constanza, nun at Las Huelgas (1203?-1243) Henry I, King of Castile (1204-1217). Of all Eleanor of Aquitaine's daughters, her namesake Eleanor (who was cal led Leonor by her Spanish subjects) best inherited her mother's politic al influence. She reigned alongside her husband, who specified in his wi ll that she was to rule alongside their son in the event of his deat h. It was she who persuaded him to marry their daughter Berenguela to t he king of Leon in the interest of peace. When Alfonso died, his queen was reportedly so devastated with grief th at she was unable to preside over the burial. Their daughter Berenguela in stead performed these honors. Leonora then took sick and died only twenty- eight days after her husband, and was buried at Abbey de las Huelgas, in B urgos. Preceded by Richeza of Poland Queen Consort of Castile 1170�1214 Succeeded by Mafalda of Portugal [edit] Sources Fraser, Antonia. The Middle Ages, A Royal History of England. Rada Jim�enez, Rodrigo. Historia de los hechos de Espa�na. Wheeler, Bonnie. Eleanor of Aquitaine: Lord and Lady, 2002 OR "LEONORA"; "OF ENGLAND" BIBLIOGRAPHY: Louda, Jiri, and Michael MacLagan, Heraldry of The Royal Families of Europe. New York: Clarkson Potter, 1981. Morris County Library 929.6094. Moriarty, G Andrews, Plantagenet Ancestry of King Edward III And Queen Philippa. Salt Lake: Mormon Pioneer Genealogical Society, 1985. LDS Film#0441438. nypl#ARF-86-2555. Paget, Gerald, The Lineage and Ancestry of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. London: Charles Skilton Ltd, 1977. Nypl ARF+ 78-835. Previte-Orton, C. W., The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History, Cambridge: University Press, 1952. Chatham 940.1PRE. Schwennicke, Detlev, ed., Europaische Stammtafeln: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der europaischen Staaten, New Series. II: Die Ausserdeutschen Staaten Die Regierenden Hauser der Ubrigen Staaten Europas. Marburg: Verlag von J. A. Stargardt, 1984. Watney, Vernon James, The Wallop Family and their Ancestry, Oxford:John Johnson, 1928. LDS Film#1696491 items 6-9. Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, David Faris, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who came to America before 1700, 7th Edition, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1992.
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